Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush

A Miss Ruby butterfly bush
David Beaulieu

Plant Taxonomy

Plant taxonomy classifies this shrub as Buddleia davidii 'Miss Ruby.' The cultivar name, 'Miss Ruby,' is based on the color of the flowers, which is a deep pink.


Buddleia (sometimes spelled as Buddleja) is classified as a broadleaf, deciduous flowering shrub. However, in cold climates, the shrubs act as if they were herbaceous perennials.

Miss Ruby butterfly bushes bloom from early summer to well into fall. The numerous individual blossoms are deep pink and contained on flower spikes. The plants reach 48 to 60 inches in height by 36 to 48 inches in width and exhibit a mounded growing habit. Leaves are a gray-green color. Some consider the flowers of this cultivar to have a pleasing smell.

With this Buddleia, it's all about the flower color. If you enjoy growing Buddleia but have grown tired of the same old colors, then you'll want to try Miss Ruby butterfly bush. Not only is the deep pink a somewhat unusual color for Buddleia, but it is also a vibrant color.

You can count these long-blooming shrubs among your fall flowers since they continue blooming into October.

Planting Zones

Grow this Buddleia shrub in planting zones 5 through 9.

Sun and Soil Requirements

Grow in full sun and well-drained, loamy soil enriched with humus. Drought-tolerant shrubs once they have a chance to become established, make sure you water these plants during times of extreme heat. 

Mulch Buddleia in the fall for winter protection in cold climates. Fortunately, these plants are deer-resistant shrubs.

How to Prune

Many people wonder, "When should I prune Buddleia?" The first thing you need to know is that Buddleia blooms on new wood (new growth). Although some people prune Buddleia in late fall, you can leave the brown branches in place during most of the winter (in hopes that they will provide some winter protection for the roots below) and prune the plants back to the ground in late winter. Buddleia re-emerges from its root system in spring. Pruning is optional but does seem to promote better flowering.


Uses for Miss Ruby butterfly bushes include:


This Buddleia plant attracts not only its namesake insects but also hummingbirds, making it useful in hummingbird gardens.