A Clock Is the Modern First Year Anniversary Gift

Perfect Clock Ideas for Gift-Giving on Your First Anniversary

Whether it's an antique clock, a novelty clock or an alarm clock, the tick-tocking sound of a timepiece can mark the good times in your marital relationship. A clock also commemorates the passage of time. Your first year is behind you and you're looking forward to many, many more together. Here are a few gift ideas to help you capture your first anniversary's moment in time. 

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    Cuckoo Clock
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    Some people love the sound of a cuckoo clock. Maybe you even have a running joke about one of you being a little cuckoo, or you love all things German. The Black Forest cuckoo clock dates back to around 1630, and many are handcrafted today. A cuckoo clock is a timeless gift. 

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    Alarm clock

    Is one of you famous for oversleeping? Instead of a run-of-the-mill alarm clock, select one with a unique sound or feature to gently urge your spouse into sitting up in bed, such as one with a recording of the coaxing sound of your voice. 

    Make sure your spouse won't be insulted by a new alarm clock before purchasing one — this, too, should tie to something you both laugh about. Receiving one could be misinterpreted as a hint to get up earlier or get more done.

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    Wall Clock

    A wall clock doesn't have to be boring and, in fact, many are not. There are lots and lots of clock designs to match almost any decor and any taste. You can even start a collection, one for each room, nook or cranny, in an ongoing anniversary tradition. Select clocks that commemorate events that were especially important to you in the last year, or one that just strikes your fancy.

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    Personalized Clock
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    If your spouse takes pride in his college or university, a clock that's personalized to his alma mater or its sports team could be the perfect gift. In fact, any high moment in his life can be frozen in time with a personalized image on the clock's face. 

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    Antique Clock
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    Share the classic appeal of an antique clock with your spouse. This can be especially appropriate if you live in an older home or you share a fondness for antique hunting and collecting. But even aside from that, it says something about your feelings and about your marriage. You want it to last as long as this clock has. You might even consider an old-fashioned pocket watch. 

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    Think Outside the Box

    Outside the box

    A clock tracks time, and so do watches and pendants. The important thing is to capture the meaning of the gift, not to box yourself into a hard and fast definition of a clock or timepiece. Give a personalized calendar in lieu of or in addition to a clock. You can have one made capturing special photographs or quotes for each upcoming month until your next anniversary.

    Or go the expensive route and find a perfect wristwatch — you really can't go wrong with anything in the line of jewelry,...MORE whether you're giving it to your husband or your wife. A nice piece for a woman would be a timepiece dangling from a chain around her neck, close to her heart. 

Tradition is About You

Tradition is important, but it doesn't have to be constricting. Just tailor your gift to your spouse's taste.