41 Mudroom Ideas

Tips and inspiration for making your mudroom shine

mudroom kate marker interiors

Kate Marker Interiors

All hail the mudroom, one of our best defenses against the onslaught of coats, boots, and backpacks that, barring a designated storage spot, so often find their way onto the floor. Today’s mudrooms are stylish interior spaces unto their own, blending seamlessly into the rest of the home while also offering an effective storage solution. And as these 41 mudrooms show, there are so many creative ways to make a mudroom all your own. 

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    Mudroom Memo Board

    A mudroom with white drawer storage, a hanging bag and straw hat and memo board.

    Mindy Gayer / Lane Dittoe

    Not only is the mudroom a drop zone for shoes, jackets, and car keys but it's a great place to hang artwork, leave notes and other memos to help you get your day started.

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    Beachy Mudroom

    A beach-inspired mudroom with a light blue storage and brass hooks.

    margaret.wright / mollybasileinteriors

    A mudroom is a catchall area and no matter how organized you keep it, sometimes all your things can make your home feel cluttered. To help your mudroom feel more calming and help it fit with the rest of your home's aesthetic, paint it in a soothing blue color that reminds you of summer days at the beach.

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    Statement Mudroom

    A large mudroom with navy blue storage, brass hooks and decorative pillows.

    lindseybrookedesign / amybartlam

    If you have a designated space in your home for a mudroom, it's a great opportunity to create a space that makes a statement. Instead of the usual white or light colors, you could go bold with dark blue cabinetry that really helps the brass hardware pop. Your home will feel grand and inviting right when you walk in the door.

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    Mudroom Closet

    A mudroom closet off an entryway with white walls, open wood shelving and hanging hats.

    Pure Salt Interiors / vlentine

    A coat closet in an entryway works perfectly as a mudroom nook. You can integrate it easily into your home's design by removing the closet door and adding open shelving coat hooks and a small bench for a place to take off your shoes.

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    Garage Mudroom Nook

    A makeshift mudroom area in a garage with a coat rack, open shelving and a terra cotta accent wall with artwork.

    homeofthewildlings / Instagram

    What better way to keep shoes and other outdoor accessories from tracking dirt inside than by creating a makeshift mudroom inside the garage. This stylish garage mudroom design by Home of the Wildlings was created on a budget using garment racks, a shoe rack, wooden crates and a cute accent wall and rattan bench to complete the look.

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    A Place for Your Pet

    A mudroom with a pet area and black and white, dog patterned wallpaper.

    Mel Bean Interiors

    Since a mudroom is a drop zone to remove clothing and shoes you've worn outside, it also makes a great spot for a pet that loves spending a lot of their time in the backyard. This pet area by Mel Bean Interiors features a designated spot for the pet to stay while the owners are away, and the bold, dog-patterned wallpaper is the perfect nod to their furry family member.

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    Bright + Cheery

    A mudroom with white shelving and storage cubbies and a bright green door.

    afreshspace / Instagram

    What better way to boost your mood when you leave the house than a bright, cheerful door? This bright lime green door complements the striped black-and-white storage baskets and adds the perfect amount of color and visual appeal to this otherwise all-white mudroom.

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    Makeshift Mudroom

    A makeshift mudroom in an entryway of a home.

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    A home that has a designated mudroom space is hard to come by, but that doesn't mean you can't have an area in your home to keep everyday items organized. The entryway is a great place to create a mudroom area because you and your family can remove shoes and jackets right when you walk in the door. We love the warmth Interior Impressions created in this entry space with the juxtaposition of the wooden doorway and black armoire.

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    A Functional Mudroom

    A mudroom with white storage for workout equipment and cleaning supplies.

    mikaperry / Instagram

    If you keep all your workout equipment right by the door, do you really have an excuse to miss that spin class? Here, Mika Perry utilized her mudroom area by creating organization systems to hold items like on-the-go fitness gear, keys, and bags. Each bin is labeled to make it easier to grab what you need as you walk out the door.

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    Mudroom Barn Door

    A mudroom and laundry room combo with a sliding barn door.

    ruqiyaimtriaz / Instagram

    If your laundry and mudroom are in the same area, you can create a nice flow between the two by separating the spaces with a sliding barn door. Here, Studio RIU converted an old tool storage area that was part of the garage into a place to organize everyday items and do laundry.

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    Making Use of Wasted Space

    ashley webb interiors

    Ashley Webb Interiors

    Adding cabinetry to an entryway can transform a completely wasted use of space into a functional area of the home. It's also a great opportunity to make a design statement with stunning cabinetry and color combinations.

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    Refreshing Mudroom

    A large mudroom with checkered flooring, white storage sections, a bench and storage baskets.

    Mary Patton Design

    A mudroom's function is to keep items organized and help reduce stress, and this one by Mary Patton Design does just that with soothing colors from top to bottom and an organization system with separate compartments filled with wicker baskets. It's a refreshing design that feels clean and inviting right when you walk in the door.

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    Herringbone Accent

    A mudroom with navy blue storage system with a herrinbone design and a bench with a cushion.

