Minnie Mouse Sweet Surprises Kitchen

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    Minnie Mouse Sweet Surprises Kitchen

    Minnie Mouse Sweet Surprise Kitchen, Just Play
    Minnie Mouse Sweet Surprise Kitchen, Just Play. ABS

    Designed for ages 3 and up, Just Play's Minnie Mouse Sweet Surprises Kitchen is sure to hit the spot with your young Minnie Mouse fan. Standing about 41" tall, this plastic play kitchen uses fun sound and light elements to amp up imaginative play.  

    An important note to parents: This set is not 100-percent assembled upon opening. You have to do a little work to get Minnie's kitchen up and running. Setup was much easier than anticipated, however. When you take this out of the box,...MORE you'll see two major pieces: the oven and Minnie ears (which will eventually be placed above the window). Where is the window, you ask? We thought we were missing a piece until we turned the oven portion around and spotted it hidden there.

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    Minnie Mouse Sweet Surprise Kitchen, Just Play

    After connecting the window to the oven and screwing on the Minnie ears, you'll want to do one more thing before letting your young chef play with this kitchen: Install 3 AAA batteries in the battery compartment hidden under a pink flower design to the left of the faux stove top. There is an on/off switch on the back of the kitchen so you can conserve battery power.

    The window frame can be a little wobbly, but with a little tweaking on your end you could probably find a fix for that. It stays...MORE in place, but because of the instability of the window frame cups and saucers may take a topple every now and then.

    The magic of the Sweet Surprises Kitchen really comes to life when batteries are installed. The two burners will make 'sizzling' noises when you place the frying pan (or anything else) on them and drips/rushing water are heard from the sink when you touch a button on the faucet. 

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    Minnie Mouse Sweet Surprise Kitchen, Just Play

    The coolest feature of this play kitchen has to be the cake-baking oven, which comes with a two-tiered cake. The top layer of the cake pushes into the larger, bottom layer. When you place the cake into the oven, making sure to get it in just the right spot where the circle on the cake and oven connect, close the oven door and press the button on the handle of the door. You'll hear Minnie say a fun phrase about baking cakes as the second tier of the cake slowly rises, allowing your child to...MORE "make" a cake.

    The ice maker is another fun addition to the kitchen. A small "refrigerator" is located toward the bottom of the stove area on the left. It takes a little effort to open it, but when you do you'll notice molded food items and two circles that are perfect for holding the tiny eggs included in the set. Close that and you'll notice that there's just enough room to put one of the provided cups in the ice tray. Press the button on the ice tray and two ice cubes fly out. There's a fair amount of force behind them, so it's best to hold onto the cup when playing with this feature.

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    Minnie Mouse Sweet Surprise Kitchen, Just Play

    The Minnie Mouse Sweet Surprises Kitchen comes with lots of fun accessories that don't require the use of batteries. You get basic kitchen supplies like a frying pan, spatula, icing spreader, Minnie-themed oven mitt, salt and pepper shakers and two cups.  

    No play kitchen would be complete without fake food, and the Minnie Mouse Sweet Surprises Kitchen comes with its fair share. You get three cookies (which are slightly less detailed than the box would make you think), a small Mickey Mouse...MORE pancake, two mouse-shaped eggs that open and ice shaped like bows.

    There are lots of little nooks to hang and display the accessories in the set.  For example, there are little hooks that are perfect for the spatula and icing spreader and shelves for the cups and shakers.

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    Minnie Mouse Sweet Surprise Kitchen, Just Play

    Overall, this is a very cute kitchen, one of the better ones we've come across so far. The battery powered elements are perfect. They add to this play kitchen by inspiring imaginative play, but aren't too obnoxious for the parents who may be overhearing them. You can find this play kitchen at most major retailers, including Toys R Us and Walmart.

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