Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

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    Modern Farmhouse Style

    If you're looking to design the modern farmhouse kitchen of your dreams, look no further than these stunning ideas. Each example mixes the three essential ingredients for creating a drool-worthy cooking space: modern features, rustic elements, and industrial-inspired accents. When blended just right, the result is a sophisticated kitchen that's also warm and inviting.

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    Farmhouse Colors

    There are no hard-set rules for modern farmhouse colors. However, a winning palette seen in many spaces combines white, black, and natural wood tones. For instance, this dreamy kitchen built by Gardner Homes features white quartz countertops, black shaker cabinets, and an island wrapped in walnut wood.

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    Shaker Cabinets

    Simple shaker cabinets, white subway tile, and, of course, hand-hewed barn beams give this kitchen remodeled by Bauscher Construction an approachable look. Treating the mint green island to a distressed faux finish adds to this kitchen's relaxed yet stylish vibe.

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    Copper Light Fixtures

    Copper accents are having a big moment because the metal works with a broad range of decor styles. In this cooking space by Blakes London, the industrial-inspired copper lamps add a little shine and warmth to the room.

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    Wood Range Hood

    There's so much to love in this kitchen by Alys Designs that we have to share it in two different photos. This glimpse shows off the wood wrapped range hood.

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    Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

    The second photo of this cute kitchen by Alys Designs features a herringbone tile floor, vintage cabinetry, and open shelving made of reclaimed wood. Check out the mid-century apple sign that adds a pop of color.

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    Period Lighting

    When it comes to modern farmhouse style, period-inspired lighting is a must-have. This gorgeous kitchen by Holly Mathis Interiors features three different examples.

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    How to Set up a Farmhouse Kitchen

    This modern farmhouse kitchen by Home Made Lovely keeps function top of mind with separate zones created for different purposes. For instance, the food prep area features a spice rack and crate filled with cooking utensils. There's also a coffee station with everything needed to get brewing.

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    Wood Flooring

    Wood floors are a modern farmhouse staple. In homes with open floor plans like this one designed and built by AK Construction, continuous wood flooring that includes the kitchen improves visual flow. Another brilliant idea worth stealing from this house is the barn-inspired pantry door (on the right).

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    Shiplap adds a dash of rustic charm—not to mention interesting texture—to a modern farmhouse kitchen. In this cooking space designed by J. Robin Interiors, white shiplap covers both the ceiling and the wall over the upper cabinets.

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    Decorative Wood Braces

    The island in this transitional kitchen designed by Taryn Emerson incorporates one of our favorite hallmarks of modern farmhouse style: X-brace supports. Here, the decorative accents help to carry the weight of the countertop.

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    Mix of Metals

    Don't be afraid to mix metals in the kitchen. This ​stylish cooking space by The Style Nest Blog does just that—and it looks great!

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    Eclectic Decor

    This chic farmhouse-inspired kitchen by Blakes London throws matchy-matchy decorating ideas out of the window. The cooking space features contemporary two-toned cabinetry and mismatched dining chairs.

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    Warm Wood Accents

    Rich wood accents like the X braces, open shelving, and range hood warm up this white kitchen designed by Sita Montgomery Interiors.

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    Bold Pendant Lighting

    Bold pendant lighting is a stylish necessity in a farmhouse-inspired kitchen. The fixtures in this cooking space designed by House of Jade Interiors, bring beauty and function to the table.

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    White Kitchen

    When it comes to enduring style, white kitchens win. This modern farmhouse example by 1111 Light Lane was created on a tight budget using IKEA cabinets.

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    Copper Industrial Accents

    This kitchen by Plus Rooms puts an urban twist on the contemporary farmhouse look by combining reclaimed parquet flooring, upcycled wood boards, and copper pipework. The result is a one-of-a-kind cooking space that's thoroughly modern.

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    Fixer Upper

    Pinterest inspired the design for this kitchen remodeled by Jen Homes. The first detail purchased was the free-standing kitchen island. Another key ingredient for achieving the modern farmhouse look is the ceramic apron-front kitchen. The vintage hardware for the brand-new cabinets came from eBay. Check out the pantry door, which was purchased at a salvage auction for only $80.

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    Kitchen Cabinet Color

    For those who crave a cheerful jolt of color in their kitchen, there's no better shade than lemon yellow. This farmhouse-inspired cooking space by Alys Designs combines colorful cabinetry with shiplap walls.

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    Modern Rustic

    This beautiful cooking space by Jennifer Bunsa Design Studio is a gorgeous mash-up of vintage and contemporary pieces including rustic furniture, modern cabinetry, and patterned tiles.

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    DIY Kitchen

    Any do-it-yourselfer can give their kitchen some modern farmhouse flavor. This rustic cooking space by Old Salt Farm features DIY barn doors and homemade benches.

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    Retro Kitchen

    This charming kitchen by Obelisk Home is full of retro style. Black cabinetry flatters the white subway tile. Rustic wood shelves provide extra storage space. Red metal counter stools add some colorful spice.

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    Colorful Modern Farmhouse

    Somewhere in Los Angeles, you'll find this colorful modern farmhouse designed by Alison Kandler Interior Design. The home's transitional kitchen features a rustic kitchen island with a distressed faux finish, vintage pantry door painted yellow, and two gorgeous glass globe pendants lights.

