Expert Ideas for Putting Mirrors in the Bedroom

mirror in bedroom


Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to add some visual interest while simultaneously making a space feel much more airy and open—but you’ll want to make sure you’ve thought out mirror style and placement properly before nailing them into the wall.

“Mirrors are a must in the bedroom,” says Kathy Kuo, founder and CEO at Kathy Kuo Home. “Not only are mirrors a beautiful accent; bringing in more natural light and opening up a room, but they’re also key to the functionality of the space.” 

Whether you’re looking for creative alternatives to full length dressing mirrors or you’re hoping to employ a mirror to open up your small bedroom, here are a handful of expert-approved ideas for putting mirrors in the bedroom.

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    Get Creative

    mirror in bedroom


    “Although mirrors are commonly placed above the dresser—which I do from time to time!—I also try to get creative with how I incorporate them into the bedroom,” says Kuo. “Decorative mirrors are also a beautiful complement to nightstands, placed on each side of the bed and just behind your lamps (this really helps to brighten up the space!).”

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    It’s All in the Details

    mirror in bedroom

    Forbes + Masters

    “I really like using mirrors that have beautiful detailing to them, or bring something special to the design,” says Kuo. “For example, textured accents such as a seagrass or hammered metal border could also compliment other elements in your room design and easily serve as a replacement for artwork.”

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    Don’t Overwhelm Your Space

    mirror in bedroom


    You’ll also want to keep in mind the number of mirrors in the space, says Kuo. It is important not to overwhelm the bedroom with mirrors—so if you already have one above the dresser, you don't also need one above each nightstand, and vice versa. “Be selective with your choices and strategic with the placement. It’s always best to determine what purpose you want the mirror to serve and from there can make your final decision,” she adds.

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    Be Careful With Placement Around the Bed

    mirror in bedroom


    Unless you want to add a sexy appeal to your space, you’ll want to be careful not to place your mirror anywhere suggestive. “Don't put one where you can look into while you're laying in bed,” says Beth Halpern Brown, founder of Beth Brown Interiors.

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    Consider a Statement Frame Above the Bed

    mirror in bedroom


    “I love a mirror above a bed but particularly ones that are more frame than mirror (a sunburst above the bed is a favorite) or a convex mirror,” says Brown. Although if you’re planning to hang something directly above your bed you’ll want to make sure it is well anchored!

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    Ensure the Mirror’s Reflection Is Attractive

    mirror in the bedroom

    Gold a la Mode

    You’ll want to make sure that your mirror reflects a clean area of your bedroom; avoiding placement that puts your dirty clothes hamper or cluttered corner on display. “Make sure you like what the mirror is reflecting—that is what you are going to see!” says Brown.

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    Layer Mirrors for Additional Visual Interest

    mirror in bedroom


    Lucky enough to have a mantel in your bedroom? Consider hanging a mirror over the fireplace. “I like layering mirrors and art or collecting objects on a mantle,” says Brown. Not only does this add visual interest to your bedroom but it also makes the space feel much more open and airy, especially if your mantel is a darker shade than the rest of your space.

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    Flank the Bed

    mirror in bedroom


    If you want to use mirrors in the bedroom, it's best to add tall mirrors over both nightstands on either side of the bed or on just one side, says Megan Dufresne, member of the American Society of Interior Designers and principal designer at MC Design. Not only will this illuminate the space it will also help create a more layered look to your nightstand.

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    Hang Them Over the Nightstand

    mirror in bedroom

    Sidekix Media

    “I'm mulling over the idea of putting mirrors over the nightstands in my primary bedroom,” shares Susan Peters, designer/owner at 9108 designs. “You can hang them over each nightstand or over just one of the nightstands (and balance the other side with artwork or a lamp).  The shape for these can vary as well.”

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    Consider Placement Inside Cabinet Frames

    mirror in bedroom


    “I also like putting mirrors inside cabinet frames on built-in armoires,” explains Dufresne. “This will instantly make a bedroom feel larger.”

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    Go Full-Length

    full length mirror

    The Travelling Apartment / Instagram

    “Both of my girls have had large, framed full-length mirrors in their rooms hanging on the wall near their beds,” explains Peters. “You can hang or lean a full-length mirror against the wall.” This is a great option if you’re hoping to use the mirror as a practical accessory for getting dressed in the morning.