Miri Rotkovitz

Miri Rotkovitz is a freelance writer, editor, and recipe developer. She got her food writing start at The James Beard Foundation, one of the country's most prominent culinary arts-promoting not-for-profits, where she worked as as the Awards Editor, as an Associate Editor, and as a contributing writer. She is also the former About.com Guide to Herbs and Spices.


Miri Rotkovitz is an avid home cook and cookbook collector, and holds an M.A. in Nutrition & Food Studies from NYU.

Her culinary interests are diverse -- she has written about everything from up-and-coming chefs to baby food, from herbs and spices to environmental food issues. She contributed a guide to Super Foods for Diabetes Self Management's Hidden Secrets of Natural Healing, by Diana W. Guthrie. Her study of the kosher food industry and acculturation, entitled “Kashering the Melting Pot: Oreos, Sushi Restaurants, ‘Kosher Treif,’ and the Observant American Jew,” appears in the book Culinary Tourism. (Ed. Lucy Long. Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky, 2004.)

Miri is also a Registered Dietitian with a special interest in prenatal, child and maternal health. She serves on the editorial board of the Women’s Health Report, a national publication of the American Dietetic Association’s Women’s Health Dietetic Practice Group.

Miri Rotkovitz

For as long as I can remember, treasure hunting for specialty foods has been a major passion of mine. Whether I’m trawling the aisles at the NASFT Fancy Food Show, scoping out a craft fair, or shopping in a big box store, I’m constantly on the lookout for specialty items that are truly special. From everyday cooking staples to giftable luxuries, I look beyond price and fancy packaging to find foods and ingredients that enhance recipes, taste phenomenal, and are worth the cost or effort it takes to get them.

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