10 Mission-Style Homes

Mission style home with palm trees outside

cilantrosue / Instagram

If you've ever spent time driving through the Southwest or California, you've definitely seen a Mission Revival home. Dating back to the early 20th century, this architectural style is reminiscent of Spanish colonial architecture and is sometimes called the "Western Craftsman."

Here, we've rounded up ten beautiful examples of this architectural movement in America.

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    Blue Mission-Style Home

    Mission style craftsman home

    Instagram / cilantrosue

    This stunning Mission home from cilantrosue is the perfect blend of old and new. The soft blue paint gives it a more modern feel, while the hallmarks of Mission style (such as the red tile roofing and stucco exterior) are clearly highlighted.

    Mission Revival is the result of the preservation movement and occurred alongside the American Arts and Crafts movement around the 1920s. The movement drew inspiration from Spanish architecture and adobe homes.

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    All-White Mission Home

    White and tan mission style home

    architecturaloasis / Instagram

    This stunning white stucco home from architecturaloasis features the trademark red tiles and arched entryways and windows seen in many Mission-style homes. We particularly love the stark white exterior paint choice, which gives it a supremely southwestern feel.

    When identifying a Mission-style home, some key characteristics include smooth stucco exteriors, overhanging eaves, a gabled tile roof, and arched entryways and windows.

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    Cozy Mission-Style Home

    Biege mission style craftsman home

    cilantrosue / Instagram

    This adorable little Mission home from cilantrosue is giving us major southwestern vibes. The lovely arched entryway and large framed window add a lot of character.

    Some additional Mission Revival characteristics that are a little less common, but still used to identify this style of house, include large square pillars, decorative iron elements, and covered walkways or arcades.

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    White Mission House With Blue Trim

    White mission style home with blue trim

    jennaharperhomes / Instagram

    Not only does the charming Mission-style home from jennaharperhomes have uber curb appeal, but the bright, cheery blue trim really makes it pop.

    A similar architectural style to Mission Revival is Pueblo Revival. This regional architectural style is specific to the Southwestern part of the United States. Pueblo Revival adobe structures are nearly always flat-roofed and often feature wooden beams, which exist for purely aesthetic reasons.

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    Pink Mission Revival House

    Pink mission style house

    donnavercoe / Instagram

    What's better than an antique Mission-style home? A pink Mission-style home, of course. This lovely little abode from donnavercoe is full of endless charm and character, and the pink exterior gives it a playful vibe.

    The Mission-style home is often considered the Craftsman home of the west because the two architectural movements occurred during the same time. Both movements focused on craftsmanship and handmade materials.

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    Funky Yellow and Purple Home

    Yellow and purple mission style home

    cilantrosue / Instagram

    This home from cilantrosue is full of personality. The yellow and purple color palette lends a funky, unique vibe and plays so well with the southwestern landscaping, which is also full of color.

    Most Mission homes are made from stucco, an incredibly versatile exterior material. This makes it easy to paint these homes in various colors to create a unique look that's personalized and has a ton of curb appeal.

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    Mission-Style Home With Cactus Landscaping

    Mission style home with cactus landscaping

    botanizeme / Instagram

    Many Mission Revival homes feature extensive cacti landscaping that's often seen in the southwestern part of the US. This charming home from botanizeme features the hallmark stucco exterior and tiled roofing, but also includes ornate roof detailing that gives it a strong Spanish influence.

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    Yellow Mission Revival Home

    Southwestern style mission home

    cilantrosue / Instagram

    Another Craftsman-style home is the bungalow, and this lovely yellow Mission Revival from cilantrosue is a wonderful example of a Mission home that feels like a charming bungalow. The arched entryways and pitched, red shingled roof also lend a Mediterranean feel.

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    Victorian Home Turned Mission-Style

    tan two story mission style home

    lovelyoldhomes / Instagram

    It's hard to believe this stunner from lovelyoldhomes used to be a Victorian-style home that was painstakingly reimagined with a Mission-style exterior. The ornate detailing and grand porch give it immense curb appeal that really stands out.

    Similar to other Craftsman-style homes, in interiors of these homes are structured around family and intimacy. They typically revolve around a central living room, often with a focal point such as a large oversized window or a fireplace.

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    Mission-Style Home With Palm Trees

    Mission style home with palm trees outside

    cilantrosue / Instagram

    If you're looking for a Mission-style home with loads of curb appeal, this one from cilantrosue has it all. Not only does it exude endless charm and character, but the grand pathway lined with palm trees is both welcoming and grand.

Though Mission Revival homes are an uncommon sight in much of the United States, their charm has stood the test of time—and they're still in demand even today.