    Mindy Gayer / Lane Dittoe

    The mudroom isn't just a spot for organization, but is also its own design element. This mudroom by Mindy Gayer features a bold dark wall with a herringbone pattern that creates a stunning focal point in the room.

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    A Pet Grooming Station

    A mudroom with a pet grooming station and a countertop and cabinets.


    The main function of a mudroom is to keep items organized and to discard items you've worn or used outside to help reduce dirt and grime and clutter from entering the rest of your home. That goes for your pets, too. The pet grooming station inside this mudroom helps reduce the amount of mud, allergens and other outdoor grime your pet tracks into your home. Plus, it saves money on grooming bills.

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    Mudroom + Laundry Combo

    A laundry room with a washer and dryer and tall white storage cabinets that act as a mudroom space.

    reedbrownphoto / afreshspace

    A laundry room can also function as a mudroom with the addition of storage. The countertop and storage cubbies are for laundry essentials in this room organized by A Fresh Space, while the floor-to-ceiling cabinets can hold everyday essentials.

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    Sectioned Organization

    A mudroom with five separated storage areas.

    Michelle Berwick Design / arnalphotography

    In bigger households with kids, it's essential each child has their own spot to store school items. An organization system that's sectioned off like lockers is a great way to have a spot for each child to ensure they have everything they need before they go to school each morning.

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    Mudroom Artwork

    A beach-inspired mudroom with artwork, decorative pillows and bench with storage baskets.

    Pure Salt Interiors /vlentine

    A tiny nook in your home is all you need for a catchall space, like this staircase nook that Pure Salt Interiors decorated with soothing artwork, patterned sofa pillows and wicker storage bins that stores shoes.

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    Labeled Storage

    A small mudroom nook with labeled wicker storage baskets and hooks holding bags.

    Neat by Meg

    To encourage your whole family to put items where they belong, creating an easy system helps. Here, Neat by Meg placed school items in labeled bins at the bottom of this mudroom nook for her kids to easily access (as well as shoes) and placed backyard pool toys and towels on the top in labeled storage bins so each family members knows exactly where to find and store items.

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    Built-In Beauty

    A mudroom with built-in storage bench, a bench cushion and decorative pillows.

    Mindy Gayer / Vanessa Lentine

    This little entryway nook has everything you need including a shelf, coat cooks, storage drawers and even a cozy spot to sit and reflect on your day.

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    A Place to Hang

    An entryway to a farmhouse-style home with a wall coat rack holding tote bags.

    Pure Salt Interiors / vlentine

    These natural wood, wall-mounted coat racks bring texture and interest to this refreshing, all-white entryway. Plus, it's a great place to hang all your totes before you head out to the neighborhood farmers' market.

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    Back-to-School Organization

    A mudroom with a station for each child including a wicker storage basket, hooks and a drawer.

    Mel Bean Interiors

    School mornings are hectic, but with a system in place and some organization, they can be less stressful. Mel Bean Interiors designed this mudroom with stations for each child (and even parent) to keep their jackets, backpacks, shoes, and all in one place. The room is complete with each child's favorite artwork hanging on the wall.

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    Touches of Pattern + Texture

    A mudroom nook with floor to ceiling shelving, galvanized metal storage bins, a wall rack with hanging hats and a cushioned bench.

    Mindy Gayer / Kyle Monk

    A little bit goes a long way and that's proven here in this mudroom designed by Mindy Gayer. Galvanized metal baskets and patterned pillows and rug add visual appeal and texture to the space while sleek porcelain flooring brings the natural look of stone to the room.

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    An Airy All-White Design

    A white mudroom nook with floor to ceiling cabinets, coat hooks and a small bench.

    Michelle Berwick Design

    The all-white design in this mudroom is understated yet functional with large cabinets a little nook to hang jackets and handbags and even a small bench to sit while you put on and take off your shoes. The bottom drawers is a great place to conceal shoes and outdoor accessories.

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    Pet Bed + Heated Flooring

    A mudroom with blue floor to ceiling cabinetry and a pet area with a built in crate and food and water bowls.

    Michelle Berwick Design / arnalphotography

    Your pet deserves the best and a mudroom extension is the perfect opportunity to give them everything they deserve. Not only is there a secure bed area in this mudroom design by Michelle Berwick Design, but the floor tiles are heated for that added luxury, and the blue storage cabinets complement the patterned floor tiles perfectly.

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    Black-and-White Contrast

    A mudroom with built in open shelving filled with shoes

    Lemon Leaf Home Interiors

    A mudroom should reflect your design style just as much as the rest of your home, and the black accent wall in this mudroom contrasts well with the otherwise all-white room to create a dramatic focal point.

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    Wicker Baskets Galore

    A mudroom with coat hooks flanked by open shelving filled with storage wicker baskets.

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    To add a touch of farmhouse style to your mudroom, wicker baskets are the way to go. Not only do they conceal items, but they add visual appeal when in abundance. The herringbone-patterned floor tiles bring a modern touch to help anchor the space.

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    Distressed Wood Accent Wall

    A mudroom with sectioned areas accented with distressed wood, coat racks and open storage cubbies at the top.

