4 Mobile Islands For Small Kitchens

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We've all heard it before: If you have a small kitchen, you cannot have an island. True or not?

Why Island Life Is Difficult In Confined Spaces

Fixed kitchen islands are notorious stealers of space. It is not just the monopolization of room by the island, it is the space required for the aisle. While not part of the building code, it is strongly recommended that aisles be 42" wide minimum for single cook kitchens and 48" for multiple cook kitchens.

Mobile Islands and Prep Carts

All of this reduces the possibility that your small kitchen will ever have an island. But there is a solution. And while it is a compromise, it is a compromise that makes sense, costs little, and gives your kitchen maximum flexibility.

Mobile and other non-fixed furniture style kitchen islands provide nearly the same type of surface as a fixed island. 

  • Most mobile islands are smaller (but not always!) than fixed islands.
  • Mobile islands cannot be plumbed or hard-wired for electricity.
  • Most have casters or wheels. When these are removed, total height is reduced, on average, from 34.75" to about 31" to 32". 
  • Countertops are usually, but not always, wood or stainless steel. In any case, they are rarely the same as perimeter countertop material--solid surface, engineered stone, or laminate.
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    Mobile Kitchen Island With Engineered Granite Top

    HomeStyles Create-a-Cart With Black Granite Top

    This island is mobile—you can even move it into the middle of your kitchen floor for an instant workspace.

    And because you do not want anything blocking your valuable aisle, it is easy enough to move the cart around the corner and out of the way when not needed.

    This is a truly souped-up, full-feature mobile cart that approaches "fixed island status." Measuring 48.75" long by 17.75" wide, this rolling island has a spice rack, two drawers, three shelves, paper towel holder, and best of all, a black engineered granite countertop.

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    The Evolution of The Mobile Kitchen Cart

    Marvin Rustic Lodge Reclaimed Blue Pine Island

    When does a mobile prep cart become an island?  When you remove the casters?  When it reaches a certain size?

    If that is the case, then this one has true island qualities:

    • 65" long (vs. the usual 48" for mobile islands).
    • No caster-removal to contend with.  It stands 36" high.
    • Blue stone top.
    • Weighing a massive 355 pounds.  
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    Semi-Mobile Kitchen Island: The Feeling of Permanence Yet With Flexibility

    HomeStyles Aspen Kitchen Island

    If rolling kitchen carts feel too shaky and unsubstantial for you, yet you do not want to build a full-size, fixed island, semi-mobile might be right for you.

    HomeStyles Aspen has two wheels to allow for movement and two rubber feet to prevent the island from sliding around after you have moved it.

    A full 36" high, 48" long, and over two feet wide, this "mobile" cart is as close to permanent as a rolling cart will ever get.