14 Gifts Any Minimalist Plant Parent Would Love

Simple gifts that fit seamlessly into a minimalist plant parent's home

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minimalist plant stand gift

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With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to get the people on your list. Plants and gardening supplies make for great gifts, but often the focus of those products isn't on style — it's on function. But there's no reason plant care items can't be both stylish and functional.

If you have some plant parents in your life who love a bit of minimalist decor or like sleek plant accessories, you’re in luck! We’ve curated a great list of gifts any minimalist or stylish plant parent would love. Check out our 14 favorite ideas below.

Plantstraws Brass Plant Straw

plant straws in use


If you know someone who has a lot of plants but isn’t necessarily the best at watering them, gifting them a Plant Straw is a great idea. These ones are made of beautiful polished brass and recycled cotton. You simply stick one end into your plant and the other end into a vessel of water. The cotton string will provide a steady flow of moisture to your plant, so it’s getting the proper amount of water. 

Tierra Sol Plant Support Stake The Loop in White

Ceramic plantstake

Tierra Sol Studio

There are so many plant stakes out there but most of them are made without any consideration toward style. This ceramic one by Tierra Sol is perfect for minimalists. It isn’t bulky or an eyesore, and it is the perfect aesthetic if you want to support your plant but want it to look nice too. It’s handmade and absolutely beautiful. They come in a variety of shapes and colors.

Soltech Solutions Hanging Grow Light

Soltech Solutions Grow Light


Just because a room doesn’t get enough natural light on its own doesn’t mean a plant parent won’t put a plant in there. And as long as there are grow lights, it should be totally fine. This simple grow light is minimalist and innovative. It can last for 15 years with an average use of 16 hours per day. It comes in two sizes.

Bloomscape Propagation Starter Set

Pretty Glass propagation


Plant parents absolutely love to propagate their plants. It’s a great way to expand a collection without spending any money. Why not gift your minimalist friend this beautiful glass propagation vases? It can be used to display cuttings, grow bulbs, or even flowers. For an even better gift, add a cutting from one of your favorite plants.

Anyumocz 3 Pack Plant Waterer Self Watering Bulbs

water globes


There are so many different types of watering globes that you can purchase. Some of them can be quite bulky though, which is why this set of hand blown glass birds are perfect for a minimalist. They can each fit 120ml of water, which will automatically water your plants for up to 2 to 3 weeks. Plus, they’re really cute and will help keep your plants alive while you're on vacation

Terrain Beech Wood Handle Watering Can

Terrain Beech Wood Handle Watering Can


Made out of steel and beechwood, this watering can is a great addition to any plant parent’s care kit. Its minimalist design makes it not only functional, but a beautiful decor piece that can sit on a shelf in a living room when not in use.

Urban Stems The Me Time

self-care kit

Urban Stems

Self-care is super important for everyone, including a plant parent who may have a massive collection of plants. Plant parents spend a lot of time caring for their plant babies, and sometimes forget that they matter too. Remind them with this beautiful kit that comes with a Milk+Honey rose quartz facial roller, Brooklyn Candle Studio candle, mini chocolates, and a calming air plant

The Bouqs Co. Dynamic Duo

a pair of plants

The Bouqs Co.

This gorgeous little plant set is a great gift idea. It comes with two succulents, a Haworthia and a Echeveria Blue Prince. They’re planted in minimalist Ecopots that appear to have a concrete finish. They’re a really great addition to someone’s indoor jungle.

Afloral Set of 3 Black Ceramic Bud Vases - 4.25-7"

Bud vases


Bud vases are excellent for keeping your favorite plant cuttings in. You can usually keep a cutting in water for as long as you want to as long as you are refreshing the water every now and then. These black ceramic ones come in a set of three and are a stylish addition to any minimalist home. 

Foundstone Biskra Round Corner Poplar Plant Stand

Foundstone Biskra Round Corner Poplar Plant Stand


Elevating your plants is a great way to create some dimension and allow for grouping. If you know someone who has a ton of plants, this plant stand is a great option. It comes in 9 different colors and is 9 inches wide and 9 inches high. It can accommodate a 9-inch diameter pot, which makes it great for tabletops or beside a bookshelf

Greendigs Copper Plant Markers

greendigs plant markers


These are perfect to add into a plant you may be gifting to your favorite plant parent. They’re adorable little sturdy copper stakes that come with sayings printed on them like, “Congrats,” “Happy Holidays,” or our personal favorite, “Hi There.” So if you’re going to get someone a plant, make sure you stick one of these into them to add a little extra special touch. 

Wild at Home: How to Style and Care for Beautiful Plants

Wild at Home: How to Style and Care for Beautiful Plants

Barnes & Noble

Hilton Carter has a number of gorgeous coffee table books available. Wild at Home brings you on a tour of Carter’s own apartment as well as other lush spaces. He does a number of home tours, and offers tips on how to care for and style plants.

Bloombox Club Brass Plant Mister


Bloombox Club

Most plant parents will have something they mist their plants with. Usually it’s a basic plastic spray bottle. Why not help them replace that by giving them a pretty brass plant mister? It’s easy to use and stylish enough to put on display.

Flourish All-Purpose Plant Food Kit

Flourish plant food kit


This plant food might be magic — you'll start noticing results after just one or two uses. It's recommended to use it as often as once a week and plants will soon be thriving. This kit comes with a limited-edition vessel, making it a great gift.

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