Milkies Freeze Breastmilk Storage System Review

Milkies Freeze System
2014, Milkies.

If you've ever spent much time pumping breast milk, you probably know that every drop seems wildly important. You want to protect it and preserve it correctly, because it's a gift for your hungry baby. If you struggle with low milk supply, treating your pumped milk carefully becomes even more important.

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to store breast milk is to use freezer bags. However, the frozen baggies of milk don't always stack together neatly, and even if you label them it can be hard to sort through a pile of bags to find the oldest frozen milk to use first.

That's where the Milkies Freeze storage system comes in.

Yes, it sounds strange to buy a little box to put in the freezer! Boring in shape as it may be, this little box is quite convenient if you need to freeze pumped breast milk.

Compact Milk Storage Plus Organization By Date

Milkies products are practical and it's obvious they're designed from real-world experience. The Freeze system is no exception. It is simple - just a plastic box with an open side, a metal tray that fits on top, and a cover for the open side with top and bottom slots.

Using the Freeze storage system is just as easy. After you've pumped milk into a storage bag, you seal the bag and lay it on top of the metal quick-freeze tray. The tray, which sits on top of the storage container, helps the milk freeze nice and flat so it fits best into the storage box. Once it's frozen, just slide the bag into the top slot, and it falls to the bottom of the box.

Repeat as needed.

When it's time to use some of the pumped and frozen milk, you pull a bag from the bottom slot. That's the oldest milk, and all of the subsequent bags are stacked on top. You always get the oldest bag from the bottom slot. See? So easy you can handle it when you're sleep-deprived!

The Freeze storage container is compact and protects the bags from being bumped around or dropped out of the freezer.

That reduces the chance that one of the bags will spring a leak and waste the milk. Since the bags freeze flat in the tray, it's also easier to pack them up in a cooler bag when you need to take them on the go, as well. They fit in a compact rectangle instead of weird bulging bag shapes that are wider at one end.

It's also nice that you don't have to label your bags of milk with this system. Of course, you could still label them if you wish. As long as you keep taking milk from the bottom of the stack, though, writing the date on it probably isn't necessary.

Any brand of breastmilk storage bags will fit inside the Freeze container. It will hold up to 60 ounces of milk. You can take the pieces apart easily for cleaning, too. Freeze makes a nice "you didn't know you needed this" baby shower gift that is practical and inexpensive. If you make your own baby food later on, you could also use Freeze for bags of baby food that stack together nicely.

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