9 Modern and Chic Ways to Decorate for Easter

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Modern Easter decor

Illustration: The Spruce / Photo: Finding Lovely

Pulling out the tubs of holiday decor is a proven way to start any kind of seasonal decorating excitement. But to put it bluntly, some holiday decorations can be a little garish. Easter is one occasion where bright plastic materials and cartoon objects take center stage. That doesn't mean you should forgo decorating completely if the holiday-themed items don't quite match your more modern style.

There are plenty of ways to embrace the buzz surrounding the holiday in a way that is more to the tune of your own design preferences. Below are several ideas that pull the best colors, textures, and themes from Easter and spring decor and spin them in an updated way that skips over neon eggs and life-size chick and rabbit statues.

Rethink That Easter Wreath

Easter egg wreath

Finding Lovely

Rather than settling for the first wreath you come across, shopping around a little more can pay off. A wreath comprised of eggs that are more pastel in color will look lovely in a kitchen or hanging on a door. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, a fun DIY project may be in order to paint eggs the perfect shade.

Ashland 14" Easter Egg Wreath

Easter egg wreath


Pastel colors never fail to infuse a room with some Easter spirit. This wreath also incorporates a few patterns for an ideal springtime look that doesn't feel obnoxious. Not only does it save on time and the need to break out your own crafting supplies, but it can be used for years to come since there are no living flowers or plants woven in.

Consider a Funky Wallpaper

Bunny wallpaper in powder room

Margaret Wright / Instagram

Anyone fully dedicated to embracing Easter and spring will do well with an on-theme wallpaper. One printed with rabbits is delightful for the season, but it's also a fun abstract pattern that can be held onto after the holiday passes. A monochrome pattern makes it modern (and relevant even in the middle of autumn) and unique in spaces like powder rooms or laundry rooms.

Rifle Paper Co. Fable Wallpaper

Rabbit themed wallpaper


Making a space stand out requires thinking outside the box in terms of colors, accents, and patterns. One of the best ways to do this is through fun wallpapers—especially ones that can double as holiday decor when the time rolls around. Rabbits are playful and a nice change from stripes or plain colored peel-and-sticks. Aside from bunnies, floral wallpapers or even abstract egg-shaped patterns are fun nods to Easter that work both seasonally and timelessly in a space.

Embrace Spring Holidays With Branches

Pink tile kitchen with flowers

House of Harvee / Instagram

If specific Easter objects aren't jiving with your space, just draw on your favorite parts of the holiday for a more nuanced take. Pastels, pink, and blossoms are all more general springtime themes that work perfectly during Easter, too. Cherry blossoms are a key indicator of spring, but a vase can also hold willow branches or even branches with egg ornaments.

West Elm Faux Cherry Blossom Branch

Faux cherry blossom branch

West Elm

It's hard to beat fresh botanicals and branches in your home, but faux options will perpetually stay in bloom and don't require light or watering. This cherry blossom branch will look gorgeous styled in a vase on top of kitchen counters, coffee tables, or front entryway consoles.

Replace Bright Eggs With Something Subdued

Easter decor over mantel

Finding Lovely

Neon plastic eggs are undoubtedly Easter-centric, but if it's a bit too much for you, these essential objects can be rendered in pastel, metallic, or matte finishes. They'll still stand out even if they're more subdued, but they'll fit better in more modern and neutral spaces. There are numerous ways they can be incorporated, too, whether it's in a mobile, garland, or basket.

Fun Express Pastel Empty Easter Eggs

Pastel Easter eggs


This pastel set comes with 144 eggs that are essential for Easter egg hunts and decorating. They can be kept as is or can be coated with soft metallic paint or chalk-finish paint for extra texture. Once they're the right shade, string them into a garland for the mantel or simply place them around a table for a chic Easter touch.

