Top Modern Fourth Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Appliances

We really hope you pass on this one and choose the more traditional gifts of flowers and fruits instead. However, if you must buy your spouse an appliance (shudder!), then at least make sure it is something he/she will use and not just take up space in a cabinet. Bob knows better than to buy me any appliances as gifts.
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    Whether it is a bread maker, or a rice cooker, or an electric grill, or a mixer, or some other gadget for the kitchen, please be sure it is something your spouse really yearns for. Bob has been yearning for a new fancy mixer. I just can't bring myself to buying it as a gift.
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    This category includes vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, heaters, air purifiers, air conditioners, irons, ceiling fans, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and humidifiers. Nothing sounds romantic to me at all.
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    Another category that has no romance to it at all. Think twice about this one.
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    Now this one has some romantic possibilities! Don't forget a nice bubble bath or luxurious soap to go with it.