21 Modern Christmas Decor Ideas

DIY Christmas wreath

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If decorating for the holidays brings you as much joy as buying a new mid-century couch or shopping for beautiful watercolor wallpaper, it's time to bring your Christmas decorations up to par with the rest of your decor tastes. While we will always have a soft place in our hearts for classic Christmas decor, this year we're all about a fresh new take on holiday wreaths, centerpieces, and mantles. Modern Christmas decor is all about simplicity, understatement and beauty (think: Scandinavian style). 

If you're looking for ideas to upgrade your Christmas decor, we've rounded up our favorite modern looks you can use in your own home this year. 

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    A Simple, Gorgeous Wreath

    a modern wreath
    treasures & travels

    Retire your pine wreath and pick a different evergreen this year. This chic wreath from Treasures and Travels uses eucalyptus and dried berries to create a toned-down take on a holiday classic. This year, think simple and elegant instead of over the top. We love how understated (yet beautiful) this wreath is - and you can make it in an afternoon. 

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    Go Mini

    mini christmas trees
    Say Yes

    While a large, statement-worthy Christmas tree is a necessity, why not add a few charming miniature trees to your mantel and tables? We love these quaint trees from Say Yes made from pine scraps and tree stumps. Gather a few branches from your Christmas tree, a couple of birch stumps and a glue gun, and you'll have a charming display for any corner of your home. 

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    A Glam Ornament Upgrade

    a wood gold diamond ornament
    A Beautiful Mess

    Modern decor doesn't have to be minimalist and stark. This glam wooden diamond ornament from A Beautiful Mess is an upgraded, fun DIY that will take your tree into the new year. Metallics are very trendy in the decor world right now, and gold has always been a Christmas mainstay, so we love this updated twist that incorporates festivity and glam. 

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    Hang Multiple Simple Wreaths

    hanging wreaths
    joythebaker via Pinterest

    Now that you've left those outdated wire-and-evergreen wreathes behind, combine a handful of simple wreaths to really set the tone. Hang three to five variously sized greenery and birch wreaths on a branch next to a dining table or a buffet for a contemporary way to add cheer this holiday. 

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    A Neutral, Beaded Garland Idea

    beaded garland for mantle
    Oleander + Palm

    This vintage beaded garland is the perfect accompaniment to that mid-century couch you splurged on. Once you've got the basics of a good fireplace mantel down, this understated garland from Oleander + Palm will take it to the next level. Pair this garland with greenery for a gloriously modern look. 

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    Whimsical and Wooden Christmas Trees

    Mini wooden christmas trees
    Suger & Cloth

    Here's another way to miniaturize your Christmas tree. This adorable display from Sugar & Cloth uses wooden blocks and paint to make an easy, Nordic-inspired DIY. The mint green and gold in this example are very trendy, but you can mix and match whatever colors you like. 

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    A Fresh Ornament

    Greenery in ornaments

    It's no secret - greenery is trendy in a big way. In part thanks to Pantone, plants like eucalyptus and ivy are having their moment. Jump on the greenery bandwagon with these simple, fresh ornaments from Bloglovin'. All you need are a few empty plastic ornament bulbs and some fresh boxwood or fern to copy this beautiful DIY. 

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    Upgrade Your Tree Stand

    A modern christmas tree in a basket
    The Merry Thought

    Tree stands are functional and necessary, but it's time to ditch that old rusted green and red stand you've had since 1970. Rather than using a traditional stand, why not update your tree with a simple basket? This cozy tree stand from The Merry Thought is best used on smaller trees (4 ft and under), and is a lovely way to avoid using a dated tree skirt to cover an unsightly stand.

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    A Simple DIY Napkin

    Cinnamon stick in napkin holder
    Cindy | Hungry Girl Por Vida Cindy via Pinterest

    When picking out your table accessories, think twine, burlap, and greenery. This simple place setting uses linen napkins (upgrading dingy napkins is an easy way to keep this look clean and modern), a few sprigs of pine and a fresh cinnamon stick. Bonus: your table will smell great, even before the turkey comes out. 

