Is a Mirror in the Dining Room Good Feng Shui?

white dining room with green chairs and large plant

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Have you ever wondered about the feng shui of that mirror in your dining room? Mirrors are one of the tools that feng shui practitioners use to correct or adjust the flow of qi in a space, and they have many different purposes. Dining rooms, like all parts of the home, are symbolic of certain areas of your life in feng shui, and a mirror can be placed here with a specific feng shui meaning or intention. 

Mirrors and Feng Shui

Mirrors are often used in feng shui to accentuate an area or to amplify the impact of a certain part of the home. Depending on the intention behind the placement of a mirror, they can expand, shrink, soften, or double the items that they are reflecting.  Mirrors are also connected to the water element, one of the five elements we work with in feng shui, which has to do with wisdom and new opportunities. 

When placing a mirror or another object in your home for a specific feng shui purpose, it’s important to have a clear intention for how you would like it to support you. If you’d like to add a mirror to your dining room to improve your home’s feng shui, take a moment to consider your intention for this mirror. Having a strong intention will amplify the effect of any feng shui objects that you are placing in your home. If you are placing an object in your home with a feng shui intention, we also recommend bringing in a new item. It’s best to bring fresh energy into your home if you want to create something new in your life. 

dining room with a credenza, mirror, sliding glass door and black and wood accents

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The Dining Room and Feng Shui

Your dining room is where you eat and gather as a family, and it also represents your connection to friends. If you have a well-placed dining table, it can encourage deeper, longer-lasting friendships. In feng shui, the ability to nourish yourself with good-quality food also represents abundance. When you take care of your body, you are better able to provide for yourself and your family as well. 

Mirrors in the Dining Room

If your dining room is on the smaller side and feels a bit cramped, a mirror can help to expand this area of your home to make it feel more spacious. This creates more room energetically to invite more friends and abundance into your life. 

A mirror that reflects your dining table can also double the meals, food, and symbols of abundance that you have on your dining table, therefore doubling the abundance you experience. If this is your intention for your mirror, make sure that it is reflecting the dining table itself. 

small dining table area with a mirror, green wall and plants

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Types of Mirrors to Use in a Dining Room

You can use any mirror that works with your space and your decor. If you want to choose a mirror with additional feng shui meaning, you can bring that in through shape or color. 

Playing with different mirror shapes is one way to invite specific energies into your home. A square or rectangular mirror is more stable and grounded, while a round or oval mirror helps to soften the energy during family meals.  

You can also choose a mirror with a colored frame that represents the type of energy you’d like to enhance.

  • Black is connected to the water element, which represents opportunities and career.
  • White is the metal element, and it’s related to joy.
  • Gold and silver also represent the metal element, and in addition to inviting joy, they can encourage you to be more productive and complete the things that you start. Gold is a color of abundance as well.
  • Brown is connected to the earth element, which is all about being grounded and stability.  

What to Avoid When Hanging Mirrors in a Dining Room

First, make sure you hang your mirror at an appropriate height. Avoid hanging your mirror too high, as this will cut off parts of reflections and make them incomplete. It’s also best to use mirrors that are not antiqued or distorted, since this doesn’t allow for things to be seen clearly. 

It’s also not ideal to use broken mirrors or multiple small mirrors together because this creates a broken or segmented image. If you have a mirror in this style that you love, though, don’t panic! It is okay to have items in your home that add to your decor, without being feng shui adjustments. If you do want to place a mirror in your dining room with a feng shui intention, however, make sure it is one solid piece that reflects images clearly and completely.