13 Modern Home Exteriors Built for Contemporary Living

Modern home with Skillion style roof

Custom Styled Homes

We love traditional, older homes—that being said, there is nothing like a beautifully designed modern home built for contemporary living. Think clean lines, large windows, and gorgeous outdoor spaces tricked out with drought-resistant gardens or enjoyable amenities from swimming pools to outdoor decks. Even better, homes like these come in a broad range of styles and materials to suit any taste. To get the gist, behold our favorite examples of modern homes—each one is a stellar display of contemporary architecture.

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    Modern Ranch House With a European Vibe

    Modern Ranch house with a european twist
    Paige Elise Interiors

    This 4,000-square-foot, modern ranch style home is a regular gathering place for the owners' children and grandkids, according to Paige Elise Interiors. It was essential for the house to have a warm but sleek European vibe. One of the features checking off that box is the glass front entrance. It makes the abode more welcoming by bringing a bit of the outdoors inside. Stone walls are an old world touch that boosts curb appeal while providing those inside the home with privacy. No home is complete without lovely landscaping. Here drought-resistant succulents and shrubs native to the region green things up. 

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    Energy-Efficient Modern River Home

    Modern River House with pool
    Stephen B. Jacobs Group

    The best modern homes are tricked out with energy-saving features, like this gorgeous example by Stephen B. Jacobs Group. This chic abode is near the Connecticut River and the character of its surroundings was kept in mind during construction. For instance, the house takes advantage of sunny days with its main facades covered in expansive windows facing the south and west. The exterior walls are also heavily insulated to boost the home's energy efficiency. Lastly, what is the point of owning a home if you do not make the most of your outdoor space? Here, a pool is included for cooling off, and an upper deck off the primary bedroom offers stellar views of the river. 

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    Custom Modern Home Built for Everyday Living

    modern beautiful Custom home
    Custom Styled Homes

    Here is a modern Australian abode by Custom Styled Homes. The sizable windows allow sunlight to illuminate every square inch of the interior's spaces during the day. Its skillion roof, which slopes toward the back, is a classic example of contemporary architecture. The front facade combines a mashup of exteriors textures, including brickwork and siding. We adore the timber veneer front door, which mirrors the staircase shown through a second-floor window. Note the minimal landscaping punctuated by a natural stone retaining wall. It complements the home's clean lines and industrial-inspired exterior.

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    Modern Concrete Beachfront Villa Built for Flooding

    Ultramodern concrete beach house
    Glamping Hub

    Architects can get mighty creative with concrete. This modern beachfront villa shared by Glamping Hub is a pitch-perfect example. Because the structure is so close to the ocean, it was built out of concrete and other materials that stand up to flooding. Expansive windows and an adorable second level deck provide spectacular views of the water.

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    Modern Homes Built for Parties

    rear view of modern home with pool
    Custom Styled Homes

    Many modern houses are all business in the front and party in the back like this example by Custom Styled Homes. All of the rear windows have an unobstructed view of the large swimming pool. Even the glass fence around the feature is transparent. Exterior lighting boosts outdoor enjoyment without ruining the ambiance. 

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    Modern Home Made of Fair-Faced Concrete

    modern home made of concrete
    Gottesman Architecture

    A one of a kind home by Gottesman Architecture shows how beautiful minimalism can be in residential design with its use of fair-faced concrete. Notice how the house makes the most of the plot's minimal slope. Half of the property serves as a garden, as shown in the front while the other half shown on the right is reserved for a 65-foot-long swimming pool.

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    Tiny Modern Home Perfect for Outdoor Enjoyment

    Modern tiny house with roof deck
    Glamping Hub

    Tiny houses loaded with contemporary amenities may be our favorite type of modern homes. Turn your eyes to this irresistible small retreat spotted on Glamping Hub. The wee rustic-inspired abode is at one with the outdoors. Note how it merges with its surroundings thanks to a spacious roof deck with built-in LED lights and large glass sliding doors that transform the interior to an open-air room.

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    Older Home Transformed Into a Modern Dwelling

    Modern home renovation in Palisades Park
    Joshua Zinder Architecture and Design

    Older homes can be remodeled into livable modern dwellings like this former saltbox-style abode. Period houses like these are known for their pitched roofs and wooden frames. The team at Joshua Zinder Architecture and Design kept some of the exterior's nostalgic elements, like the shiplap inspired siding, which resembles wood planks. The new skillion roof not only looks modern but also creates more usable interior space. Lining walls with windows is another modern feature. Note the position of the windows on the first floor; they maximize natural light without forfeiting privacy.

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    Classic Shingle-Style Home With a Modern Twist

    Shingle Style Coastal Contemporary home in Sewickley, Pennsylvania
    Studio B Interiors, Photo by Caulin Grant

    Fans of traditional home structures will appreciate this modern twist on the classic shingle-style coastal dwelling shared by Betsy Wentz, the owner of Studio B Interior Design. Above the front entrance are windows that span two floors, illuminating the interior's foyer and staircase. Take a good look at the screened-in porch and you will notice more windows lining the first floor.

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    Rustic and Modern Vacation Home

    Modern vacation home with deck
    Stonehurst Design and Build

    The best weekend homes should feel like inviting hideaways, like this modern example by Justin Krzyston at Stonehurst Design and Build. Floor to ceiling windows shown on the left and the backside of the home open the interior to the great outdoors. Two outdoor decks and lush landscaping genuinely create an extraordinary environment perfect for relaxing. Outdoor lighting is essential to any modern residential landscape. Here, strategically placed LED lights provide a guiding glow for the walkway and decks.

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    Updated Mid-Century Modern Home

    Contemporary midcentury home
    Mr. James Judge

    The mid-century era set the tone for modern home design. So we would be remiss if we did not include a stellar example from the iconic period. This Palm Springs home was recently updated by Mr. James Judge to reflect contemporary tastes. First, the laundry room, which was located outdoors, was moved inside. Next, the yard space was expanded for outdoor living with a gas firepit. Then gating the property with a modern slat wood gate and frosted windows punched up curb appeal.

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    Modest Modern Home Built for Country Living

    modern country house
    Rising Sun Construction LLC

    Modest homes can also have a modern vibe. This contemporary country home by Rising Sun Construction has energy-efficient walls with foam insulation. A corner deck and terrace off the primary bedroom maximizes outdoor enjoyment. Both consist of weather-resistant cedar posts with durable livestock fencing.

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    Contemporary Landscaping for a Modern Ranch House

    Modern rustic home
    FormLA Landscaping

    Plants and trees that work with a modern home's good looks is a crucial ingredient for boosting home enjoyment. FormLA Landscaping created this meaningful landscape filled with plants that will thrive in this contemporary ranch house's specific region.