Mirror Chalkboard Craft

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    How to Turn an Old Mirror Into a Chalkboard

    chalkboard mirror
    Chatfield Court

    Find an old mirror at a thrift store for this fun project! Use the new chalkboard as a message board or to display a quote!

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    • Old Mirror (I got mine at a thrift store)
    • Spray Paint Primer 
    • Chalkboard Spray Paint 
    • Paint
    • Small Piece of Felt (to use as an eraser)
    • Chalk 
    • Masking Tape
    • Newspaper (Use to cover your work surface and sections of the mirror)
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    Clean, Dry, and Prime

    Clean and dry the mirror. Lay the mirror down on some newspaper and spray it with several thin layers of primer. Once you have your mirror covered with the primer, let it dry completely.

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    Paint the Frame

    Paint the frame using several thin coats so the paint does not run. You can separate the frame from the mirror if you do not want any of the paint to get on the mirror before you paint it. Wait until one layer is dry to the touch before adding another. Like with the primer, when you are done painting the frame, let it set until it is completely dry. This is especially important because in the next step you will be covering the frame with tape and newspaper and you do not want it to stick.

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    Paint the Mirror

    Finally, you are ready for the chalkboard paint. Use masking tape and pieces of newspaper to cover the frame, and then start painting. I used about six thin layers, letting each layer dry for between 30 and 60 minutes before I applied the next one.

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    Condition the Chalkboard

    Let the chalkboard paint cure for as long as the paint can says, and then remove the tape and newspaper. My chalkboard paint can also suggested I condition the chalkboard paint by rubbing the side of the chalk over it and then wiping it off. Don't skip this step, I did with another project and I could not totally erase the lines.

    Now you can hang up your new chalkboard and enjoy!