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    Welcome the Winter Solstice

    dried orange garland
    Kelly Brown Photographer

    Drying oranges and other fruits for the holiday is a Victorian Christmas tradition that looks incredibly chic in a modern household. Plus, according to Feng Shui experts, dried oranges ward off back luck and cleanse a home in the New Year. We adore this simple orange garland from Kelly Brown Photographer that you could recreate with dried cranberries, lemons or rosemary to create a colorful (and delicious) look this holiday. 

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    Keep it Monochromatic

    trees under glass domes
    The Chronicles of Home

    Another hallmark of modern decor is the monochrome palette; think clean, deliberate usage of a single color scheme. This Christmas, update your look without buying new decorations simply by keeping each display harmonious in color, like this metallic look from The Chronicles of Home

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    A Classy Chair Decoration

    modern chair decoration
    Shades of Blue Interiors

    You may think chair decorations are for weddings, but this charming chalkboard idea from Shades of Blue Interiors is a great way to keep the peace at big family gatherings. String some greenery (are you sensing a theme yet?) around a simple chalkboard and make it easier for Aunt Mildred to find her seat this year. 

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    Ditch the Antiquated Wreaths

    A gold, modern wreath
    Sugar and Charm

    This year, ditch the faux wired evergreens and try a simple gold wreath. This lovely and elegant wreath from Sugar and Charm is unexpected in all the best ways. Pick up a gold hoop from a craft store (if you can't find gold, a wooden embroidery hoop also works), attach a few pine cones (bonus points for gold painted pine cones) and fir sprigs with floral wire, and you'll never miss that dusty evergreen wreath. 

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    A Birch Vase

    Birch tree vase
    Julie Blanner

    Designer Julie Blanner ditched the Christmas poinsettias for a neutral birch tree look. If you can't find branches with berries, a few plain branches intertwined with sprigs of eucalyptus would work beautifully for any holiday setting. 

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    Incorporate Copper

    a copper candlestick holder
    Sari Vauhkala via Pinterest

    Copper is another trendy modern material that works well in any home. Ditch the Santa-themed candlesticks and add a copper piping candlestick holder to your dinner table for a chic and easy transformation. 

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    A Mid-Century Modern Inspiration

    christmas tree wooden frames
    Homey Oh My

    These mid-century inspired Christmas trees from Homey Oh My are the perfect way to incorporate Scandinavian-inspired decor into your home and create a cozy, inviting space. We love the stark balsa wood that keeps things simple and fresh. Take this look to the next level by adding a few of those gorgeous greenery ornaments from Bloglovin'.

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    A Simple DIY Stocking

    grey stockings
    Fynes Designs

    Your stockings stand as a focal point for your Christmas living room, so it's important to keep them updated and fresh. These monochromatic and cozy polka dot stockings from Fynes Designs offer a welcome change to the typical felt and cartoon stockings of our childhoods. 

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    Incorporate Some Gold Leaf

    gold and teal ornaments
    The Sweetest Occasion

    Gold decor is everywhere right now - and for good reason - it's an easy way to add a bit of glam (and good Feng Shui) to any space. Gold leaf a few ornaments for a beautiful, trendy tree. 

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    A Simple Paper Banner

    banners for christmas
    Awakened by Sunrise via Tumblr

    Christmas lights are great, but why not spice things up by stringing some whimsical paper banners instead? This vintage-inspired look can be DIYed to your own tastes, just make sure to pick deep, solid hues like hunter green or maroon to keep the banner feeling mature and sophisticated. 

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    A Striking New Chandelier

    hanging ornaments on a branch
    Valentina Fussell via Pinterest

    This year, bring nature inside by decorating with twigs and branches. This awe-inspiring ornament chandelier is incredibly cheap to DIY and transforms any space into a winter wonderland. Hang it over a table, a day bed or in a foyer. 

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    A Fun, Modern Christmas Tree

    a tree made from wooden dowels
    Vintage Revivals

    We love a fresh-cut Christmas tree as much as the next guy, but this Nordic-inspired tree from Vintage Revivals is a lovely modern idea for a small space. It's an easy DIY made with wooden dowels - add a few vintage ornaments, and voilà!