15 Modern Dining Room Ideas

modern dining room

The Spruce / Sophia Reay

The phrase "formal dining room" often elicits images of stuffy, traditional dining spaces fit for fancy events only. But a dining room doesn't have to feel formal to be formal. Modern dining spaces are just as classy and alluring as traditional dining rooms, but a little more approachable.

Whether you're into the Mid-century modern look, or you want to opt for something even more contemporary, the streamlined look and feel of a modern dining room is a great way to give your space an updated, refreshing vibe.

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    Add Modern Art

    Modern dining room with an abstract art piece

    Instagram / johanna_reynolds

    Take a cue from this beautiful modern space and add a vibrant piece of modern art, like this one from johanna_reynolds, to create a finished, purposeful look in your dining room. Modern furniture is often comprised of stark lines and sleek angles, which could make a room feel stark and cold. But by adding a pop of color with an oversized piece of art, you can create a warmer, cozier look while maintaining a contemporary tone. 

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    Go for Graphics

    Modern dining room with yellow chairs

    Instagram / kcharlottephoto

    This stunning dining room from kcharlottephoto features soft yellow chairs, an eye-catching modern chandelier, and a stunning graphic rug to tie the whole look together. While modern can mean a lot of different things to different people, we think decorating in a modern style gives you a little more freedom to experiment with bolder colors and designs that won't clash with the furniture. 

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    Keep it Simple

    Modern dining room

    Instagram / lily_atno3

    On the other hand, this modern dining space from lily_atno3 proves that with the right furniture, you can still keep your space simple and minimalist in approach without it feeling stark or unfinished. When opting for a simple, modern look, pick a dining room paint color that will add dimension to the space and play well with your table and chairs. 

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    Chic and Elegant

    Modern dining room with clear chairs

    Instagram / easyinterieur

    This dining room from easyinterieur takes is a chic, feminine take on modern style. We love the ghost chairs and gold finishes that give it a glam look and feel. When adding gold accents to your dining space, keep the rest of the space muted with whites, beiges or soft pinks to avoid creating a stuffy atmosphere.

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    Pick Statement Pieces

    Dining room with blue and gold chairs
    Instagram / meinhausstaging

    Contemporary design often features a mix of neutral and bold colors and deliberate use of textures and statement-making materials. We love this dining room from meinhausstaging, which features deep blue chairs with a gold metal finish, plus an eye-catching chandelier. 

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    Eclectic and Unique

    Dining room with a bench seat and neutral colors

    Instagram / beckybratt

    This dining nook from beckybratt is filled with personalization and elegance. The muted bench cushion gives it a modern cafe vibe while the square gold light fixture offers a touch of the contemporary. We love mixing different elements of modern style to create a space that feels purposeful and personal. 

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    A Contemporary and Formal Dining Space

    Dining table with blue chairs and a gold bookcase

    Instagram / gregnatale

    This oversized dining room from gregnatale proves that modern, contemporary design can still feel formal. We love the use of bold blue chairs and the metallic gold bookshelf that doubles as an art display. If you have the space, a dining room is a lovely place to showcase your favorite pieces and to provide more visual interest. 

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    Bold Textured Wallpaper

    Dining room with black and white wallpaper

    Instagram / ​rachaelsdrealtor

    A dining room is a great place to experiment with bold wallpaper, as seen in this space from rachaelsdrealtor. We can't get enough of this textured look, which is endlessly interesting and unique. By maintaining a fairly simple color palette, the designer is able to experiment with unique patterns and accents without overwhelming the space. 

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    Open Concept Modern Dining Space

    Dining room with black chairs

    Instagram / experimentingwithdecor

    If you have an open concept floor plan, a modern dining room is a great choice as it can create a seamless flow from dining to living space. We love this modern look from experimentingwithdecor that features a neutral wood table paired with contrasting black chairs. When you opt for simple modern furniture, a contrasting color palette can add enough visual interest to keep the space warm and welcoming. 

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    A Mix of Modern and Traditional

    Dining room with teal chairs

    Instagram / revivalroom

    This lovely dining space from revivalroom features a table with traditional flourishes paired with modern accents, such as these bold teal dining chairs and the industrial-inspired light fixture. Don't be afraid to play with traditional pieces as long as the rest of the room feels fresh and modern. 

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    A Modern Art Collection

    Modern home with art

    Instagram / loridennisinc

    This beautiful home from loridennisinc features an extensive modern art collection that plays wonderfully with the ultra-contemporary dining set. A modern dining room is a great place to display works of art to give the space dimension and texture. 

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    Try a Glass Table

    Glass dining room table

    Maite Granda

    Not only is a glass dining table elegant and modern, but it's also easier to clean and perfect for an open concept home. We love this stunning kitchen and dining space from Maite Granda, which utilizes a modern glass table to open up the space and give it even more light. Glass is also a great choice if you are searching for a table that plays well with modern embellishments like gold or brass.

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    Mid-Century Modern

    Mid-century modern dining room

    Bespoke Only

    We can't get enough of mid-century modern style, and this dining room from Bespoke Only proves why this look has remained trendy year after year. With its angular designs and straight lines, Mid-century modern is a lovely way to bring a modern and vintage feel into your space. We love pairing MCM decor with deep hues such as navy, black, or hunter green, either as an accent wall or through accessories. 

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    Mismatched Chairs

    Mismatched dining room chairs

    Forbes + Masters

    While you may think the mismatched chair look is reserved for farmhouse or shabby chic homes, this dining space from Forbes + Masters proves it works just as well in a modern space. We love the array of different modern styles that play off of each other wonderfully. Plus, this allows the rest of the room to mix and match different styles (such as traditional and formal) and still keep this room modern and playful. 

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    Keep It Minimal

    Classic dining room

    Cathie Hong

    The minimalist look is very much in vogue right now, and this open concept dining room from Cathie Hong proves it is a great way to style modern furniture. A minimalist space is often pared down to only the essentials. We love how airy and open a minimalist modern space can look, but adding in a few accessories like a rug and a framed print is a great way to keep it from looking boring.