Crystal and Glass, Modern Third Year Anniversary Gifts

Crystal, Glass and Leather All Make Great Third Anniversary Gifts

Ideas for gifts made from crystal or glass can present a challenge, and modern third anniversary gifts are supposed to be crystal or glass. Does your spouse like heavy, solid glasses or light, small ones? Do you often have fresh flowers in your home? If not, don't buy a vase unless you're prepared to buy the flowers to fill it on a regular basis!

Here are a few other ideas to fall back on for your third anniversary based on "modern tradition." 

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    Remember the scene with the prisms from the movie "Pollyanna"? No? That's OK. They're awesome regardless. Hang small ones in windows throughout the house to catch the sunlight and make magical rainbow designs on the walls. For those who are scientifically inclined, the process by which this happens is called spectroscopy and it was discovered in the 17th century. A delightful prism will add a little magic to your anniversary. 

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    Pick out some pretty candles and secure them in new glass candleholders. For that matter, candleholders come in crystal, too, if you want to get a bit more elegant. Use them to set the scene for a romantic evening for two. Don't forget scent. Sandalwood and jasmine are reported to be aphrodisiacs. 

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    Add one or more glass or crystal vases to those candleholders and filled with fresh flowers! Roses have a reputation for being an aphrodisiac, too. 

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    If you think sunglasses aren't romantic, think again. It's all where you wear them. You should be able to find some that are chic or sophisticated for your mate, then take off together on an outdoors adventure, maybe to the beach or hiking along a long, romantic trail, just the two of you. 

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    A pair of wine glasses and a bottle of wine along with some bread and cheese make a great gift! Use a green tablecloth — either indoors or outdoors for an impromptu picnic. Green is the traditional color for third anniversaries. 

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    Lots and lots of mirror styles are available to choose from. There are makeup mirrors, vanity mirrors, grand hallway mirrors, dresser mirrors, quaint mirrors and gigantic mirrors. Write a love note to go with the gift, expressing how your loved one reflects light and love in your life.

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    A Craft Beer Growler

    A Craft Beer Growler
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    If wine isn't your honey's thing, consider a beer growler instead. If he's into craft beers, the brew is ideally stored in ​glass that protects it against exposure to UV rays. Tell him you love him by protecting his beer. 

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    A Candy Jar

    Candy in jars
    Candy in jars. Stuart Snelling/EyeEm

    Fill a glass candy jar with your loved one's favorite treats. You can even personalize it with your wedding date and your names. Of course, if you use both names, you have to share the candy inside.  

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    Wind Chimes

    Wind Chimes

    Welcome your loved one home with a little tinkling music on your porch or stoop near your door. A glass wind chime will fill the air with gentle sound. You can choose a variety of colors, including green to commemorate your third year together. 


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    Don't Overlook Leather


    Glass and crystal are modern gifts for third anniversaries. A traditional gift is leather, and this opens a world of other possibilities: that briefcase he wants, a coat or jacket, a wallet, a shaving kit or a flask. You can have the flask or wallet etched with the special day or a thoughtful word or message. Some people like leather "jewelry" — wristbands or cuff bracelets. Or give a leather-bound diary to keep track of your third year together.  

It all comes down to your taste, but there are no end to gift possibilities that can be as unique as you are.