19 Ideas for Creating a Modern Dining Room

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    A Gray and White Palette

    modern dining room and kitchen with blown glass chandelier
    Leslie_kayk/ Twenty20

    What does modern mean to you? It can mean a dining room decorated with vintage midcentury modern furniture, sleek contemporary designs, or a blend of styles for a fresh and updated look. Whatever your definition, there's plenty of inspiration here. In this dining room, finding the vintage table and chair set was just the start of the decorating fun. The right light fixture finishes the dining area. A grouping of seven smokey gray glass pendant fixtures seems to float above the sleek wood table and gray dining chairs. The white backdrop makes the gray tones pop.

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    A Modern Geometric

    Dining room with lush beni orain rug
    Home & Living Decor

    This white Beni Ourain rug has a striking black geometric pattern giving this dining room its contemporary look. A geometric pattern on a rug brings visual interest into the space. Yet the look is clean and bold, and not fussy. The lines of this rug are simple, so the eye sees the room as uncluttered. The entire dining room set is on the area rug, which makes the mostly white space seem warm, inviting, and cozy rather than stark and cold.

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    Modern Meets Traditional

    The traditional wallpaper and dining room furniture set the stage for the show-stopping contemporary bubble chandelier. Though the dining space appears dark and moody, the modern light fixture lifts the mood of the room with its fun, yet ethereal look. The bulbs on the top of the fixture shine down through the layers of glass spheres to create a sparkling, diffused lighting effect.

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    A Sculpted Dining Room

    This dining room is designed around sculpted wood forms to give the space its modern appeal. The wood embellishes the space from the ceiling to the table and chairs. A large bear-like wooden sculpture, the array of warm wood tones throughout the space, and the bubble chandelier of raining glass spheres evokes a sense of nature. 

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    A Modern Art Dining Gallery

    Dining room with large pendant lights
    Roo Home

    The lighting in this black-and-white dining room takes on an entirely new role as modern art. Two giant circular pendant lamps hang over the table and steal the show. As a final touch, several of the dining chairs are sporting the same wire-mesh construction style as the pendants.

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    A Modern Vintage Dining Space

    Modern black and white dining room with silver tiled ceiling
    Stranded Wind Home Inspiration

    The classic shine of an ornate silver tin ceiling reflects the contemporary dining room below. The chandelier blends whimsy and tradition and bridges the vintage and modern styles. The crisp, clean mirror-like finish of the tin ceiling is in line with the rest of the contemporary space.

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    Vintage Sputnik Style

    Warm contemporary dining room
    Residence Style

    Every inch of this small, but distinctive dining room is filled with something that evokes vintage or timeless design. A cow skin area rug with enduring style is topped by a glass table with classic lines. Look closely at the table's wood base. The angularity of the wood mimics the direction of the sticks on the vintage midcentury modern sputnik-style light fixture above the table. 

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    A Modern Gallery Wall

    Dining rooms are perfect places for displaying large pieces of artwork. This dining room has a gallery wall filled with just four large, bold pieces. The artwork fits into the color story of the contemporary room, matching the color of the chairs perfectly.

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    A Dining Room Filled With Icons

    Modern dining room with hanging text wall art
    Interior Junkie

    If you're looking for unique artwork for your midcentury modern dining room, make a statement by framing quotes from pop art icons from the 1960s, such as Andy Warhol. The crisp white dining space is also accentuated with molded plastic and fiberglass shell chair, also known as the Eiffel-style chair, which was originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 1950s.

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    Eclectic With a European Flair

    Color is the key to every memorable dining room space, and this room delivers. The white table and walls create an ideal, uncluttered canvas for these dining chairs. The vintage European-style side chairs, used as dining room seating, are covered with colorful velvet upholstery for a chic, updated look. 

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    Fresh and Functional

    This modern dining area shares the living room space. It's the perfect area to dine, do homework, catch up on work, or finish up a crafting project. Instead of being cluttered from its many uses, the dining room is functional, organized, and streamlined. Large walls display a personal collection of artwork. Shelving along the bottom of the wall stores books and small decorative art objects that add character to the dining room. 

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    Metallic Touches

    A few metallic touches in a dining room can add an updated sparkle to the space. In this dining room, copper pendant lights bring a subtle warm metallic tone over the wood table. The addition of a crisp, bold white lacquered credenza also adds a refreshing and chic vintage look to a dining room that's dominated by a dark blue wall and gray upholstered seating.

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    Chic Marble and Brass

    Metal and stone elevate this already elegant dining room designed in shades of gray. The marble dining tabletop and fireplace surround complement the stone floors. The chandelier is the star of the dining space. The circular chandelier is designed with a layer of brass and crystal that brightens up the neutral palette.

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    Open and Airy

    Enclosed dining room in an open plan space
    Magnolia Market

    Create a designated dining nook by using sliding glass walls on a mounted track. The midcentury modern armless dining room chairs with barely-there legs help the small space feel larger, open, and airy. The iconic sputnik-style chandelier that seems to be floating above the table keeps the vintage vibe in the room. 

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    Sleek and Monochromatic

    Neutrals in this monochromatic contemporary dining room look sophisticated and fresh thanks to subtle color, patterns, and shapes. The taupe and gray space is vibrant in its appearance because of the sleek and shapely furniture and accessories. Tone-on-tone patterns make the room gently buzz with visual interest, too. That's because the upholstery pattern closely matches the textured artwork above on the credenza.

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    Modern Banquette Seating

    Most designers either love or hate banquette seating in a kitchen or dining area. But everyone agrees it adds oodles of seating space in sometimes cramped quarters. In this dining nook, the banquette seating arrangement is updated with a clean and polished look that seemingly blends into the wall. The addition of handsome toss pillows with contemporary patterning keeps the space intimate and cozy. 

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    Better at the Beach

    This casual dining spot has a fresh seaside vibe in shades of blue. The vintage metal chairs are topped with dark blue pads that match the banquette seat. The bubble chandelier brings a midcentury modern feel to the room, blending beautifully with the classic coastal cottage palette and architectural detailing on the walls. 

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    Modern Twists and Turns

    Dining room with geometric rug and wall art
    Interior Home Designs

    A dining room full of geometric patterns add loads of visual texture to this fun space. From the bentwood chair frames, sculpted table base, and intersected hanging picture frames, this room is a modern take on angles. The white lacquered buffet table on splayed legs is a vintage style piece that mingles beautifully with the design of the dining room chairs.

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    Industrial Chic

    Freshen up your dining room with a colorful table. The bright green table in this dining area makes a statement with its burst of color. It stands out in this streamlined, clutter-free eating area thanks to muted, darkened tones throughout the rest of the industrial chic-style space.