Top 5 Modern Fifth Year Anniversary Gifts - Silverware

Man opening wine for wife
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Silverware is loved by many and disliked by a few. If your spouse isn't entranced by silverware, then stick to the traditional wood gifts this year.

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    Silver candle snuffer
    If you purchase this snuffer, make sure you buy some candles, too, for a romantic evening.
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    Corkscrew and a glass of wine on an old wooden table
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    This is a bit pricy, but definitely unique if you like wine. Purchase a bottle of favorite wine to go along with this gift.
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    beautiful sterling cutlery set on white background
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    This category includes serving dishes, forks, spoons, knives, soup spoons, cocktail forks, pitchers, platters, nut bowls, trays, spreaders, bowls, coffee pots, tea pots, and more. Just make sure your spouse really likes this sort of gift. I have some platters and trays that have been packed away for years.
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    Honesty seed heads
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    Purchase this only if you are really on a tight budget or your spouse loves this sort of thing!
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    Silver Dollar Coin

    If you can find one with the year you were married, this could touch your spouse's heart.