Miracle Method: Should This Industry Leader Refinish Your Tub?

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    Who Is Miracle Method Anyway?

    Tradional style bathroom with clawfoot tub.
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    Home renovation is about giving your house a new lease on life, and typically it is all about solving problems related to functional needs. Window replacement, vinyl siding, and laminate flooring are classic examples of ways that homeowners can rehabilitate their homes more easily and cheaply than the complete tear-out-and-replace method. Bathtub refinishing offers up a tantalizing promise of getting a sparkling new tub, without the pain and cost of the tear-out-and-replace method.

    The problem is...MORE that the idea of bathtub refinishing tends to leave a sour taste in the mouths of many consumers--even though they may have little basis for this perception.

    A Network of Refinishers

    Miracle Method, a franchised surface restoration company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is working—whether intentionally and unintentionally--to combat this perception. Started in 1979 by Bob Gray, purchased in 1981 by Chuck Pistor, Miracle Method has forced its way to the top of the surface refinishing industry in the last several years.

    We spoke to Don Dominick, Director of Marketing, at Miracle Method corporate, about Miracle Method’s success path so far, and about its short-term strategies to capture the surface restoration market. As a note, even though Miracle Method and similar companies engage in many types of surface restoration, we will generally refer to it in this article as “bathtub refinishing” because that aligns with most consumers’ expectations.

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