Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

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    Modern Bedroom Design Tips

    Modern Bedroom Interior
    Modern Bedroom Interior. poligonchik via

    There are many types of concepts and techniques within the Modern style that are used by designers, decorators, and architects. As an interior architect and designer, I define the modern style as the foundations invented by the fore-fathers of modernism, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier, who used function, clean lines and shapes, as well as architectural and natural elements for decoration. These modernists believed a home should be functional and everything within the home should have a purpose, including decoration, as best described by Le Corbuser, “House is a machine for living.” Here are some examples of these concepts that will help you design your modern bedroom.

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    Use Architectural Elements as Decoration

    Modern bedroom with purple bedding and rug.
    Modern bedroom idea with purple bedding and rug. Photo by virtua73 via

    This modern bedroom uses architectural elements, such as a bare concrete wall, shelves, and wood floors as its primary decoration. With accents of bright purple on the bedding, rug, and artwork, along with the white shelves, furniture, and vase, it is a perfect example of modernism at its best.

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    Incorporate All Elements of Modernism

    Modern Bedroom
    Modern Bedroom. Photo by IvanWuPl via

    This bedroom is a great example of modernism: It has architectural elements, clean lines and shapes, lots of natural light, and other simple accents—like books and vases—used as decoration. The concrete accent wall, wood floors, and steps add character to the room while keeping the concept simple, open, and functional.

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    Use Color and Simple Artwork

    Contemporary Bedroom
    Contemporary bedroom with a modern, simple elements of design. Photo by twohumans via

    This room has many modern characteristics, like clean straight lines and shapes, natural wood, and architectural elements used as decoration. The sweet wall mural of white tulips behind the head board along with the bright colors, produce a lovely and functional modern bedroom.

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    Use Recessed Lighting and Glass To Add Light and Space

    Modern Bedroom Interior
    Modern Bedroom Interior. Photo by este1112 via

    This modern bedroom uses recessed lighting within the ceiling to create more space and light. This room also flows well, because of simple decorative elements, such as the wood panel accent wall and head board, neutral color palette, and glass door and wall.

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    Use Natural Light, Bright Colors, and Wood as Decoration

    Modern bedroom with dark wood.
    Modern Bedroom with dark wood. Photo by webphotographeer via

    This bedroom is borderline eclectic-modern style, because of the different styles of furniture, such as a modern inspired bed with a vintage side table. This room uses dark wood panels, trim, flooring and furniture as its main decorative elements, but lightened with color and other textiles.

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    Use Natural Wood and Light as Decoration

    Modern bedroom with simple natural elements.
    Modern bedroom photo idea with simple natural elements. Photo by virtua73 via

    This modern bedroom uses natural wood on the wall and floor, a crimson red accent wall, and natural light as its main decoration. The glass globe lamp shade used in this bedroom enhances the natural light, while the furniture creates the clean lines and shapes that are known in modernism.

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    Use Color and Simple Decorative Elements

    Green contemporary/modern bedroom.
    Contemporary Bedroom design using the color green and bright accents. Photo by phiseksit via

    This modern bedroom uses simple elements of decoration with color and furniture. The bright green accent wall and bedding add color, while keeping the room simple and modern. A touch of warm bright colors within the lamp shade, along with a fun motif behind the head board, adds more of a contemporary element, while creating character and interest.

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    Use Color as a Focal Point

    Modern bedroom interior using several shades of pink.
    Modern bedroom interior using several shades of pink. Photo by XtravaganT via

    Color is vital when decorating your bedroom or any room in your home. Choosing the right color can be cumbersome and intimidating, especially if you have to live with the color for a while. In modern bedrooms any color, hue, or shade can be used, whether you decide to incorporate pastels, bright, or neutral colors, try to be selective where you place your color selections. For example, this modern bedroom uses a monochromatic color scheme within the furniture and bedding as its main decoration.

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    Don't Forget to Design a Soothing Bedroom

    Soothing modern bedroom interior.
    A soothing modern bedroom interior. Photo by Mihalis A. via

    Sometimes modern bedrooms can seem too cold or uncomfortable, which is why some folks do not like this style. When designing your bedroom try to incorporate elements that will help promote better sleep and comfort, such as soft lighting, plush bedding, and a comfortable mattress. This bedroom is a perfect example of using light fixtures, an area rug, window treatments, and bedding to soften up this modern room.