Feng Shui of a Mirror Behind the Stove

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Strategically placing mirrors in your home can benefit the overall feng shui of your space. Since kitchens represent the element of fire, the use of mirrors is often avoided as they invite the clashing element of water. However, placing a mirror behind your stove can be an exception to this general rule.

When to Add a Mirror Behind a Stove

There are two main reasons a mirror behind the kitchen stove is recommended by some feng shui consultants:

  • As mirrors reflect, they double everything in sight. In traditional Chinese feng shui schools, placing a mirror behind the stove burners is believed to double one's wealth and abundance. The same principle lies behind the feng shui suggestion of placing a mirror to reflect the dining table. In both instances, the mirror reflects and doubles your food which also represents abundance.
  • If the cook has his or her back to the kitchen door—or the main traffic area in the case of an open kitchen—a mirror placed behind the kitchen stove can be helpful to see what's happening behind one's back, bringing a sense of security.

Not all kitchens require a mirror behind your stove for good feng shui. If you do not cook with your back towards the door, then there is no need to add a mirror. However, if you do have your back to the door while cooking, especially if your stove is in a direct line with the door, then it's important to look for some feng shui solutions. It's also crucial to only choose those solutions that will look and feel good in your space.

Mirror Options for Your Kitchen

Hanging a small mirror behind the stove can look strange, especially if it's an awkward shape. It may look best to use a custom, large mirror that would also serve as a backsplash. Tempered glass is the best choice for this project, as regular mirrored glass can easily crack with heat. If you don't have upper cabinets, larger framed mirrors can also work well above a stove. One con to using a mirror as a backsplash is the upkeep—you'll need to wipe it down regularly as food and oil splatter behind the stove. Remember, if you don't keep it clean, you'll be creating bad feng shui.

An alternative feng shui solution is to mindfully place items with highly reflective surfaces behind or beside the stove so that they give you a view of the kitchen door while you cook. Any kitchen decor item or appliance will look appropriate—from a stainless steel toaster to a highly reflective, colorful backsplash—as well as serve the feng shui purpose.

Excellent feng shui in the kitchen, as well as in any room, is cultivated by positive energy. If something does not look right to you, keep adjusting until you find an arrangement that feels satisfying. Stick with the basics and trust your senses; this is always good feng shui.

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