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    Rustic Textures

    Transform your boring white kitchen on the cheap by adding rustic texture. The distressed brick backsplash in this farmhouse kitchen by Blesser House is, in fact, vinyl wallpaper. The eating counter was countrified using peel and stick wood planks. Notice the industrial-inspired pendants lights? They cost less than $10 to make.

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    Bright and Warm

    Here's a stunning modern farmhouse kitchen by Studio McGee. Authentic barn beams bring the country while conical drum pendant lights add an urban edge.

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    Nordic Style

    Fans of Scandi decor will appreciate this crisp, white kitchen by House Seven that puts a Nordic twist on farmhouse style.

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    Patterned Floor Tiles

    If you're looking to create a farmhouse-inspired kitchen that doesn't feel overly countrified, behold this lovely cooking space by Studio McGee. The main ingredients for this stylish recipe are simple cabinetry in a standout shade, showstopping floor tiles, and stylish task lighting.

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    Corrugated Steel

    Who doesn't worship ideas that conceal ugly? Corrugated metal panels hide the popcorn ceiling in this farmhouse styled kitchen remodeled by Tootie Trouy.

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    Beadboard Paneling

    Beadboard is another traditional material found in farmhouse-inspired homes. In this kitchen updated by Red Cottage Chronicles beadboard paneling refreshed the old cabinets.

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    Casual Elegance

    This lovely modern farmhouse kitchen by Heidi Caillier mixes metals, textures, and colors to create a sophisticated space that's very approachable.

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    Multi-Pane Windows

    From the ample counter space to luxurious appliances there's plenty to love in this contemporary kitchen by Kaminski Construction. Look at the multi-pane glass windows that add an extra dash of farmhouse charm.

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    Lovely Small Kitchen

    It's possible to pack a lot of farmhouse style into a small kitchen. A, for instance, in this cooking space designed by Nicola O'Mara combines beautiful shaker cabinetry with luxurious marble countertops.

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    Farmhouse Loft

    Butcher block countertops, white subway tile, and a kitchen island covered with reclaimed wood all bring farmhouse style to this urban loft by ALL & NXHING.

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    Butcher Block

    Shiplap, black cabinets, and butcher block countertops are the winning combination in this simple farmhouse-inspired kitchen featured on Maison de Pax.

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    Beadboard Ceiling

    Don't let your ugly kitchen ceiling cramp your farmhouse style. A quick fix is beadboard wallpaper as shown in this space by Rooms for Rent.

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    Refresh With Paint

    The shiplap and brick in this kitchen by Nicole Dingle came with the house. To freshen things up she painted it all white. Afterward, she added wood shelves and installed custom cabinets.

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    Retro Flooring

    Here's a modern farmhouse kitchen by Holly Mathis Interiors that proves you don't have to blow your retirement account to install new flooring. Instead of going with hardwood, the designer chose affordable, commercial grade vinyl tile.

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    Copper Sink

    As mentioned earlier, one of the hallmarks of a modern farmhouse style is a ceramic apron-front sink. This white cooking space by Christina Maria mixes things up with a copper version.

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    Kitchen Wall Art

    If you practically live in your kitchen, consider spicing up your walls with art. This farmhouse-inspired kitchen by The White Buffalo Styling Company turns a range hood into a focal point with a rustic painting.

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    Cover Cabinet Panels With Fabric

    Skirted cabinets are a country kitchen staple. This modern farmhouse kitchen by Crisp Architects puts a new spin on the idea by using fabric to cover the island's cut out panels.

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    Apartment Kitchen Ideas

    Add a little farmhouse style to your urban apartment. This cooking space by ​Sarah Richardson Design pairs a contemporary herringbone backsplash with a kitchen island covered with reclaimed wood.

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    Dream Kitchen

    This picture-perfect residential kitchen by Crisp Architects blends farmhouse elements such as shiplap with commercial-grade appliances.

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    Black Subway Tile

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    Brick Backsplash

    The brick backsplash in this contemporary farmhouse kitchen by Redhead Can Decorate gives the space some rustic flare.

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    Rustic Cabinet Panels

    Wood cabinet panels and a white brick backsplash are the heart and soul of this farmhouse-inspired kitchen by Blakes London. Look at the long wood shelves that create extra storage space.

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    Cabinet Glazing


    Warm up bright white cabinets with a rustic finish. After giving the cabinetry a fresh coat of paint in this farmhouse-inspired kitchen remodeled by The Ragged Wren, the surfaces were given a warm distressed look using a glaze.

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    Tin Ceiling Tiles

    If you want to dress up your ceiling but wood beans are out of the question, consider tin tiles. While the ones in this kitchen updated by Brandi Sawyer are an original home feature, you can find similar tiles made of metal or vinyl at many home improvement stores.


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    Terra-Cotta Tile

    The next biggest flooring trend, as seen in this farmhouse-inspired kitchen by Holly Mathis Interiors just may be terra-cotta floor tiles.

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    Moroccan Tiles

    When it comes to decorating, don't be afraid to mix things up. This small apartment kitchenby 3 Lights Design combines Moroccan-inspired decor with a modern farmhouse style.

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    Scandinavian Inspired Kitchen

    We're smitten with this Scandi inspired cooking space by Heidi Caillier. The room features items found in many farmhouses inspired kitchens including shaker cabinets, industrial-inspired task lighting, and of course, wood flooring.