Which Mirror Trends Are Hot Right Now?

What is a bathroom without a mirror? A staple of every home, the bathroom mirror is a big piece of decor when it comes to style and fashion. There are many different types of mirrors for every kind of decor style--let's explore a few mirror trends that will make you want to say "Mirror, mirror, who has the most beautiful bathroom?"

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    Gold-framed mirror

    With the trend of metallics for 2016, the idea of a gold-framed mirror isn't as kitschy as it used to be. It can actually be quite beautiful, especially in traditional or minimalist bathrooms. 

    Gold frames have a certain luxury and elegance to them. They add a subtle touch that's perfect for those who like more understated style.

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    The big statement mirror with a large, often colorful or otherwise heavy frame, is also pretty big right now. Designers love this type of mirror for its capacity to attract attention and tie a bathroom together.

    You can also create a statement mirror by framing a frameless mirror with wallpaper, as in this modern bathroom. It has quite an effect!

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    Natural frame

    Driftwood mirror
    DriftwoodDominican / Etsy.com

    When I say "natural", I don't mean just a regular old wooden frame. I mean a mirror that's inspired by nature, something unexpected like driftwood or even starfish.  

    These mirrors take a lot of guts and can work as the focus point of the bathroom. Perfect for beach-style bathrooms as well as more eclectic décors. 

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    Geometric shapes

    Alternate shape mirror
    Fluxglass / Etsy.com

    Today's contemporary-style bathroom comes short without an unexpected geometric mirror. Usually frame-less, these mirrors come in a shape that's not a rectangle, a circle or a square. 

    Think hexagon, octagon, elongated oval or a rectangular bottom with an elaborate curvy top. Whatever your taste, mirrors now come in all kinds of interesting shapes.

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    Vintage frames

    Vintage frame mirror
    RevivedVintage / Etsy.com

    Vintage frames are all the rage for traditional and eclectic bathrooms. If you're the kind of person who loves garage sales and antique shops, this is a great project.

    Find a couple of vintage frames you love, clean them up, paint them a suitable color for your bathroom, apply a mirror behind them, and hang them up. You'll get that instant retro/vintage style you love in all the magazines.

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    Porthole 3D mirror
    Redhouseblueocean / Etsy

    Sometimes you want more than the flatness of a mirror. Mirrors with a 3D effect are getting more and more popular. Those types of mirrors add depth and interest that flat mirrors just don't have.

    More often than not those you see in magazines are custom-made for clients, but you can find models in stores that will work just as well. It's a great way to add depth to a room that is often forgotten.

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    This luxury vanity set from Nameek's includes two vessel sinks and a double mirror, $3,565. Photo © Nameek's

    Multiple mirrors are really cool. They add another dimension to the room, like a triptych does when it comes to paintings. It's used especially in modern and contemporary bathrooms, where an entire wall is covered in mirrors. The sections break up the illusion and help us see where the mirror begins and ends.

    Make sure that the breaks don't happen at face level so you can put on your makeup without trouble!

Mirrors are pretty ordinary and usual in a bathroom, but they don't have to be boring. Try one of these interesting trends in your next bathroom remodel--attract the eye and add plenty of style with just a clever choice of frame.