Drape a Garland

Garland near rabbit figurine

Blakely Interior Design / Instagram

Like rabbit print wallpaper, decorative objects that resemble Easter motifs are brilliant choices. A large beaded garland, like this one, is reminiscent of candied eggs and other Easter treats, but isn't a true piece of holiday decor, making it far more versatile. Placed with a bunny figurine near some greenery, it's a pretty edition during the holiday.

Pottery Barn Mango Wood Beaded Garland - Natural

Wood bead garland

Pottery Barn

When it comes to working in a garland for Easter, this 10-foot-long option fits the bill. This garland is even better than more thematic decor because it can be used year-round, whether it's an accent to light and airy summer decor or a wintery decorative object when December rolls around. For Easter, fill a bowl with the beads or string it across a mantel alongside other decor.

Get Creative With Florals

Pink themed room

Design: Britt Design Studio / Photography: Stylish Productions

Everyone knows the cliche—but florals don't have to be a pattern that causes an eye roll as soon as spring comes around. It's the perfect print for celebrating Easter without relying on egg or rabbit motifs but still feels fitting for the holiday. Sky blue, rosy pink, or sunshine yellow are all nice colors that instantly ready a room for spring and even play into Easter's favored palettes.

Rosalind Wheeler Girouard Rectangular Cotton Pillow Cover and Insert

Floral embroidered pillow


Whether it's on a bed or a sofa, this is a lovely lumbar pillow that can stick around from the start of spring and all through summer. It comes with the insert and cover and the clean, minimal embroidery is a fitting choice for chic homes with a cottage touch or spaces that simply want some color infusion for Easter.

Hang Up Some (Easter) Baskets

Hanging baskets near front entryway

Homestead City Dwelling / Instagram

Hanging baskets are a staple for any time of year, and because of this they can easily be "Easterfied." Add a spray of blossoms, a pile of Easter eggs, rabbit stuffed animals, or a mix to quickly transform an entryway into a holiday-ready area. Leave them as-is for just a simple Easter display, or complement them with a floral throw pillow or basket on any bench or table.

Goodpick 2pack Jute Hanging Basket

Pair of jute hanging baskets


Roomy storage baskets such as these also serve as perfect modern Easter baskets, whether hung up by the front door or styled near a faux fireplace. As the holidays come and go they can be customized depending on what you feel like celebrating, whether it's full of confetti and Easter eggs or piled high with pumpkins during fall.

Try Botanicals Reminiscent of Fluffy Tails

Side table with vase of fluffy reed grass

Esther B Schmidt / Instagram

Searching for subtlety? Seek out finer details and textures that can gently hint at the holiday. Pampas grass, dried reed grass, and the aptly named bunny grass are lovely options to have in a vase or jug. It's not in-your-face Easter, but it fits in immaculately and is a modern spin-off from rabbit-themed decor.

EliSmart 100 Pcs Dried Pampas Grass Decor

Dried pampas grass


This set comes with three bunches that can be blended or separated out into several different vases all around the home. Soft in texture and appearance, they're a great selection to have on hand for a little modern Easter essence. Of course, they can be reincorporated in different arrangements for other seasons as well.

Don't Forget Outdoor Spaces

Pastel outdoor area

Home By Polly / Instagram

Easter decor often ends indoors, or at the very most makes an appearance outside the front door. But, outdoor spaces can also add to the celebration. Switch out weatherproof throw pillows with pastel versions. There's also no better time to purchase those trendy string chairs either—they double as fun egg-inspired seating. Add in a bunny-themed garland or sprinkle some eggs around for extra holiday cheer even when you step outside.

Studio 3B Sora Outdoor String Stacking Chair in Green

A green outdoor chair

Bed Bath & Beyond

Retro and reminiscent of sunny holidays, these chairs are superb as secondary Easter decor, too. Their oblong shape looks like Easter eggs, especially surrounded by an on-theme garland, but no one will think so outside of the holiday. Buy them in pastel colors for a real springtime atmosphere.

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