Wood As Modern Sixth Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

There are lots of options when it comes to giving gifts made of wood, especially if you are creative and can make something yourself.

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    Bonsai Plant

    Hands holding bonsai tree
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    A note about your hopes for a long lasting marriage would go perfectly with an ageless evergreen bonsai plant.

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    Pine Scented Candle

    This candle not only is surrounded by real wood bark, it smell like pine.

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    Wood Furniture

    Make sure that you know what your spouse likes and doesn't like furniture wise before making a purchase like this on your own!

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    Bamboo Cheese Plate Set

    Planning an intimate evening at home? Don't forget the wine and cheese! This serving set has all the essentials tools you need to serve your favorite cheeses, from a cutting board, serving trays, and utensils. Your loved one will appreciate the effort. 

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    Even if you don't have a fireplace, you could build a small campfire outside for a fire lit, romantic evening.

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    Woody Fragrances

    There are many perfumes and colognes that have a woodsy fragrance.