    Decorilla Affordable Design

    Something about the contrast of the distressed wood panel accent wall against a white background feels clean, simple and fresh. Wicker basket storage at the top provides a place for items that are less frequently needed while the space beneath the bench is the perfect place to store shoes and other everyday items.

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    Storage for the Whole Family

    A mudroom area in an entryway with floor to ceiling cabinetry and a wood floating shelf and hanging coat rack.

     Michelle Berwick Design / arnalphotography

    If you have a large family, then you'll need storage to match. Even if you don't have a designated mudroom in your home, you can use the vertical space in your home to create plenty of storage like  Michelle Berwick Design did here with these floor-to-ceiling cabinets in a home's entryway.

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    A Simple Coat Rack

    An entryway in a home with a stylish brass coat rack and a hanging jacket.

    D Burn Interiors

    The tiniest corner in a home can still be functional while enhancing your home's design style. Here, D Burn Interiors made the most of this entryway corner with a stunning brass, wall-mounted coat rack with a flat top that can function as shelf space.

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    Seamless Organization

    A mudroom with cabinets, labeled storage baskets, hooks and cubbies.

    Neat Method NYC

    If your home is organized from the moment you walk in, then that can help reflect how the rest of your home will look and feel. Here, Neat Method NYC labels wicker storage baskets to create a seamless organization system that's especially helpful for school days.

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    Dreamy Shiplap

    Kate Marker Interiors mudroom

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Committing to a whole room of shiplap will require regular maintenance, but you can still add farmhouse style to your home in small doses. Here, Kate Marker showcases a shiplap accent wall behind the mudroom bench.

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    No Mudroom, No Problem

    An entryway with kids jackets hanging on a coat rack.

    Joanna Organize

    Even without a designated entryway, Joanna Organize was able to create a mudroom area to keep the kids' items organized with wall hooks and shelving. Just make sure to hang the coat rack at an appropriate height so kiddos can grab jackets all by themselves!

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    Mudroom Magic

    mudroom wainscotting

    Becca Interiors

    A space can be both beautiful and functional, and that's exactly what Becca Interiors did here in this mudroom. The combination of the sage green wainscoting, black and white tile, window seat and vintage crates not only creates a space that's functional but is also a place you want to spend your time in.

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    Hiding in Plain Sight

    A farmhouse-style mudroom with barn-style cabinet doors and open shelving at the top.

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    A great way to make a room feel completely clutter free is to completely hide the clutter with concealed storage. These barn-style doors by Interior Impressions keeps items out of sight while making a big design statement.

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    Bright Purple Beauty

    purple mudroom

    Whittney Parkinson

    Every inch of this mudroom design by features an interesting design element, from the bright purple storage to the zig-zag tiled floor. The way that green complements purple, the room is practically begging to be a drop zone for garden goodies.

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    School Locker-Style Organization

    A mudroom with white labeled lockers and a cushioned bench with a drawer in the middle.

    LeeAnn Baker Interiors LTD

    This mudroom pulls out all the stops - locker style compartments with hinged doors to conceal clutter, a long bench, storage drawer and plenty of wall-mounted hooks. This custom built storage system and wainscoting design create a functional and stylish space that's timeless.

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    The Most Stylish Room

    A mudroom with colorful watercolor-patterned wallpaper, an upholstered bench with bright pink pillows and a large white contemporary chandelier.

    janebeilesphoto / kristinaphillipsinteriordesign

    Just because a mudroom is a spot for you to discard and collect everyday items, it doesn't mean it can't be as stylish as the rest of your home. This mudroom design by Kristina Phillips Interior Design is an extension of the rest of the home with its fun colorful wallpaper pattern, a large contemporary chandelier, an upholstered bench with bright sofa pillows and a tall vase with fresh flowers.

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    A Mudroom Message Board

    A mudroom nook with a blue accent wall featuring a message board that's flanked by floor to ceiling cabinetry.

    cstudio_id / Instagram

    Your mudroom can be more than a place to organize your items—you can also use this space to organize every family member's schedule with a calendar and memo board so you know each family member schedule is.

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    Perfect for Rainy Days

    white locker cabinets mudroom

    Kate Marker Interiors

    The white locker-inspired cabinetry, walls and flooring brighten up this mudroom even on the rainiest of days. The wood bench, wicker baskets and wooden cabinet surrounds add contrast while still allowing the all-white design to shine.

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    A Wall for Your Plants

    A mudroom nook with a blue paneled wall, wall mounted coat hooks, three hanging succulents, and a bench and three woven baskets underneath.

    sarahabbott14 / Instagram

    If you have a large area to play with for your mudroom, you don't have to use all of it for storage purposes. Here, Sarah Abbott used some hooks to hang succulents in lieu of using the whole wall for hanging clothing and bags. It's an easy, budget-friendly way to add greenery to the space.

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    Decluttered Entryway

    An entryway mudroom with overhead cabinetry, built-in storage and a bench.

    Martha O’Hara Interiors, Interior Design & Photo Styling

    With different types of concealed storage—including overhead cabinetry and a built-in bench with storage—an entryway can look completely decluttered to make room for beautiful design elements like this beaded chandelier and rustic ceiling beams that contrast well with the iron railing.