7 Modern Ceramicists That We Are Falling For

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    Ceramics are taking on a new vibe in interior design. While the word "ceramic" may have you thinking of traditional accessories that your parents have now stored in the basement, and even some old cookware, we've moved far beyond the ceramics of yesteryear. Today, there is a new crop of ceramicists who are starting exciting new traditions. Beyond the old and stuffy, these designers are presenting ceramics in a whole new light. Offering innovative shapes, new colorways and unique patterns, here are seven modern ceramicists whose work you'll want to get to know.

    Italian design company, Studiopepe is known for their incredible aesthetic and installations. The design studio also has a way with product design, creating some absolutely stunning accessories for the home. Their Kora Vases are bold, ceramic sculptures with a unique shape. The vibrant hues make these ceramic vases thoroughly modern, sporting shades of neon yellow, bright coral and teal.

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    Leah Jackson

    Ready to have some fun? Look no further than the off the wall designs of Australian ceramicist, Leah Jackson. With patterns and colorways that are reminiscent of the 1980s, Jackson's collection of cups and plates offers some serious throwback style. We love the pop of color presented in everything this designer creates. From pastel pink to sunny yellow, this is one smile-inducing collection of modern ceramics.

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    Founded in 2000, Danish brand Bloomingville is all about celebrating modern Scandinavian style. The company has a love of the handmade, offering a variety of artisan products, including their own line of ceramics. Pieces like this pretty-in-pastel collection of ceramic cups caught our eye when we visited the site of this European brand. In a variety of hues and textures these modern ceramic cups and mugs would elevate your regularly scheduled brunch or dinner to something truly special.

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    Suite One Studio

    Every week Lindsay Emory of Suite One Studio stocks her shop with her gorgeous handmade dinnerware. The North Carolina ceramicist had a desire to make mealtimes more beautiful. With that vision in mind, she launched the Suite One Studio brand, creating small runs of chic plates and server ware. Painted with her very own colorful glaze, each of Lindsay's designs is finished in a saturated hue. The finished products make the dinner table absolutely shine.


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    Tactile Matter

    We are absolutely head over heels in love with the work of ceramicist Kenesha Sneed. The Los Angeles artisan is the woman behind Tactile Matter. The brand is known for Sneed's signature stoneware ceramics that are the epitome of west coast cool. In fact, it's Sneed's west coast roots that inspire her design aesthetic. Born and raised in Southern California she pulls upon both her dessert and coastal roots to infuse her ceramics with nature-inspired designs. Mugs featuring illustrations of cacti, cups inspired by warm sunsets and pots with a sunny exterior can all be found in her collection. We love the completely LA aesthetic of this hand-crafted collection.

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    Studio Arhoj

    Studio Arhoj is a Danish interior design and ceramics studio located in Copenhagen. Originally founded in Tokyo in 2006, Studio Arhoj beautifully blends the cultural aesthetics of Japanese and Scandinavian style in its designs. With a stated focus on form, Studio Arhoj ceramics take on unique shapes. We love the organic nature of their designs and the mix of colors that are used. With a focus on experimentation with their work as ceramicists, at Studio Arhoj the true focus is on creativity, and creating unique forms with the potter's wheel.

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    Arrow + Sage

    Anna Eaves is the designer and ceramicist behind the brand Arrow + Sage. Eaves, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, goes beyond the potter's wheel, forming her pieces by hand to create an organic shape. The self-taught potter was inspired by her mother who instructed her at an early age. Eaves' organic dinnerware is among our favorite. Her splattered plates and subdued color palette leave us intrigued. Each hand formed plate and cup takes on such a beautiful shape. A master at shades you don't see often in ceramics, like deep indigo and jet black, we love the depth presented in each of this ceramicist's pieces.