NYTF16: Minnie, Sofia the First and Sheriff Callie

Disney Toys On Display at New York Toy Fair 2016

February 13-16, 2016 in New York City's gigantic Javits Convention Center was one of the largest toy trade shows in the world-- New York Toy Fair.  Toy Fair is generally attended by those in the industry and media outlets. 2016 marked my second year attending the famed show. New York Toy Fair can be a daunting experience. There's a lot to see-- both established toy companies and those who are new to the industry attend, which makes for an interesting variety of people and toys. Unlike...MORE last year, I attended this show with About.com content in mind and thankfully found quite a few vendors with Disney themed toys that I know your children will have on their wishlists come Christmas! Here are a few items that were on display at Toy Fair from Just Play. See Just Play's Toy Fair Showroom here.

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    Minnie Mouse

    Minnie's Rockin' Guitar and Bowrific Hairstyling Set
    Minnie's Rockin' Guitar and Bowrific Hairstyling Set. ABS

    Just Play had a number of super adorable Minnie Mouse themed products. The Sweet Surprise Kitchen is here to stay.  (See the video review here.) Adding to the make believe fun, is a cute shopping cart that has a removable basket for kids who are tired of pushing their play food around. Also on display was a Minnie themed vacuum. There are also smaller table top items, like a super cute miniature oven that looks similar to the Sweet Surprise Kitchen and a plastic tea set that fits in a cute...MORE Minnie shaped tea pot.

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    Super Roller Skating Minnie

    Super Roller Skating Minnie
    Super Roller Skating Minnie. ABS

    Super Roller Skating Minnie is an interactive toy that was designed with the younger set in mind. This plush Minnie, decked out in her token pink polka dotted dress, moves without the use of a remote control. When you press Minnie's bow, she'll start to skate around, both forwards and backwards. Minnie also does the splits (to an extent) and spins. And of course, sound bites are heard through the whole experience. Minnie even sings a very catchy song while performing on her purple...MORE skates. Super Roller Skating Minnie is due out later this year.

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    Sheriff Callie's Wild West

    Sheriff Callie's Wild West, Ella Cowbelle's Milk Saloon Playset
    Sheriff Callie's Wild West, Ella Cowbelle's Milk Saloon Playset. ABS

    I admit, I don't know enough about Sheriff Callie yet. It's not one of the shows I follow on Disney Junior. It must be quite popular, though, because Just Play has a very large assortment of adorable toys based on this animated preschool show.  On trend with today's market, blind bags filled with Sheriff Callie and her friends were on display.  Small plastic figures in packs of two and five were displayed, as well. One of my favorite things in this section of the room had to be the 3...MORE set of bath squirters, featuring Callie, Toby and Sparky. Sheriff Callie's Wild West Milk Saloon playset featuring Ella Cowbelle (pictured here) was super cute, as well. It includes a fun feature that allows you to slide a glass of milk down the bar.

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    Elena of Avalor

    Elena of Avalor Logo
    Elena of Avalor Logo. Disney

    While I was unable to photograph any of the Elena of Avalor products in the Just Play booth, I can say that you'll love them! Elena of Avalor is based around Elena, Disney's first Latina princess.  The show is set to debut August 1, 2016 on Disney Junior. There weren't many items on display, but as it's a spin off of Sofia the First (and Just Play's excelled at those releases thus far), I expect we'll be seeing similar things in both lines. (Of course, I could be wrong--...MORE we'll have to wait and see!)

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    Sofia the First

    Mermaid Princess Sofia
    Mermaid Princess Sofia. ABS

    Sofia the First has been on my radar since it made its debut. It's one of my favorite Disney Junior shows. Just Play has a huge line of Sofia the First products that are both on shelves now and coming soon to your favorite retail location. There are blind bags, plush, more family playsets and role play options (like her dress, necklace and shoes).

    New for this spring is a Mermaid Magic Princess Sofia (pictured here). She sings, has a light up tail and can be fully submerged in water. Her tail...MORE will spin when you make her swim.

    I am also a huge fan of the jewelry box featured in the showroom, seen here. It is more than just a toy and will help inspire kids to keep their jewelry in one place.

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    Magic Dancing Sofia

    Magic Dancing Sofia
    Magic Dancing Sofia. ABS

    Magic Dancing Sofia is the big item for this year when it comes to this product line. Interactive, Magic Dancing Sofia dances will be out in Fall 2016.  She dances with the help of a magic wand.  There are three modes of play: teaching mode, practice mode and performance mode. Like the Minnie I wrote about earlier, Sofia talks and sings while dancing around. Watching her in action was pretty neat and the song was super catchy!  You can see her in action in this Toy Fair 2016 Reveal.

Where To Buy:

Many of these toys have yet to be released, but should be available at your favorite retail stores as we move though 2016.