Where to Find Modern RTA Kitchen Cabinets

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When shopping ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets, it is easy enough to find classically-styled cabinets. Going under names such as Sienna Rope and Traditional Country Oak, RTA cabinets are positively overflowing with arches, filigrees, fancy bevels, and antique glazes that many homeowners find unnecessary.

But what if you want the truly sleek, clean look of slab-style cabinet doors and drawers in an RTA cabinet? As it turns out, there aren't a lot of options. For RTA frameless cabinet boxes and slab doors and drawers, try one of the suppliers listed here. Alternatively, if you feel that the straight lines of Shaker-style doors is modern enough, most RTA companies do offer this style.

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    Canaletto Rift Cut cabinets

    27estore.com offers the widest selection of Euro-style RTA cabinets. Modern is their business, whether it's wall and base cabinets or wall panels. Their door options are particularly extensive and include special finishes like high-gloss solid colors, metal facings, lacquer, and aluminum glass.

    Prices, too, tend to be competitive. As an example, a 30-inch double (two-door) base cabinet begins at $275. Painted finishes (almond, gray, black, or maple) add another $40. Or you can choose a real wood veneer of red oak, maple, hickory, alder, cherry, or walnut, for additional charges ranging from $250 to $550.

    Cabinet boxes are constructed of either MDF or cabinet-grade plywood.

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    Kitchen Cabinets

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    The kitchen cabinet industry, long staid, was first shaken up and invigorated by the introduction of RTA cabinets. Then RTA itself started to operate in a well-established groove: customer peers at cabinets online, orders the cabinets to be freighted to them, and then assembles the cabinets and installs them.

    But not everything goes so smoothly. For homeowners, this is often, literally, a once-in-a-lifetime project. Never having done this before and not intending to ever do it again, even the most motivated homeowner can feel uninformed and lost.

    FORM is aiming to change that. Founders Danny Soos and Tom Sherman developed a system that walks homeowners through the entire process, from the moment of conception to completion. First, you start with a free video consultation. After a $299 deposit, you get three cabinet samples, pricing, photos, and log-in information for their online system. A kitchen designer will discuss the space with you on a video call.

    After you have decided on a design, you put down a $1,999 deposit. Once you receive the cabinets, you pay the balance. All of FORM's kitchen cabinets are made in a factory in North Westphalia, Germany.

    FORM kitchen cabinets are not economy-priced cabinets. As an example, one L-shaped kitchen with lacquered laminate in a Fjord blue ultra-matte finish, with bar handles in a stainless steel finish, costs between $20,000 and $25,000.

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    IKEA kitchen in yellow and white

    IKEA may be the most accessible source for modern-style kitchen cabinets. Because it is a brick-and-mortar store as well as an online retailer, you may be able to pick up your purchase in person and save money on shipping, if you live close enough to a store.

    IKEA's longstanding AKURUM cabinet system was discontinued in 2015 and replaced by their SEKTION line of RTA cabinets.

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    Home Depot

    Home depot cabinets
    Home Depot

    Home Depot's website may be one of the best-kept secrets of the Internet. Due to its free shipping policy for most big-ticket items, Home Depot is a viable option for big items like RTA kitchen cabinets. The available options for slab-style doors are limited. But if you like what they have, this can be a great way to go.

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    Glenn Rogers

    Bamboo flab font kitchen base cabinet door
    Glenn Rogers

    Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Glenn Rogers was self-billed as The Cabinet Broker since 2003. A bit of a legend in the RTA industry, Glenn Rogers and his freewheeling, hands-on, no-nonsense approach and large inventory guaranteed that typically a fair number of slab-style cabinets would be available. Over the years, many homeowners struck great deals with Glenn Rogers—as long as they were able to negotiate his often-cryptic website. Then a good thing became even better.

    In July 2022, Kyle and Jessica Collins took ownership of The Cabinet Broker, rehabilitated the website, trimmed down the product lines, and overall made The Cabinet Broker a better place to find modern-style cabinets. The Cabinet Broker will put together most orders in five to 14 days, plus they will ship flat-packed RTA or fully assembled cabinets nationwide.