Mixie Bottle Review - Mix Baby's Bottles Easily On the Go!

Mixie Bottle
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You've never seen anything quite like the Mixie bottle! This unique bottle has a built-in formula compartment on the bottom. It keeps the dry formula and the water separate until you need to mix them, and then allows you to combine them without opening the bottle or a separate formula container. Keeping the formula dry eliminates the need to use ice packs to cool pre-mixed formula on the go.

Mixie Bottle Features

To use the Mixie bottle, you pre-load the formula compartment, close it, and add water to the main bottle compartment.

When it's time to feed your baby, just push on the bottom of the bottle, which opens the formula compartment. Shake the bottle to mix it up, and you're ready to feed the baby. The formula stays totally dry until feeding time, and you don't have to carry a separate container to mix with your bottles. It's incredibly convenient!

The Mixie bottle comes in 4-ounce and 8-ounce sizes. The smaller bottle holds up to 2 scoops of formula. The larger bottle will hold up to 4 scoops of formula.

You can put these bottles in the dishwasher and in the microwave (although you must be very careful about microwaving bottles because it can cause hot spots that could burn your baby's mouth). The plastic that forms the Mixie bottle does not contain BPA or phthalates, and it is also PVC-free.

The 4-ounce bottle sells for about $17, and the 8-ounce bottle sells for about $20 (MSRP). Packages with more than one bottle of one size are available, as well as packages with a mix of 4-ounce and 8-ounce bottles.

The nipples come in 3 flow rates for different ages. A 2-pack of nipples costs about $5.

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Mixie Bottle Pros

The best feature of the Mixie bottle is its ease of use, though the convenience of not having to carry a separate formula container along with the bottles is a very close second. On first glance, there are a lot of pieces to this bottle, which looks a bit scary if you're thinking about clean-up and gathering loads of things to take with you on outings.

It can be a challenge to get out of the house quickly with a baby, anyway, so adding a bottle with multiple pieces definitely feels worrisome. However, once you learn how the Mixie pieces fit together, it's very easy to set up. It doesn't really take any longer than filling a traditional bottle plus a formula container.

The formula compartment seals up very well. In all of the test uses, there was never any clumped formula that would indicate it had gotten wet before the compartment was opened. The top of the formula compartment never came open unless the bottom button was intentionally pushed in. One common  problem with other formula container lids that go with other bottles is that they come open on their own. Flimsy formula containers can result in cleaning formula powder out of the diaper bag when they open unintentionally. That is not pleasant. So, a container that stays closed is much appreciated!

Many other bottles have a nipple that can be pushed into the bottle by busy baby hands. This usually results in leaks, or, if the nipple can be pushed all the way in, it creates a flood of milk everywhere. The Mixie does not seem to have that problem. The nipple stayed in place during test runs, and couldn't be pushed out of place.

It also did not collapse as the baby was drinking, which is a major annoyance with some silicone nipples. Mixie Bottles seem to perform very well in terms of not leaking. The lid also stays on very well, even in a full diaper bag.

The Mixie bottle is sturdy. If your baby is a bottle-thrower, this bottle may be a good choice. Often, when a bottle is thrown, even the plastic ones break. Those that don't break often come apart in some way, so the milk leaks out before you can pick them up. The Mixie bottle survived being thrown off a moving trailer during a hay ride, though. When the bottle was found later on the side of the gravel road it wasn't broken. In fact, you couldn't even tell it had been thrown from a moving vehicle.

Even though it has the integrated formula compartment, the Mixie isn't much bigger than other baby bottles.

It easily fits in a diaper bag, bottle warmer, or formula mixing machine.

Mixie Bottle Cons

First, the cost. Mixie is extremely well-made and it does work flawlessly, so you're paying a premium for a premium product. That works for some people. There's a bit of sticker shock over a $20 baby bottle, though. Luckily, sales and discounts are regularly available.

Since there are more pieces, that means the Mixie is a little harder to clean than the standard baby bottle. A dishwasher does a fine job of cleaning it quickly (with the small pieces in a dishwasher basket), but if you need to hand wash the bottle, you'll have to spend some extra time getting a bottle brush into the formula compartment and cleaning the compartment lid. If you want to reload the bottle immediately with formula, you must thoroughly dry the formula compartment first to avoid contaminating or clumping up the formula.

If your baby has trouble with swallowing air, a bottle that requires shaking just before feeding may not be a good choice. Shaking the bottle can introduce air bubbles that are rough on sensitive stomachs.

Overall, the Mixie bottle is a worthy contender for "best bottle for formula feeding." It's convenient, easy to use, and durable for formula feeding families. If you're willing to spend some extra cash on your feeding system, the Mixie works extremely well.