Modern Bathroom Decor

Arch Interiors Design Group

Bathrooms decorated in the modern style are easy to identify. They're sleek, minimal, usually white, and with a focus on lighting. Although it may appear cold to those who prefer more traditional or eclectic styles, there's no denying that the modern bathroom has a simple, minimalist appeal.

Today's modern style is inspired by the architectural and decor trends of the middle of the 20th century, from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s. However, this style has evolved with today's tastes to include materials and accessories only possible with today's technology.

Let's have a look at the materials, colors and shapes that make up a modern bathroom.

Modern bathroom materials

The modern bathroom uses natural materials. Wood and stone are typical of this type of bathroom, especially nowadays with effective sealants that protect more fragile materials against humidity.

It's not unusual to see a modern bathroom with marble, stone or wood countertops. Darker, luxury woods like teak are a popular choice as well. If budget allows, even the tub might be made of polished stone instead of the usual ceramic or porcelain.

The modern bathroom uses materials in their most natural state--not painted or stained. Let's have a look at what kinds of colors we find in this bathroom.

Modern bathroom colors

When it comes to colors, the modern bathroom is probably the simplest. White, neutrals and black are typical.

The modern bathroom avoids bright colors in favor of a harmonious style based on a neutral, natural palette. You might find shades of brown that come from natural stone or tile, but these are the most colorful options for this kind of style.

The only option for colors in the modern bathroom exists in the form of green plants--only one or two are necessary to complete the look.

Modern bathroom shapes

The shapes in the modern bathroom are straight and geometric. Sharp angles are more typical than curves, but sometimes the sharpness is softened with smooth angles. What you need to remember is that the shapes are harmonious and used throughout the space.

You'll find rectangular, rather than round, sinks and baths. They will harmonize with the rectangular floor and wall tiles, and often will harmonize in color as well.

Modern bathroom items and accessories

The modern bathroom shower stall has fully transparent doors and a stone, rather than plastic, finish. Plastic, while practical, doesn't really appear as a natural material, so it's best to avoid it. Many modern bathrooms avoid doors altogether and adopt the stepless, stall-style shower.

For bathtubs, the modern bathroom usually features a rectangular, free-standing tub. Although they take more space, free-standing tubs add a luxurious, spa-like quality to your bathroom that's difficult to achieve with the typical alcove bath. And, as a bonus, you can totally just hang your legs from both sides, instead of just one.

Modern bathrooms also sometimes use free-standing sinks, as in sinks that stand out from the countertop instead of being installed within it. These sinks are usually made of stone, but sometimes also wood. They are a luxury rather than typical option, and they come in many different shapes and materials. Usually, a shape that recalls that of the bath will work best to maintain the harmony of the room.

Towel hangers are usually out of sight and minimal, either installed in the wall or standing besides the tub. Wood is preferable to metal in this kind of bathroom, but sometimes metal is inevitable, so choose a brushed, satin-style metal instead of polished and shiny.

Don't forget to match your bathroom accessories to the materials and colors of the room overall. Natural wood or stone soap dishes and toothbrush holders will make a harmonious addition to your modern bathroom.

Simple and neutral

The rule of thumb for modern bathrooms is to keep it all simple and natural. Everything must seem harmonious and thoughtful--nothing appears out of place. Neutral color palettes and natural materials are the basic components of a well-made modern bathroom.