8 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Bedroom

dog on bed
Jack Russell on Bed. Digital Vision / Photodisc / Getty Images

Did you know that someone could probably tell whether you are single, a newlywed, or have been married a long time just by looking at your bedroom?  Your bedroom is the most intimate spot in your home for several reasons.  Obviously, it's the most logical place for romance, but because this room is also where you are more likely to do things like throw your dirty socks on the floor, let your pets feel at home, and take care of personal hygeine, your bedroom might actually be a decidedly un-romantic place.


Certainly, you should add accessories that make your bedroom feel restful and will help you get a good night's sleep.  And while there are also accessories you can add to make your bedroom feel like a love nest, did you know there are some things you may be doing that could actually hurt your love life?  Read on for a list of romance-killers you may want to avoid.

The Problem: Pets on Your Bed

I admit it, we allow our dog on our bed.  But while it's fun to snuggle with him when the whole family is hanging out on Saturday morning, he can be a total bed hog and the dog hair is gross!  Luckily, he knows his place when we don't want him around.  

The Fix: If you, too, like to let your pets on your bed, just make sure to launder the bedding more often because pet hair is not exactly sexy.  You might also consider adding a tucked away spot for an attractive pet bed or try one of these clever ways to hide a dog crate.


The Problem: Pictures of Grandma

As previously mentioned, bedrooms are intimate places and so it can be nice to display special family photographs there.  But a picture of your Grandma smiling at you from the nightstand might not be the greatest way to inspire romance.

The Fix: Replace Grandma with a wedding photo if you have one, and keep the ancestors somewhere else.

 There are lots of unique ways to display your family tree in other rooms of your house.  Style your night stand, instead, with a candle, some flowers, or a piece of art.

The Problem: Granny Decor

Speaking of grandmothers, if your bedroom decor is dated and has lots of old-fashioned florals or frou-frou ruffles, it's not exactly speaking the language of love.  Victorian accessories--although popular for bed and breakfasts--is way too decorous for romance.

The Fix: Make your bedroom less polite and stuffy with updated accessories.  Replace granny florals with modern geometric prints, for instance, and switch out ruffled curtains and dust ruffles with simple curtain panels and a tailored bed skirt.

The Problem: Stuffed Animals

Stuffed toys and animals on the bed--no matter how cute or special--give a juvenile feel to your bedroom and stifle the romance quicker than you can say "teddy bear."  Even worse?  Dolls.

The Fix: Quite simply, banish your inanimate friends from the bedroom.  If you have a special collection with which you just can't part, keep them tucked away where only you can enjoy them.  

The Problem: Too Many Pillows

Bedrooms styled for magazines look amazingly plush and luxurious, partly because there are usually lots of pillows on the bed.

 While it is a good idea to layer shams and decorative throw pillows for a tied-together look, it is possible to go too far.  Too many pillows on the bed deters spontaneity by making it difficult to get in the bed.

The Fix: If pillows take up more than half your bed, you have too many!  Try one of these six different ways to arrange your bed pillows for a streamlined yet stylish look.  To add more color and personality with something other than pillows, try a throw blanket at the foot of the bed.  Here are some tips for how to layer your bedding like a pro.

The Problem: Laundry

We've all been there.  Laundry can start to pile up before you have a chance to wash it, while baskets of clean clothes sit around waiting to be folded.  And chances are, you are more likely to let this happen in your bedroom than in other--more public--rooms of the house.


The Fix: If you have a laundry chute, use it!  Otherwise, if dirty clothes tend to pile up in your bedroom, trade a utilitarian plastic laundry basket for a more attractive option, such as a hamper with a lid to keep things looking tidier.  Also, a bench at the foot of the bed keeps baskets of clean clothes off the bed.

The Problem: Too Cold

Raise your hand if you feel sexy when you're covered in goosebumps!  Anyone?  Simply put, skimpy blankets can freeze out the romance.

The Fix: Again, learning to layer your bedding is essential for both your comfort and your love life.  Also, window treatments can help keep drafts at bay as well as give you necessary privacy.

The Problem: Too Many Screens

In this day and age, we are all probably guilty of having at least one screen in our bedroom.  Believe it or not, it's not out of the question for a lot of couples to have their phones, a tablet, a TV and even a laptop in their room.  It goes without saying that all of this distraction does not inspire a romantic evening.

The Fix: If you like having a TV in the bedroom, disguise your screen with one of these tricks.  Keep your phone docked in a charging station, and relegate your laptop to a home office or a desk in another room.