Modern Carpeted Staircases

Patterned Carpet With Recessed Lighting

modern stair carpet with lights
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Many people think of carpeting as being outdated. Hardwood stairs are coveted, and many do-it-yourselfers will even overlook the slipping hazard they pose to achieve the most modern look. However, the photos in this collection show that carpet on stairs can be just as modern and elegant as hardwood and that opting for comfort and safety doesn't have to mean compromising on style.

One way to do this is with stairs that lead down to an open entertaining area. Carpet featuring a rope pattern reminiscent of a cable knit in a soft neutral tone provides a beautiful contrast to dark wood. Adding recessed lighting on the risers helps create a very elegant, modern space.

Contemporary Basketweave Pattern

modern stair carpet glass rail
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Another option is a staircase featuring a glass panel instead of traditional railing pickets as well as an elegant basket weave patterned carpet. The carpet is fully installed on the upper stairs, which are box stairs—going wall-to-wall. On the lower stairs, which are open on the side—known as cap stairs—the carpet is fully installed against the wall and finished as a runner on the outer edge to showcase the wood.

Simple Carpet Runner With Chrome Rods

modern stair runner on light wood
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There is nothing old-fashioned about a staircase featuring clean lines and an open, airy feeling. The carpet is simple and unadorned, adding to the minimalist feeling. It is installed as a runner in the waterfall style, meaning the carpet does not contour the edge of the stairs but comes straight down to meet the next tread, and features decorative stair rods in a chrome finish that mirrors the clips on the glass panes.

Purple Stair Carpet in Ultra-Modern Home

modern home purple stair carpet
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Deep purple carpet adds a vivid pop of color to this ultra-modern space and proves that carpet doesn't always have to be a neutral tone. The bold color has a dramatic impact on the space. Choosing carpet color can be challenging because it can be difficult to visualize how color will look in a large space by judging from a tiny swatch. The key is looking at items that are near the carpet, such as paint color, furniture, and even decorations.

Soft Neutral Monotone With Berber Stair Carpet

modern stair carpet monotone neutral
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In contrast to eye-popping color, Berber carpet creates a soft, muted tone that blends seamlessly with the rest of the decor. Berber is a versatile carpet style that can work in many types of decor. While it was once thought of only for basement recreation rooms and home offices, it is now a popular choice for all areas of the home. Monotone—but not monotonous—color schemes in contemporary neutrals provide a modern, relaxed feel.

Carpet Installed on Angled Staircase

modern angled staircase with berber carpet
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A blend of rustic wooden newel posts with modern pickets and contemporary carpeting works well. A solid-color carpet with no pattern is a good choice on angled stairs; using a patterned carpet would have made the wider stairs at the bottom look out of place. Speaking of carpet blends, there are quite a few things to consider when choosing carpet, including face weight, density, and even fiber twist.

Updating a Staircase in an Older Home

modern upgrade to older staircase
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Modernizing the staircase in an older home doesn't have to involve a big, expensive renovation. You can do it simply by painting wood stairs, posts and even old hardwood floors, and then installing a contemporary Berber carpet runner on the stairs. This provides a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to give your older home a makeover.

Leaf-Print Partial Carpet Runner

modern patterned carpet on stairs
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A tone-on-tone leaf print on carpet makes stairs stand out without taking away from the other elements in the home. You can install carpet as a partial runner—fully installed against the wall but finished as a runner on the outer edge of the stairs. Before you start, it's well worth taking a look at various options for carpet finishing, including binding, serging, and finging. In general, geometric carpet patterns are tricky to install on stairs, but if you install them carefully, the effect can be striking.