Minimalist Bedroom Decorating Tips

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    Beautiful Minimalist Bedrooms

    Photo courtesy of HGTV

    If you embrace a “less is more” outlook, if simplicity calms you down, if you’ve never really understood the appeal of knickknacks, ornate trim, oversized patterns or wild color schemes, then you’ll love the minimalist decorating style. Despite common misconception, minimalism doesn’t have to mean a bleak, lifeless room colored only in black and white – it simply means decorating for function and doing away with what’s unnecessary. If you need further proof that minimalist bedrooms can be beautiful, then check out the eight rooms featured here. Serene, clean and uncluttered – just looking at them is relaxing.

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    Platform bed

    Photo courtesy of DigsDigs

    When it comes to furnishing the minimalist bedroom, there’s one item that just about defines the style: a platform bed. This isn’t a decorating theme that works well with elaborate canopies, sleigh beds, four-posters or other more ornate styles of furniture. A simple platform frame, often in black -- although other colors are equally attractive -- topped with solid-color bedding is a hallmark of the minimalist bedroom. You’ll also rarely find a large or elaborate headboard; frequently, there is no headboard at all. And in keeping with the style’s less-is-more feel, there shouldn’t be an abundance of throw pillows, shams or other bedding extras. A couple of toss pillows is enough.

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    Open Space

    Photo courtesy of Brownlow Interior Design

    In a minimalist room, a bare wall is not a problem. In fact, having plenty of open space helps keep the look clean, streamlined and unfussy. That doesn’t mean every wall has to be bare, just that there’s no need to hang as many pictures as you typically would with other decorating styles. Along with unadorned walls, you’ll generally find little beyond necessities on dresser tops or nightstands. Remember, this is a decorating style that abhors clutter.

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    Limited Palette

    Photo courtesy of Hannotte Interiors

    Many people think minimalist décor is synonymous with a black, white and gray palette. While those are undeniably very popular colors in this style, it’s perfectly fine to use other colors if that is your preference. The key is to keep the palette very simple – this isn’t the theme for a riot of brights, a medley of pastels or any color combination that goes beyond one or two hues. Generally, neutrals work best for the minimalist look, along with moody darks, white or mid-tone shades. The subdued look of these colors keeps the room serene.

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    Clean Lines

    Photo courtesy of Ikea

    The furniture that works best in a minimalist bedroom has sleek, clean lines. Ornate trim, curves and details are best left to other decorating themes. The Ikea furniture in the bedroom featured here gets minimalism right – straight lines, no unneeded frills, an open, airy feel and an overall relaxed, yet utilitarian vibe.

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    Small Touches of Impact

    Photo courtesy of Tim Clarke Design

    While minimalist style is clean and simple, that doesn’t mean there is no room for pattern or artwork, as the bedroom featured here so beautifully demonstrates. The key is to keep those elements under control. When working with pattern, choose designs with a very limited palette and a fairly simple structure – no large florals, fussy small prints, extravagant global themes or anything else that shouts for attention. More importantly, keep pattern contained to just a few areas in the room – minimalist style relies mostly on solid blocks of color for its tranquil feel. As for artwork, just one large piece hanging on the wall is enough, as long as that piece is well chosen.

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    Photo courtesy of Minimalist Beauty

    Minimalism is all about harmony. That means paying close attention to scale; no overly large furniture in a tiny room, or conversely, tiny pieces that feel lost in a large space. It also means keeping the furnishings balanced – while you don’t need to arrange your furniture and décor as symmetrically as the bedroom shown here, you do want to keep the overall look evenly arranged so that the eye moves smoothly through the space. When a room’s layout is properly balanced, the feel is calm and controlled – both trademarks of minimalist style.

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    Lack of Clutter

    Photo courtesy of A. Gruppo Architects

    If you love displaying collectibles, cherish your ruffles and trim or want bursts of color all around your bedroom, the minimalist style is not for you. While it is not a sterile look, it definitely relies on a lack of clutter and excess for its serene vibe. Check out this room: it’s welcoming and lovely, but there are no collectibles, no unneeded furnishings and just a few pieces of artwork for interest. Minimalism done right.