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    Gizzmo, a 6 year old possible Brussels Griffon mix
    Gizzmo, a 6 year old possible Brussels Griffon mix. Photo © Sarita Quackenbush

    Pictures of Cute Mutts

    Whether you have a purebred dog, a "hybrid" dog, or a good old-fashioned mutt, there is no doubt that your dog is special to you. Every dog has certain traits that sets it apart from all others, regardless of breed. However, there is something about mixed breed dogs – a kind of uniqueness wrapped in mystery that is somehow different than a purebred dog. That being said, most dog owners cannot imagine loving one dog more than another once they have formed that special...MORE bond.

    Those who have been to animal shelters and rescues groups know that mixed breed dogs make up a large portion of abandoned and unwanted pets. The next time you decide that you are ready for a new dog, consider adopting a wonderful mutt. What a great way to help dogs in need.

    Are you all about mutts? If so, you are not alone - millions of people adore their mixed breed dogs. Want to see your own mixed breed dog in this gallery? Submit your photos and tell us more about your wonder mutt.

    Attached is a picture of Gizzmo. She was born in November 2002 and I rescued her in August 2003. How anyone could give up such an adorable dog is beyond me, but their loss was my gain. All I was told is that she is a Brussels Griffon, but I am not sure that she is purebred. In any case, she is the love of my life.

    - Sarita

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    Dutchess and Dakota

    Dutchess: 3 year, 10 month old Australian Shepherd / Blue Healer mix; Dakota 2 year old Chocolate L
    Dutchess: 3 year, 10 month old Australian Shepherd / Blue Healer mix; Dakota 2 year old Chocolate Lab mix. Photo &copy Christine W.

    Dutchess and Dakota on top of trampoline, during an ice storm in Tulsa, OK on Jan. 16, 2007 Dutchess is a 3 year and 10 month old Australian Shepherd-Blue Healer mix. Dakota is a 2 year old chocolate Lab mix

    - Christine W. Tulsa, OK

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    Suki, a 6 month old mixed breed
    Suki, a 6 month old mixed breed. Photo © Trudy Dempsey

    This is Suki and she is a Yorkie cross. She just turned 6 months old and I made this sweater for her. My boyfriend laughed at her saying she looked like a pinata.

    - Trudy

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    Finneas, a year and half month old mix
    Finneas, a year and half month old mix. Photo © Jill

    This is Finneas! He's a year and half month old Wolfhound/Westie mix...believe it or not!!!

    - Jill

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    Charlie, a mixed breed dog
    Charlie, a mixed breed dog. Photo © Gary
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    Dylan, a female hound mix
    Dylan, a female hound mix. Photo © Holly Winter

    Dylan, a female hound mix, trying on a purchase from the Big Shanty Festival in Kennesaw, GA.

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    Batman, age 1yr - German Shepherd/Basenji mix
    Batman, age 1yr - German Shepherd/Basenji mix. Photo © Leslie

    Batman, a 1 year old German Shepherd / Basenji mix
    "What you talkin' bout Willis?"

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    Inu, a 9 month old mixed breed
    Inu, a 9 month old mixed breed. Photo © Karen and Scott Noble

    This is a picture of our mixed breed, Inu - the photographer was able to get a good photo of her! She is nine months old and we think she maybe is Golden/Lab (the fox-red shade) and possibly Irish Setter, but not sure. When we adopted her from the GA. Humane Society last summer at 7 weeks, they told us she was Border collie/Sheltie. But in all my research and reading, I could not find any pictures of a Border Collie/Sheltie with her colors. Maybe there is even a little red Dachshund too. Because...MORE of her color, we named her Inu, which was the name of my family's red mini-Dachshund. Her full name is Inokosan, which means "little miss dog" in Japanese. Whatever she is, of course, doesn't matter to us - she is now a part of our family and we would never part with her.

    - Karen and Scott Noble
    Tempe, AZ

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    Chloe, a 14 year old mutt
    Chloe, a 14 year old mutt. Photo © Jenna Stregowski

    Chloe is my 14-year old, 45 pound best friend! I always thought my girl was a Labrador Retriever mix, possible with some Border Collie in her. This is partially due to the fact that her littermate looked like a Border Collie. Plus, Chloe looks and acts like a Lab (and also acts very much like a BC).
    Out of curiosity, I sent samples for breed testing to several canine DNA labs. All of the results indicated that Chloe was mostly Golden Retriever. There were also traces of other breeds, including...MORE Border Collie and, believe it or not, Dachshund! I'm not sure I completely believe the results, but think they are interesting. I know I will never find out for certain what breeds Chloe has in her, but it doesn't really matter. She's the light of my life and a constant companion.

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    Buddy, a Terrier/Dachshund mix - 13 years old and still active
    Buddy, Terrier/Dachshund. Photo © Robert

    Buddy is a Terrier/Dachshund, 13 years old and still active!

