PTSD: Support for Military Spouses

Find solace and advice from others in your situation

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Post-traumatic stress disorder occurs for some people after they have been involved in or witnessed a dangerous or scary event. It can be extremely disruptive to the patient and the patient's spouse or partner and family.

Members of the military who are sent into harm's way in combat are at risk for PTSD, and as more servicemembers battle PTSD, an increasing number of military spouses are facing battles of their own.

Feelings of isolation and lack of support are common traits shared among these military spouses.

The best place to find help is from medical and psychological professionals. But there are also many resources online, both websites and blogs, to help you connect with others going through a similar experience. Here you'll find solace, community, and useful advice from those who've been there to help you cope.

Online Resources for Partners of PTSD Patients

Family of a Loaded with resources, this website is committed to making sure that family members of combat veterans aren’t alone throughout this difficult journey. If you’re interested in keeping a journal of your experience you can download free journal pages from the website's spouses page.

Gift From Within: Gift From Within is a PTSD support organization founded by Dr. Frank Ochberg. The website includes an area that specifically addresses the unique issues faced by servicemembers and military families.

You'll find numerous videos, podcasts, and information pertaining to relationships, caregiver fatigue, and suicide, among many other pertinent issues.

Living With PTSD and TBI Blog: In candid detail, an Army Reserve wife uses this blog to chronicle the challenges, struggles, and triumphs of being married to a combat medic diagnosed with PTSD.

In addition to her blog, she lists numerous resources that could be helpful to families dealing with PTSD.

Military With PTSD: This is a PTSD support group on Facebook founded by Navy wife, Shawn Gourley, author of the free e-book “The War at Home: One Family’s Fight Against PTSD.” In addition to frequent posts from Gourley, you’ll find quite a bit of interaction from fellow spouses and veterans.

PTSD Military/Family Support: This support group on Facebook is devoted to helping servicemembers and military families that are battling PTSD. Whether you have questions about PTSD or are looking to interact with others in a similar situation, you’ll find lots of support here. This is a virtual support community for caregivers of wounded warriors. The community features blogs, forums, live chats, resources, and input from professionals. To join the community, simply visit the site and register.

Wife of a Wounded Soldier: Cheryl Gansner, the Army wife of a wounded warrior, blogs about the journey of being married to someone with PTSD on this site. In an uplifting, inspiring manner, she shares all the joys, blessings, triumphs, frustrations, and disappointments that coincide with being the spouse of a wounded servicemember.