15 Millennial Pink Accessories For Your Home

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    Here's How to Add Millennial Pink to Your Home

    Millennial pink wall
    @Primes/ Twenty20

    Ah, "millennial pink." Since about 2012 this color has been everywhere. From the advertising and packaging of companies like Glossier, Acne and Thinx to the racks of just about every store you can think of—millennial pink is the most popular color in style and design right now.

    The name "millennial" pink started showing up heavily around the start of summer last year, in 2016. What the actual shade of pink is varies a bit—from a muted bubble gum to blush, nearly coral and somewhere around faded salmon.

    In The Cut's exhaustive examination of the rise of Millennial Pink, the author notes that the color isn't going anywhere because of many reasons, perhaps the most important being that it's flattering and it's selling. The color has become androgynous, too, which is part of the reason why its popularity has bled into home design and decor.

    Not to worry, thought. While Millennial Pink is the trendiest color around right now, it has staying power. Colors, unlike silhouettes and shapes in design and apparel, will still look good when the trend is long gone—as long as it works with the overall vibe of your home.

    Ahead, we've rounded up 15 pretty Millennial Pink pieces for your home.

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    A Pink Sofa

    Urban Outfitters

    If you're in the mood to go big and go home, try this comfy, lounge-worthy couch from Urban Outfitters. 

    'Lennon' sofa, $519, Urban Outfitters

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    A Pink Letter Board


    Ease into the Millenial Pink movement with a piece of playful wall art, like this letter board from Three Potato Four.

    Three Potato Four square pink felt letter board, $60, Ban.dō

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    A Pink Throw Blanket


    Toss this pretty blanket over the back of your couch or lay it at the end of your bed to add a touch of feminine charm to your bedroom or living room.

    Herringbone throw, $35, H&M

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    Rose Quartz Coasters

    rose quartz coaster
    Courtesy of Anthropologie

    Trendy or not—these quartz coasters from Anthropologie are just plain gorgeous! 

    Slivered geode coaster, $14 each, Anthropologie

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    A Pink Velvet Chair


    There's just something so luxurious about a velvet accent chair. For a place to read that will make you feel as stylish as your best outfit, this Parkview chair from Skyline Furniture is just the trick. 

    Matrix blush chair, $599, Article

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    A Pink Rug

    Urban Outfitters

    Rugs can breath new life into any room. If your bedroom or living room is due for a new vibe, try this one from Urban Outfitters.

    Stina floral dyed 5 x 7 rug, $129, Urban Outfitters

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    Pink Double Old Fashioned Glasses

    Image Courtesy of CB2

    Cheers! These pretty glasses have been cast in the most rose-y hue of pink glass. They're so pretty you'll want to throw a party as an excuse to bring them out.

    'Eloise' light pink double old-fashioned glass, $5 each, CB2

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    Pink Kitchenware

    Image Courtesy of Le Creuset

    Le Creuset cookware is timeless—but we find it pretty amusing that they're getting in on the Millenial Pink trend, too. Perfect for a gift or just for a dash of color in your kitchen, you can find a piece (or a whole set) in a range of prices.

    'Hibiscus' collection, $9 - $1000, Le Creuset

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    Pink Duvet Cover

    Image Courtesy of Nordstrom

    Give your guest bedroom a warm and inviting feel with this pretty pink duvet (and matching shams) from Nordstrom's home collection. New bedding is a great way to revive a room that could use some fresh energy.

    Chloe duvet cover, $132 - $152, Nordstrom

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    A Pink Tray

    Image Courtesy of CB2

    Ideal for storing little treasures or displaying on your coffee table, this glossy tray is the perfect hint of pink. We love the idea of playing it on a vanity or bathroom counter to display a fragrance collection.

    High-gloss square pink tray, $20, CB2

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    A Pink Marble Coffee Table


    Even though the (faux) marble on the top of this coffee table is currently very on trend, this piece from Deny Designs has timeless appeal in a traditional or contemporary home.

    Deny Designs 'Amy Sia' pink coffee table, $175, Hayneedle

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    A Pink Fridge

    SMEG pink refrigerator
    Courtesy of Sur la Table

    If you're ready to fully commit to the return of pink—might we suggest this Smeg refrigerator? It's a bit more "bubblegum" than millennial pink, but we think it fits the bill for anyone looking to truly embrace this color trend.

    Smeg two-door refrigerator, $2999, Sur la Table

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    A Pink Storage Basket


    A small accent like this affordable basket from Target will work perfectly in a home that is dominated by soft colors and an more neutral palette. Fill it with magazines, throw blankets or toys for kids or pets!

    Coiled rope storage bin, $24, Target

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    A Pink Sheepskin Area Rug

    pink sheep throw rug
    Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

    We could see this faux fur area rug doubling as a seat cover, making your dining space or kitchen nook that much more trendy (and cozy).

    Mongolian faux fur sheepskin rug, $30, Bed Bath & Beyond

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    A Pink Bath Mat

    Image Courtesy of H&M

    We love the way that H&M styled this all-pink bathroom, though the reality of making your whole room Millennial Pink might be overwhelming—start small. We happen to think that a bath mat is a great place to start.

    Round bath mat, $18, H&M