20+ Farmhouse Style Living Rooms

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    What is Farmhouse Style?

    Farmhouse style is hotter than it's ever been. With a nod to the past, but one foot firmly in the present, farmhouse style is one that speaks to all kinds of people. And despite it having certain common characteristics, it's definitely not a one-size-fits-all type of look. Check out these wildly different examples of farmhouse style living rooms.

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    An Open Concept Farmhouse Living Room

    While farmhouse style is often equated with the word 'rustic', this room by Jennifer Robbins Interiors proves that it doesn't have to be the case. Comfortable furnishings, country-style light fixtures, and vertical shiplap give this open concept space a farmhouse feel without any overly rustic details.

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    Eclectic Farmhouse Living Room

    Farmhouse style is very adaptable and can be combined easily with many other styles. In this farmhouse living room by Judith Balis Interiors there's a strong connection to both traditional and transitional styles thanks to the Persian rug and modern sofas

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    Reclaimed Wood Ceiling in the Living Room

    Farmhouse style has its roots in old country homes and stone cottages. This room by Kelly and Co. Design embraces all the old attributes such as exposed stone walls and wood ceilings and brings them into present day with clean lined furniture and modern technology.


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    Modern Meets Rustic Living Room

    A room doesn't have to be historic to embrace farmhouse style. This new build home from Tom Meany Architect embraces some of the hallmarks of the style such as vaulted "barn-style" ceilings and a large stone fireplace to create a modern home with many of the comforts of a classic farmhouse.

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    Tufted Sofa in a Farmhouse Living Room

    Who says a farmhouse living room can't have a little hint of luxury? This farmhouse living room staged by The Source Room has all the classic comfy and rustic elements, but the elegant tufted sofa adds an unexpected (but very welcome!) hint of elegance.

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    Traditional Meets Farmhouse Style

    Farmhouse style is all about relaxed simplicity and comfort, and in this room designed by Bartlett, comfort is clearly key. The relaxed yet elegant furnishings have that "sink right in and get cozy" feel, and are the perfect compliment to the fieldstone and barn board fireplace. 

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    Barn Doors in a Farmhouse Living Room

    Living room with barn doors
    Edward Ira Schachner Architect, photo by Richard Titus

    Barn doors are hugely popular. They're great space savers and they can give any room a little farmhouse flair. And in some cases two is even better than one! At least in this unusually shaped room courtesy of Edward Ira Schachner it certainly is. The barn doors compliment the fireplace and help reinforce the farmhouse look.

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    Monochromatic Farmhouse Living Room

    A classically elegant living room is transformed into a chic farmhouse retreat thanks to shiplap on the fireplace, a vaulted ceiling, and rustic, reclaimed barn board beams. It just goes to show that almost any room can be given farmhouse flair with just a few details. This modern farmhouse living room from designer Sophie Metz is both sophisticated and comfortable.

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    Industrial Farmhouse Living Room

    The simplicity of farmhouse style means that it can quite easily take an industrial turn. This industrial farmhouse living room from Risinger & Co. demonstrates how allowing a room's architectural details to stand out and complementing them with some modern furniture and accessories, can result in a seamless blend of two distinct styles.

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    Modern Elements

    Modern farmhouse living room
    Modern Organic Interiors | Photo by Isabelle Eubanks

    One of the best ways to achieve a modern farmhouse look is to stick with clean lines and neutral colors. This farmhouse living room from Modern Organic Interiors evokes a sense of nostalgia thanks to farmhouse details like bead board panelling but brings it into the new millennium with modern furnishings and fixtures.

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    Eclectic Farmhouse Accessories

    Classic farmhouse style
    Hardcore Renos, photo by Adrian Ozimek

    Part of what makes farmhouse style so appealing is the sense of comfort that comes form being surrounded by pieces of history. So why limit it? This living room is filled to the brim with comforting details like pillows, accessories, carved furniture, and barn board embellishments. Browse estate sales and flea markets for the real deal, or shop these accessories that embrace the farmhouse aesthetic.

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    Shiplap in a Farmhouse Living Room

    Since wood was used so heavily in farmhouses of the past, it stands to reason that it's the easiest way to evoke the style in newer homes. Keep in mind that nicks and scrapes are a good thing, as they tend to come with longtime use and evoke a sense of history. In the case of this room from Renew Properties, the large wood mantle has the perfect patina to create a farmhouse feel.

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    Blending Indoors and Outdoors

    Living room in a modern farmhouse
    Joseph Parrell Architects, photo by Paul Rollis

    A connection to the outdoors is a common element in modern farmhouse rooms. In this living room from Joseph Farrell Architecture a wall of windows folds back and opens up to create a seamless transition to the outdoor patio.

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    Barn Board Ceiling Beams

    Reclaimed wood beams are what give this living room its overwhelming sense of farmhouse style. If you're not lucky enough to have existing beams, you can work with an architect or engineer to create the look using reclaimed barn board. This room, by Holmes Hole Builders, has used them to stunning effect.

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    Stone Fireplace in a Farmhouse Living Room

    Bright farmhouse living room
    Colonial Reproductions LLC, photo by Greg Premru

    Sometimes all you need to create a farmhouse vibe is a take-notice focal point. In the case of this room, courtesy of Colonial Reproductions, the massive stone fireplace with reclaimed wood mantel does the trick. No matter what else the homeowners choose to put in this room, it will always have a country feel thanks to its stunning focal point.

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    Relaxed Living Room

    Comfort is key when it comes to farmhouse style. Big cozy chairs, a coffee table you can put your feet on, and rattan window treatments that allow the sunlight to filter through make this room from Refined Custom Homes one that anyone could sit back and relax in.

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    Traditional Elements in a Farmhouse Living Room

    Tradition is a big part of farmhouse style, so don't be afraid to include traditional furniture and antiques in a farmhouse living room. This room courtesy of Reed Axelrod Architects evokes the warmth and comfort of both traditional and farmhouse style rooms.

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    Hidden TV in a Farmhouse Living Room

    There are a lot of elements in this room from Crisp Architects that give it a farmhouse feel, but perhaps none so much as the "barn door" detail over the fireplace. The X style doors (presumably hiding a television) are part of the new built ins, but look like they could have been restored from a vintage barn.

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    Iron Details in a Farmhouse Living Room

    When reclaimed wood doesn't feel like the right choice, but you still want barn-inspired architectural details, steel trusses or ceiling beams can be an excellent alternative. Like in this room by Wade Design Architects, they lend a contemporary feel to a farmhouse style.

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    Contemporary Farmhouse Style

    Despite the nostalgia often associated with farmhouse style, lovers of contemporary design can certainly still take advantage of some of its best characteristics. Take this contemporary farmhouse living room by Northworks Architects and Planners for example. The vaulted ceilings say farmhouse, but the furniture and finishes are anything but.

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    Farmhouse Glamour

    Who says a farmhouse can't be glamorous? Despite its penchant for humble fabrics and simple details, a classic farmhouse living room can be given a glam update with hits of gold and a little french polish, like this room from Jackson and LeRoy.

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    Exposed Brick in a Farmhouse Living Room

    While reclaimed wood is one of the most common materials you'll find in farmhouse style rooms, it's not the only natural material you should consider. If you're lucky enough to have exposed brick, don't cover it up. Like designer Sarah Finney did in this room, use it in tandem with other materials to reinforce the connection to nature.

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    Fresh Farmhouse Style

    Because of its reputation for being simple and uncomplicated, a light and fresh color palette is always a good choice for farmhouse style rooms. The very pale blue of the mantle and bookcases from Buffalo Lumber, combines beautifully with the white furniture and light wood finishes.