Mobo Mini Cruiser: A Three Wheeled Bicycle for Kids

Recommended for Kids 30-60 months old

Mobo Mini 3 Wheeled tricycle
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The Mobo Mini Cruiser is a fun, fashionable and high quality three wheeled bicycle for kids ages 30-60 months. It is similar to a regular bicycle, in that it includes pedals, but this cruiser sits low to the ground, eliminating the need to balance and ride simultaneously. It is easy to maneuver, and adjustable so it can "grow" with your child. After seeing how unique and cool this bike is, older on-lookers are sure to be searching for their own adult tricycle to cruise the neighborhood in.


The Mobo Mini is a luxury, three wheeled cruiser for kids. It is currently available in two colors, red and green. It has 5 slot adjustments for length, to accommodate growing children in the 30-60 month age range. It is made from steel and weighs 28 lbs. It can support a child that weighs under 100 lbs. and that measures 32-42 inches in height. It is a single speed bike, and the braking system is located with a caliper system on the handle bars. Where it differs from regular bicycles, is that it is chainless. There is a front inflatable rubber tire, while the back tires are never flat tires. A safety flag is included. An adjustable push-bar can be purchased separately. The bike includes a 30 day limited warranty for defective parts. An additional $40 warranty can be purchased separately through ASA Products to extend the warranty to 12 months. Decals to personalize the bike are also available for purchase separately.

My Review

Scooters, ride-on toys, and bikes are very popular toys amongst the preschool age range (kids ages 3-5), especially boys. However, they are often costly, and in my opinion provide a basic user experience, as the child sits on them and pushes them forward and backward with their feet.

The Mobo Mini tricycle was the talk of our holiday party, as all of the guests who saw this bike, commented on what a "cool, durable, and high-quality bicycle this was." No-one had seen anything like it, and in a previous search for a ride-on toy to purchase for my son for the holiday season, I hadn't either.

My husband assembled the bike and was able to do so despite some distractions within 30-45 minutes. He reported that many of the bolts were attached using an allen wrench, and that the process was relatively simple.

My son had a blast taking this bike for a test spin. The only drawback for him, as he he has just turned 3, like many kids trying to navigate pedaled bikes, it was easier for him to try and move the pedals backwards than forwards. Some of this initial difficulty was compounded by the fact that he just needed to be a little taller to reach the pedals more easily so he could be stable enough to push his feet forward. We rolled up a towel and put it behind him, and this made a tremendous difference in his ability to begin to maneuver the bike, and steer it with his hands. He definitely hasn't grasped the concept of braking, so definitely provide a lot of support and supervision at first, and use a smooth, flat surface. If you are purchasing this bike for a child who is at the younger age range, I would definitely consider also buying the adjustable push handle until they the child gets the concept of how to pedal the bike. What's amazing for this type of bike, is that not only will it be passed down from one sibling to the next, but it is strong and sturdy enough to even transcend generations.

As a parent, I am a huge fan of the fact that this tricycle is chainless and includes never-flat tires. With kids, the less trouble shooting or cause for break-downs, the better. Though I have not tested this out with the special needs population, I do know that many children struggle with the ability to coordinate their balance to ride a two wheeled bike, and they should definitely consider this as an alternative. The bike is low to the ground and has a lot of stability, therefore allowing kids to focus more effectively on the steering and pedaling, without having to balance. Many parents of special needs children have also reported to me that often times having an interesting, novel looking bike has done wonders for the self-esteem of their children in these social situations. There are larger child and adult versions of this bike that include the Mobo Triton (compare prices) and the Mobo Shift (compare prices).


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