25 Modern Closets That Will Fill You With Closet Envy

glass pendant light

LA Closet Design

Whether you're a major clotheshorse or more of a minimalist, it's likely you can appreciate the power of a good walk-in closet that features ample storage and modern accents. If you're in the process of designing a new closet or just need some motivation to reorganize yours, we have no doubt that the 25 modern closets below will inspire you—and maybe they'll fill you with a bit of envy, too.

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    Hang It Up

    hooks in closet

    RJohnston Interiors

    A row of long hooks in this closet makes it easy to lay outfits for the next day—or even for the whole week!

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    Marble Touch

    marble closet island

    Kim Armstrong

    If your closet features an island, opt for a marble top. Marble is a timeless material, so it makes for a worthwhile investment, as it will never go out of style. Get more trendy with things like curtains and decorative pieces that are easier and more affordable to swap out down the line.

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    Clear and Simple

    sleek minimal closet

    LA Closet Design

    If your closet is super small, keep it nice and sleek. Pare down your belongings and keep only the clothes that mean the most to you. Opt for glass walls and a simple clothing rack for hanging items. Keep accessories neutral and to a minimum so that the area doesn't feel cluttered.

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    Shoe Station

    modern shoe storage

    LA Closet Design

    Keep shoes out on display but place them so that there is breathing room between each pair. This will allow you to more quickly locate the shoes you are looking for while ensuring that each pair retains its shape and doesn't get scuffed up or bent.

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    Mirror, Mirror

    glass and mirrors in closet

    LA Closet Design

    Mirrors and glass shelving will make your closet—whether large or small—feel like a special boutique. Mirrors will also make a space feel bigger and are of course necessary for perfecting your look before heading out the door or snapping that post-worthy outfit selfie.

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    Light the Way

    glass pendant light

    LA Closet Design

    Don't forget to glam it up with lighting! There's no such thing as a fixture that's too over the top if you prefer a glitzy style. This pendant light essentially doubles as art.

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    Pretty Purses

    handbag wall in closet

    LA Closet Design

    Gone are the days of stashing handbags in plastic bins. If you value your purses, allow them to take center stage in your closet. Handbags are also a great way to add color to your closet—these truly brighten up this all-white space.

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    Kid Friendly

    kids closet

    LA Closet Design

    Kids' closets can look extra chic, too. Make it easy for young ones to access their belongings by installing wall hooks—which may also encourage kids to put things away at the end of the day.

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    Sitting Pretty

    accent chair in closet

    LA Closet Design

    If space allows, adding an accent chair to your closet will make the getting ready experience feel more comfortable and luxurious. It also makes it easier to slip on shoes and will be a valuable surface for setting down handbags and accessories. Choosing a piece that can be moved around the space as needed is even more beneficial.

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    Hanger Hack

    closet with matching hangers

    LA Closet Design

    To keep your closet looking well-organized and high end, opt for corresponding sets of hangers. Toss the freebie wire hangers from the dry cleaners and invest in some that will hold your clothes securely and make you feel excited to put away your laundry. All-white hangers are generally a no-fail option.

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    Petite Table

    side table in closet

    LA Closet Design

    Once again, we see a beautiful accent chair stationed in a walk-in closet. Including a small side table will add design flair to your closet and will make getting ready for an event feel like a special experience, even if you're simply preparing to head to work. A table also makes it easy to sip coffee or even a cocktail while dressing without worrying about spills.

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    Matching in Brass

    brass light fixture and curtain rods

    LA Closet Design

    In a luxe closet, no detail is left unaccounted for. This brass light fixture matches the closet's hanging rods and keeps the space looking ultra cohesive.

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    Chic Ceiling

    wallpapered closet ceiling

    LA Closet Design

    Wallpapering the ceiling is an easy way to add pizzazz to a closet and keep the design from looking too bold while still having some fun. Whether you opt for removable wallpaper or something permanent is up to you, but this is most definitely a renter-friendly hack, too.

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    Crisp and Curated

    all-white closet

    LA Closet Design

    In this industrial style closet, all-white features reign supreme. A white ottoman doubles as an island and valuable seating.

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    Warm Wood

    woven rug in masculine closet

    LA Closet Design

    A woven rug warms up this closet and complements the wood tones beautifully. Adding touches such as a throw rug will make your closet feel well-decorated and as welcoming as any other room of the house.

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    Happy Hooks

    acrylic jewelry holders

    Brighton Butler

    Acrylic, wall-mounted jewelry holders make it easy to keep track of baubles (and keep chains untangled) without interfering with a modern closet's sleek design. They also take up super minimal wall space.

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    Creative Cloches

    jewelry storage in closet

    Caitlin Covington

    Storing jewelry under cloches is also an elegant way to keep special pieces safe while adding decorative touches to your closet. If your style leans glam, this is an especially excellent look.

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    Color and Charm

    bright color artwork

    Albertina Cisneros

    By no means does a modern closet have to be devoid of color. If you love bright hues, embrace them! Hanging artwork is an excellent way to add color and personality to your getting ready space.

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    Stacking Sweaters

    acrylic sweater bins

    Amy Littleson

    Yes, there is a chic, modern way to store bulky sweaters. Folding them and placing them inside acrylic bins makes it easy to keep track of favorite outfits while ensuring stacks don't topple down.

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    Minimalist Seating

    ghost chair in closet

    Erin Spain

    Acrylic touches are also excellent for instances in which you don't want a piece to take up much visual space. A ghost chair provides useful seating without disrupting this closet's aesthetic.

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    Personal Flair

    personal accents in closet

    Saj Mack

    While a closet is designed to be functional, personal touches like small decorative accents are certainly welcome. This closet features quite a few and they blend with the owner's attire perfectly.

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    Gathering Space

    seating area in closet

    RJohnston Interiors

    The closet can also be a great place to sneak away for some peace and quiet. If you have space to set up a little reading nook or a space to take calls, go for it.

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    Hanging Hats

    hat hooks in closet

    Jesse Coulter

    A hat wall makes it easy to store caps and other hanging items so that they're easy to grab when heading out the door. Who needs wall art when you can gaze at all of your favorite accessories?

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    Tidy Toys

    kids closet storage

    Curated Nest

    Kids' closets don't have to be used solely to store clothes. They also make for great toy storage and you can easily upgrade a small space to fit more belongings with simple additions such as wall shelves that adhere to the back of a door, as seen here.

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    Dual Purpose

    closet and bathroom combo

    Frank Lynen for Olga Hanono

    This closet-bathroom combo is something we don't see as often, but the space is designed to be ultra functional and pretty. A vanity in the corner ensures that the main sink area won't get cluttered with makeup products and helps bridge the gap between these two distinct types of spaces.