26 Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

gray backsplash in kitchen

LifeCreated for Living with Lolo

When it comes to choosing a kitchen backsplash, there are plenty of options on the market, making it difficult to narrow down top contenders. However, if you're specifically shopping for something that will help your kitchen look nice and modern, we've got you covered. We've rounded up 26 of our favorite kitchen backsplash options that will help inspire you as you design your space.

Are you a renter? There are plenty of removable kitchen backsplash options, too—there's no need to miss out on the fun!

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    Subway Tile Twist

    black subway tile

    Chris Bradley for M. Lavender Interiors

    If you appreciate the look of subway tile but are craving something with more of an edgy twist, this all black take on the aesthetic may be for you. It provides an excellent contrast to the white cabinetry in this kitchen.

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    Hip Herringbone

    white herringbone backsplash

    LifeCreated for Living with Lolo

    This white herringbone design is anything but boring! If you're drawn to white but don't want your backsplash to look too plain, experiment with a classic pattern like this one, which will always be timeless.

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    Gorgeous Green

    green backsplash

    Cynthia Lynn for M. Lavender Interiors

    Green will be having a major moment in 2022; many companies have declared it the "it" color of the year. Go ahead and have some fun by introducing a variety of green shades into your kitchen as we see above; the hue will most definitely look nice and current.

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    This and That

    mix and match backsplash

    Leslee Mitchell for JL Designs

    Some people may wish to choose one type of tile for their oven backsplash and another for the remainder of the kitchen. This setup proves that you can certainly mix and match styles, shapes, and colors as you wish.

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    Soothing Gray

    white neutral backsplash

    LifeCreated for Living with Lolo

    Maybe you love neutrals but crave a bit of pep, too. This patterned backsplash adds visual interest to the kitchen without being too chaotic looking or distracting. Soft whites and grays are always ultra calming, too.

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    Pattern Mixing

    scalloped pendant lights

    Kim Armstrong

    Pattern mixing continues to have a major moment, and this kitchen demonstrates how to successfully mix and match different shapes and colors. A honeycomb-style backsplash looks lovely with traditional French-inspired bistro chairs and a dual set of pendants featuring scalloped touches.

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    Marble Streaks

    marble backsplash in kitchen

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    Another marble backsplash shines in this kitchen. Larger streaks of marble make the design look more abstract and artful and pair nicely with the gray barstools positioned across the way.

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    Blue Beauty

    blue subway tile

    Kim Armstrong

    Love the color blue? Incorporate it into your kitchen in subway tile form. Here, a rich hue reads ultra-contemporary and looks wonderful surrounded by gold hardware.

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    Warm Marble

    marble with warm undertones

    JL Design

    Marble can be incredibly versatile, so it's worth taking a look at a wide range of finishes before selecting your backsplash. This marble features tan undertones, making it appear nice and warm.

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    Black, White, and Gold

    marble backsplash

    LifeCreated for Living with Lolo

    We continue to see plenty of marble backsplashes in today's kitchens, and for good reason. Classic marble always looks ultra-mod, especially when paired with black cabinetry and sleek textiles. Brass pendant lights above the kitchen island also add a contemporary touch and play wonderfully with the black and white tones in the space.

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    Getting Groovy

    black and gold kitchen

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    A grooved tile adds welcome texture and artistic flair to any kitchen. This white tile pairs wonderfully with modern black and gold accents and brings plenty of dimension to this space.

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    A Classic Choice

    white subway tile in kitchen

    Kim Armstrong

    Classic, white subway tile helps modernize this rustic style kitchen. If you're looking for a simple way to instantly make a space feel more sleek and current, subway tile is the way to go.

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    Swirly Setup

    marbled black and white look

    Nathan Shroder for Maestri Studio

    For a marbled look with a twist, we're eyeing this black and white setup that adds tons of energy to the kitchen. Who needs artwork when your backsplash looks like this one?

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    Sort of Stone

    geometric tile in kitchen

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    Tile positioned in a geometric pattern yet varied in color adds an organic look to this kitchen. The design is almost reminiscent of stone from far away and could be an excellent way to pay tribute to a home's exterior.

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    Two-Tone Tile

    two-toned tile

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    Why settle for just one color tile in the kitchen when you can enjoy two? White and turquoise tile makes for a stunning combination. This two-toned pattern is cheerful and brings a subtle touch of color into the space.

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    Chill and Relaxed

    slate like tile

    Sarah Stacey

    From some angles, this tile almost resembles slate and therefore has an edgy, industrial look to it. Paired with light wooden cabinetry, however, it leans California cool and adds welcome texture to this kitchen.

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    Bold Marble

    marble tile backsplash

    Reagen Taylor for JL Design

    Marble can also be displayed in tiled form, as we see above. This setup is great for those whose style leans more eclectic, as it is definitely a busier design than we generally see with marble.

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    Glimmering Gold

    gold and white backsplash

    Etch Design Group

    Who can resist a pop of gold? This backsplash is perfect for those who like a little glitz and glamour in their lives.

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    A Marble Moment

    two-toned backsplash

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    In this kitchen, we once again see a separate tile design behind the oven and thoughtful mixing and matching of styles. A palette rooted in gray and white looks beautiful alongside black and brass pieces.

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    A Global Touch

    moroccan style tile

    Mia Baxter Smail for Etch Design Group

    Featuring Moroccan style elements, this tile has a worldly appeal and adds a serene touch to this all-white kitchen.

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    A Bit of Brick

    exposed brick backsplash

    Caroline Brackett

    If you love the look of exposed brick, why not use it as your backsplash? This is an excellent way to honor the historical integrity of your home or welcome industrial-like touches.

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    Pretty in Pink

    pink kitchen tiles


    If you love the color pink, by no means should you exclude it from your kitchen! Pale pink remains very on trend and will brighten your day due to its peppy qualities.

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    Happy Honeycomb

    white honeycomb tile


    White honeycomb tile is oh-so-sweet. Pair it with pastel colored cabinets as seen here for an even more darling look that will make any color lover smile.

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    Stylish Swirls

    blue and white backsplash

    Bees Knees Design

    Enjoy blue and white—with a twist! This intricate design is full of life and style.

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    Shades of Gray

    black and gray backsplash

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    Gray tile is arranged in a playful manner in this kitchen. While color is kept to a minimum (or hidden behind closed doors), this space features a multitude of patterns and shapes that keep it looking nice and interesting.

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    Coastal Cool

    gray and blue kitchen

    LifeCreated for Living with Lolo

    Those whose style leans coastal may prefer a more simple gray backsplash in the kitchen. To keep this looking modern, pair the gray with light blues and whites as we see above. This will help introduce an airy, beach-inspired aesthetic to the kitchen and keep the space looking soothing and welcoming.