Modern Cross Stitch Designers

From family friendly to risque: the latest modern cross stitch designers.

Cross stitch is big again. There are artists creating patterns from traditional to more contemporary to naughty. No matter what your style is, there is a designer out there that represents you.  Everywhere you turn there are many great websites that feature up and coming cross stitch stars. Each one of them have their own personal style that can range from family friendly to not suitable for work. Below is a small sampling of the most fun and best cross stitch designers on the internet. Have fun...MORE checking them out and supporting them. 

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    Rebecca  at Hugs are Fun is so much fun! Her infectious positive attitude and adorable free patterns will have you hooked in no time. Her patterns are full of vibrant colors and fun images.She does have an Etsy shop and can be found on Pinterest. Check out her site on Fridays for Free Pattern Friday.  She also creates other crafty projects. She does it all! 

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    Are you a fan of the  artwork that Mary Blair did for Disney. It is full of color, happiness and wonderful shapes. If you've ever been on the It's a Small World ride, you have had a sampling of Mary's design skills. Jody Rice of Satsuma Street reminds me very much of Mary Blair. Her cross stitch patterns of different cities and people just scream happy. As a matter of fact, she proudly uses the phrase, "Cross stitch for Happy People," and you should firmly believe that. Some...MORE the favorites of her's are the Mermaid Lagoon and Arcadia. You can find her patterns, for a reasonable price,  at her Etsy shop.   She is putting out new material all the time, including patterns for the holidays. 

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     Wee Little Stitches has been around for some time but that doesn't mean that they are old and tired. Just the opposite! They continuously create new pop culture patterns. Their little pixulated people have caught on like wildfire and there is no end in sight. They can even create a personalized pattern of your family on the Etsy storefront. Their website has free patterns as well as tutorials for creating the perfect stitch. They are constantly refreshing their inventory and patterns to...MORE keep up with pop culture. Make sure you check out their blog and social media pages for sales. 

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     No one can take an every day item and make it look so cute like the Tiny Modernist can. Her samplers are adorable. They incorporate a whimsical aspect to them that carries you away into the pattern itself. Her website includes several informative tutorials such as how to finish up your project and she also includes free patterns. Cheryl from the Tiny Modernist has a true love of cross stitch and wants to share it with all of you. She also creates patterns for various cultures. How can vikings...MORE be so cute? You can find her on social media and on Etsy. She also creates seasonal patterns for the holidays. 

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    Nerdy Little Stitcher

     Nerdy Little Stitcher does an excellent play on words with her cross stitch patterns. They run from silly to a little cheeky, but they are always hysterical. How can you be mad at a naughty saying when there is a cute little face behind it? You can find her on Facebook and her patterns on her Etsy. If you are looking for a bit of sass, Nerdy Little Stitcher is your go to cross stitch pattern creator. She makes naughty too cute! 

These are just a few of the wonderful cross stitch artist who are setting trends in the stitching world. They create their own style and play by their own rules, not being tied down to the conventional way of thinking. They have taken a craft that has been aimed at the older set and made it hip and modern. This is just a tip of the iceberg for cross stitch creators. Get out there an explore a new world and new designers.