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    Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Astrid - Mutt Photo
    Astrid is a mixed breed. . . not sure what, but she has a lot of Chow and maybe some Pit Bull and Akita - Toby. Photo © Toby Rhinehart
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    Astrid on the Beach

    Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Astrid on the Beach - Mutt Photo
    Astrid is a mixed breed. . . not sure what, but she has a lot of Chow and maybe some Pit Bull and Akita - Toby. Photo © Toby Rhinehart
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    Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Spike - Cute Mutt Photo
    Spike, 1 ½ year old Yorkshire Terrier / Poodle mix. Photo © Connie
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    Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Sassy - Cute Mutt Photo
    Sassy, a 13 year old Lab mix. Photo © Haji Mahmood, dogvisions.org

    Sassy, a 13 year old Black Lab mix in the Chalk Creek Valley, Nathrop, CO.

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    Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Critter - Cute Mutt Photo
    Critter, an approximately 4 month old mixed breed. Photo © Lynn Donahue

    This is Critter. I was a dog walker at the Kent County Humane Society in Maryland and fell in love. He is approximately 4 months and a true love sponge. I find that so amazing as he started out under rough conditions yet developed a sweet happy disposition. He has had no problem joining the "rest of the pack." We now have four dogs.

    - Lynn

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    Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Bensen - Cute Mutt Photo
    Bensen, a 2 year old mix. Photo © Pat Dougherty

    This is Bensen playing in snow for the first time. He is a two year old rescue dog who loves to have his picture taken. Bensen is part tricolor long hair Chihuahua, Papillion, and something bigger because he is about 20 lbs. He is trained in agility and loves it.

    - Pat

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    Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Abigail - Cute Mutt Photo
    Abigail, a 6 year old German Shepherd mix. Photo © Kayleigh
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    Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Bayley - Cute Mutt Photo
    Bayley, a 9 year old Hound mix - still acts like a puppy!. Photo © Kayleigh
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    Photo of Mixed-Breed Dog in Water
    AJ, a 7 year old mixed breed plays in the water. Photo © David Tuai

    This is AJ. He is almost 7 years old and half Australian Shepherd / half German Shorthair. I took this picture at an off leash park on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound. The picture isn't the best quality and doesn't show his eyes, which are a silver blue, but it is an "action" shot and I don't think I would ever be fortunate to be able to replicate the pose.

    - Dave 2e

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    Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Cooper - Cute Mutt Photo
    Cooper, a 5 year old Shar Pei / Beagle mix. Photo © John Zito

    Hello! Here is a pic of our dog Cooper. He is 5 and a Shar Pei Beagle mix. Cooper weighs in at just about 75 lbs.

    We live in the Chicago area and took him off of our friends' hands when he was 4 months old. They were having a baby and could not have a puppy at the same time. He was a Petland puppy and was very sick.

    - John
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    Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Dudley - Cute Mutt Photo
    Dudley, a 3 year old mutt. Photo © Shannon Janeczek

    This is our dog Dudley. He is a three year old mutt. I was told when I adopted him that he was Husky & Shepherd, but we seem to think he is a Chinook after reviewing the Chinook breeder websites. Lucky for us, Chinook show dogs/breeders with white markings are sold as house pets.

    I got him as a rescue/foster dog who needed a little extra training on how not to nip people. He was found living on the streets of Sylvania OH, and was easily spooked by men he didn’t know, and loud noises like the...MORE wind whistling around our house, and fireworks. But he very quickly learned to sit, lay down, get off (because he had been allowed on the furniture at his foster home), not jump up on people, and dance.

    Dudley is probably THE most snuggly dog we’ve ever owned, and his favorite house activity is to sit upright in the recliner with someone and cuddle. If you don’t pay enough attention to him, he will nudge your elbow so your hand is resting on his head, or he will put his front paw on your leg. Dudley is a world-class leaper. If you say the word “outside” he runs to the door and jumps straight up in the air. The more leaps, the more excited he is to go out. Once outside, he hangs around our house and chases squirrels, bunnies and cats. He loves going for walks but he is still working on how to “heel” properly – he tends to pull on a leash (mushing dog instinct!

    He is a bit of a homebody; although he loves going for rides in the car, he is just as happy to come home after a couple of days of being away. Dudley has been also very tolerant of our newly-mobile baby Ethan, looking for cuddles and petting from him, too, and licking his face and feet.

    - Shannon
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    Stella Bella on the Beach

    Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Stella Bella - Cute Mutt Photo
    Stella Bella, a 2 ½ year old Border Terrier/Australian Shepherd Mix. Photo © Jane Buckle

    Stella Bella
    Border Terrier/Australian Shepherd Mix
    2 ½ years old
    29 lbs

    Stella was rescued from a shelter in October 2008. She was hit by a car and unconscious. Her owners took her to animal control to have her euthanized because they did not have enough money to take her to the vet. Animal control allowed her to lay there and miraculously she woke up on the fourth day fine! Animal control called her owners and gave them the good news, but they did not have the $12 to pick her up for at least two...MORE weeks ($3 a day for four days) and then it would have been a bigger bill. They agreed to relinquish her and called the no-kill shelter and I found her on the web. She’s awesome!

    - Jane

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    Stella Bella Closeup

    Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Stella Bella - Cute Mutt Photo
    Stella Bella, a 2 ½ year old Border Terrier/Australian Sheppard Mix. Photo © Jane Buckle