Top Modern 20th Year Anniversary Gifts -- Platinum

This year's wedding anniversary is a milestone and should be a time for celebration and reflection on the last twenty years together. Platinum is the modern material used to represent this anniversary year as it represents the strength and endurance of your marriage. Don’t forget that this is also the perfect opportunity to purchase that big ticket item or plan that dream vacation with your loved one.

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    Surprise your loved one with a platinum anniversary ring to celebrate the last twenty years together. There are many different styles and price points to choose from that will surely please your spouse!

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    Your partner will appreciate an attractive pair of cufflinks that they can wear on special occasions. There are a variety of shapes and styles to choose from so you can be sure to pick a pair that he’ll remember for years to come.

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    A camera is the perfect gift to capture the memories of the next twenty years together. This sleek compact one from Canon has wi-fi connectivity built in making it easy to transfer your photos and videos.

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    This is the perfect time to upgrade your old coffee maker to that sophisticated espresso maker your spouse has had their eye on.

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    If your spouse loves to cook at home and appreciates good cooking utensils, consider this premium 7-piece knife set. This one from Wüstof has all the essentials you need to start your kitchen knife collection, plus it comes with a 13-slot storage block so you can continue to add to your set.

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    Your bedroom should be a warm and inviting retreat for you and your partner. A great place to start is with your bed linens. Change the look and feel of your bedroom by simply updating your duvet cover to this filigree printed duvet set.

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    Time to get rid of that tired old luggage you’ve been using for the last twenty years and upgrade to a more sophisticated one. This 4-wheel spinner is lightweight and durable in addition to looking sleek in this platinum color.

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    Romantic Stay in Rome

    It’s time to break into that savings and whisk your spouse away on that romantic getaway you always dreamed of. There’s plenty to experience in Rome from the amazing cuisine to the famous art and ancients ruins. Don’t forget to bring a comfy pair of walking shoes!

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    Second Honeymoon to Maui

    Looking for a relaxing getaway to a tropical paradise? It’s hard to go wrong with a destination like Maui if you’re looking for a romance. With it’s gorgeous beaches, beautiful sunsets, and an endless list of activities (golf, hiking, snorkeling, surfing!) there is something for everyone.

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