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Pental Surfaces
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    What Makes A Bathroom Modern?

    modern bathroom with marble
    Toth Construction

    Modern style can be mean different things to different people, but generally speaking, when we refer to modern design, some of the same ideas come together: geometrical shapes, neutral or basic colors, little to no decorative flourishes, and natural materials.

    If you're remodeling a bathroom in a modern home, you'll be inspired by some of the design ideas we've collected here. 

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    Modern Bathroom Simplicity

    This bathroom by Stephani Buchman, via Houzz has all the hallmarks of a modern design: simple geometric shapes (dominated by squares), the predominance of white with a little neutral, natural stone backsplash, and little decoration.

    The fresh flowers definitely make the room here. Not only do they add a touch of color (which you can change according to your mood), but they also make the bathroom less sterile, and more homey and welcoming. 

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    Open Modern Bathroom

    Another feature of a lot of modern-style bathrooms is an open plan, usually involving transparent glass walls around showers. This is especially good in smaller spaces, like in this bathroom by Derek Swalwell, via Bloglovin'

    This bathroom uses a "wet-room" style and definite modern elements: geometrical shapes, a monochrome color scheme, and minimal decorative elements (again, a few flowers seem to do the trick). 

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    Warm Modern Bathroom

    natural textures in a modern bathroom
    Rusal Construction

    Not all bathrooms have to be cold and sterile to be modern. Take this example, a contemporary master bathroom by Rusal Construction, via Zillow: the space is warm, inviting, welcoming.

    We still have the focus on geometrical shapes (in this case, egg-like shapes via the sink and tub), a simple color scheme (warm neutrals) and minimal decorative elements.

    This one definitely has more decoration than most, but they are simple: empty frames, paddles and candles.

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    Ultra-Modern Bathroom

    This bathroom, found on Homestratosphere may be the epitome of modern. A floating vanity makes the space look bigger, wall-sized windows make the bathroom seem like part of the landscape, and the transparent freestanding tub almost has no profile in the room.

    This bathroom definitely has "minimal footprint" in mind. Every element is chosen for its taking as little space as possible. The transparent tub definitely makes this space!

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    Glamorous Modern Bathroom

    This marble bathroom by Studio Isle uses a lot of modern decor staples, along with a touch of glam via its golden hardware and its all-marble design.

    Note how the temperature control handles for the sink are on the side, rather than on the top next to the faucet. This is an interesting choice that brings more attention to the rectangular shape that dominates this bathroom.

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    Dark Modern Bathroom

    Modern bathrooms don't always go with the white, gleaming look. Sometimes dark is also modern, as with this modern bathroom space by Bau-Fritz GmbH &Co. KG, via Houzz, that's dominated by a dark grey slate tile.

    The light wood furniture brings a needed touch of light, color, and organic feel. Notice the minimal hardware and how the shape of the sinks recalls the size of the tiles.

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    Minimalist Modern Bathroom

    Minimalism is a major feature of modern decor—and this bathroom by Jose Campos is as minimal as it gets: all white, focused on function, and without any fluff.

    This bathroom is certainly stark, but also rather serene. You can easily imagine freeing your mind from daily worries in a space that has nothing to distract you. 

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    Mid-Century Modern Bathroom

    Modern style also extends to what designers call "mid-century", which is inspired by the style of the 50s and 60s. 

    In this modern bathroom, found on Homestratosphere, it's the rounded corners of the vanity that gives this modern bathroom its mid-century vibe. The dark wood paneling contrasting the neutral beige tile also contribute to this typically mid-century modern bathroom.

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    Intriguing Modern Bathroom

    dark modern bathroom
    Pental Surfaces

    Thismodern bathroom by Pental Surfaces, via Zillow, features an interesting mix of styles, but it's definitely modern. Just have a look at the variety of geometric shapes, from the circular mirror to the cylindrical pedestal sink and triangular light fixtures. These are all contrasted by small, dark, rectangular tiles.

    The distressed wood of the floating shelf and single chair bring a touch of organic material that makes all the difference here. Definitely on the masculine side, this bathroom...MORE is a cool, intriguing exploration of modern design features.

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    Luxurious Master Modern Bathroom

    The modern style is great for small spaces, but can be striking when applied to larger areas. In this beautifully luxurious modern master bathroom by Lars Gitz Architects, you have a sofa, a double-sided fireplace and a bed of river rock for the tub.

    Of course, the predominance of white make it eminently modern, as well as the lack of decorative elements. The tile add some movement and recall the shape of the river rocks. 

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    Wet Style Modern Bathroom

    If you lack the space for both a tub and a shower, why not combine the two in the same area? This wet-room style bathroom found via Houzz, uses its space effectively that way. Note the slight incline of the tile so that water can drain. 

    Modern features include the all-over dark tile, the simple shapes of the tub and toilet, and the decorative touch via plants and flowers. 

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    Black And White Modern Bathroom

    For those who prefer more than one color, try combining black and white for a striking yet super modern contrast. In this modern bathroom by John Wheatly, black and white define the space and the shapes for a harmonious minimalist effect.

    But the most interesting thing in this bathroom is the cool geometric mosaic: are they cubes or hexagons? The tile provides visual interest and movement. 


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    Bright Modern Bathroom

    grey and yellow modern bathroom

    Remember: modern doesn't mean colorless!

    Modern bathrooms can accommodate color very well, especially if it's a single, bright shade. Yellow (like in this contemporary master bathroom) red, blue, green: as long as it's saturated and used as an accent, it will enhance your modern design.

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    Small Modern Bathroom

    This small yet mighty modern bathroom by M House features a lot of the things we've seen so far: black and white styling, clean geometrical shapes, organic decorative elements. The stool is a wonderful detail: its shape recalls the smoothness of the tub.

    The flowers on the windowsill and the cowhide rug add softness and warmth in what would otherwise be stark and minimal.