18 Tile Kitchen Countertops That are Surprisingly Fresh

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    Thrifty and Stylish Tile Countertop Ideas for Kitchens

    Lately, tile kitchen countertops are starting to look surprisingly modern. Once a kitchen staple throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s, these days thrifty homeowners see tile as an affordable alternative to more expensive counter materials such as quartz, marble, and granite. Even better, anyone with basic do-it-yourself skills can install tile. So if you are looking for creative ways to refresh your cooking space without going broke, behold these 18 tile kitchen countertops. 

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    Hexagon Tile Kitchen Countertop Adds Pattern

    A retro-flavored cooking space by Seattle Custom Cabinets situated in the Pacific Northwest pairs a hexagon tile countertop with a subway tile backsplash. The winning combination boosts visual interest by adding contrasting patterns to the mostly white kitchen. Over the sink area are two vintage-inspired milk glass pendants lights. The range is a vintage Wedgewood double oven from the 1940s.

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    Modern Square Tile Countertop in White

    Ditch those straight lines in your kitchen with curved construction tiles. Doing so will ensure that a floor to ceiling tile pattern is not disrupted by sharp angles as shown in this small kitchen by DTILE based in the Netherlands. Even the tiny sink is covered with square tiles. Dove gray grout enhances the modern layout. 

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    New Tile Countertop Perks up a Charming Vintage Kitchen

    Gorgeous ocean green tiles perk up an old kitchen in a vintage California home spotted on The Home Company. The new countertop and backsplash refresh the cooking space without detracting from its old-timey appeal. The Wedgewood range dates back to the late 1940s. The butcher block kitchen island is another new feature. The flat-front cabinets are an original home feature.

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    Handmade Tiles on a Kitchen Island

    Handmade square yellow tiles are a lovely rustic touch in this cooking space by New York City based DHD Architecture. Tiles like these are best suited for countertops that are not subject to heavy-duty wear and tear.

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    White Kitchen With a Square Tile Countertop

    In this kitchen, a countertop consisting of square porcelain tiles in a pale color called brick orange are paired with a brick styled tile backsplash. Designed by Sara Ingrassia Interiors based in Los Angeles, California, the tiles in warm hues make the small cooking space feel extra cozy.

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    Marble Hexagon Tile Countertop

    A marble hexagon tile countertop makes a stylish first impression in this Swedish kitchen feature on Fantastic Frank. The backsplash is affordable builder grade ceramic tile.

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    Custom Kitchen Countertop Covered with Baby Blue Tiles

    It is your kitchen after all, so it is perfectly ok to get mighty creative when tiling your cooking space. This custom kitchen features countertops covered with baby blue tiles. The cubby storage adds even more functionality into this stylish yet practical open concept room. The kitchen is by DTILE situated in the Netherlands.

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    How to Tile Over a Laminate Countertop Using Marble Floor Tile

    It's possible to cover a laminate countertop with new tile. Here Timisha, the blogger behind Tool Box Divas gets the job done using marble floor tile — ingenious. Her super smart DIY shares everything you need to know from the best tools to use, and the must have tiling products for creating a watertight seal.

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    Green Porcelain Tile Kitchen Countertop

    Porcelain tile is ideal for hardworking kitchens. The material is made up of different clays and minerals that when fired forms a very durable surface that is much harder than ceramic. In this traditional cooking space by Lind Nelson Construction out of Wayzata, Minnesota, porcelain tile covers the counters and backsplash. The lovely green tiles coordinate beautifully with the copper over hood and butcher block kitchen island.

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    Large-Format Tile on Kitchen Countertop

    Tiles come in different sizes and shapes. Schluter Systems L.P. located through the U.S., installed large-format tiles in this cooking space to eliminate the number of grout lines that come with using much smaller options.


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    Terracotta Tile Countertop That Matches the Floor and Backsplash

    Terracotta tiles warm up this white kitchen by Marazzi, out of Sunnyvale, Texas. Covering the floor, countertop, and backsplash in the same material creates a seamless appearance.

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    Slate Tile Kitchen Countertop

    Slate tile is the not best material to use for kitchen countertop because it can etch and chip easily. With that said, it can work in a kitchen like this one that does not get a lot of use. Sal DiBlasi, Elite-tile Company, located in Boston, Massachusetts shares a time-lapse video of the installation.


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    Gray Tile Kitchen Countertop

    Chocolate brown flat front cabinetry and cool gray tiles make this contemporary kitchen by the Dutch company DTILE feel incredibly modern. Both features pop against the crisp, white wall.


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    Handcrafted Tiles Give a Modern Kitchen a Rustic Vibe

    Handcrafted Tiles

    These gorgeous tiles are 100 percent handcrafted and hand cut. They add a rustic European touch to this kitchen countertop seen on CLE.

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    Authentic Mexican Tiles

    Our hearts almost skipped a beat when we saw this pretty little kitchen by The Platform Experiment, a home staging company based in California. Topping off the countertop are authentic Mexican tiles.

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    How to Makeover a Laminate Countertop With Subway Tile

    Here is another instance of how you can use tile to makeover an old and ugly laminate countertop. The best part? This project cost around $40. Even better, it took a single afternoon to finish the job. Lifestyle blogger Jenny Steffens Hobick provides all the details here. If you lack the confidence to get started, she suggests watching a few tiling videos on YouTube.

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    Yellow and White Retro Kitchen

    You may not have guessed that everything in this cooking space is brand spanking new. Jackson Design and Remodeling based in San Diego, California went with a tile countertop because it worked with the kitchen's retro theme. The yellow range is Big Chill. The checkered floor is Marmoleum. 

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    Tiny Square White Tiles

    We adore this tiny square tile kitchen countertop seen on Burke Decor. These fun size tiles add texture and pattern to the modern cooking space. They are also easy to install thanks to a mesh backing. It eliminates the chore of hand laying each tile.