23 Modern Ways to Use Floral Wallpaper

living room interior with floral wallpaper and large windows

You’ve seen floral wallpaper everywhere. From outdated hotel bathrooms to your grandmother’s dining room, you've probably never given it a second thought. But these trendy wallpaper designs will make you forget everything you ever thought you knew about this throwback style. From watercolor and pastels to loud and graphic statements, floral wallpaper is cool again. Plus, it’s a great way to transform a room in a few hours or bring a garden inside without a green thumb. Check out these 19 modern ideas and kiss paint goodbye.

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    Floral Is In

    dark Wallpaper with large floral print in laundry room
    Sarah Sherman Samuel

    Every fashion designer, from Cynthia Rowley to Ted Baker, has been inspired by nature’s most beautiful creation, but why just wear flowers when you can also clean your clothes while surrounded by them? If you're looking for a small room where you can add a pop of color, your laundry room is the perfect place. This room has no competing design accessories, allowing the dark and romantic floral wallpaper from Sarah Sherman Samuel to take center stage.

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    Cherry Blossoms

    dining room with yellow floral wallpaper
    Kate Ridder

    Your dining room may seem like an obvious choice for floral wallpaper, but this cherry blossom print from Katie Ridder puts a whimsical and modern spin on the tired old standby. We especially love how the designer pulls in the yellow and pink details from the wallpaper throughout the room. Your dining room is the perfect place to add a bright, fun floral accent wall without overpowering the space.

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    Go Bold

    Bed in a very colorful children's room with colorful wallpaper

    just_nana / Instagram

    Floral prints don't have to consist of flowers alone. This amazing kids' room uses a bright and whimsical floral animal print as the canvas for the entire space and continues the theme throughout with a bright blue bed and matching bookcase. With such bold wallpaper, the room feels instantly finished and instantly kid-friendly.

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    Subtle Size

    white bedroom with pink floral wallpaper
    Garbett Homes

    If you're looking for a way to incorporate floral wallpaper into a kids' room, but loud colors aren't for you (or your kids), this pretty and feminine choice is a perfect inspiration. The large roses are enough to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room, perfect for any flower child.

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    Be Brave

    bedroom with dark wallpaper with large floral designs
    Decor Pad

    Maybe this isn't your first foray into floral, and you're ready to take it to the next level. This moody and romantic print goes big without overpowering the space. Keep the furniture and accessories simple, and focus on the mural-like wallpaper. This darker choice is great for a calming bedroom.

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    Mural Wallpaper

    large whimsical floral printed wallpaper with colorful decorations
    anewalldecor / Etsy.com

    This wallpaper is the perfect choice for those of you who wish you could paint a beautiful mural on your walls. If you don't have the artistic talent to make a masterpiece out of your living room, this paneled wallpaper from Etsy easily turns a simple room into a work of art.

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    Go Graphic

    Basket sitting on a table in front of black and white floral printed wallpaper

    @bri.dietz / Instagram

    If you're more of a white walls, neutral room type of person, this ink drawing-inspired wallpaper is perfect for you. The crisp lines and graphic design are a great complement to a neutral room and don't take away from the simplistic decor.

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    Geometric-Inspired Floral

    geometric floral printed wallpaper
    Abigail Edwards

    Geometric prints are huge right now, but if you're more of a botanist than a mathematician, this intricate wallpaper design is a lovely choice. The repeating, symmetric pattern will please any perfectionist and is a great choice for a nursery or an entryway.

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    Bold Vintage

    corner of room with dark wallpaper with large floral print
    Hello Blogzine via Kim Asamoa-Tutu

    Moody, dark prints are in. We've seen how this deep and romantic choice can make a bedroom feel like a queen's chamber, but don't be scared to incorporate this trendy look into your dining room. Keeping the rest of the room simple and neutral (think wooden tables and jute rugs) will allow this gothic print to shine. 

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    East Coast Chic

    Pedestal sink under a circular mirror in the bathroom with floral wallpaper

    @studiomcgee / Instagram

    Bathrooms and powder rooms often offer limited wall space. For high-impact, but low effort design, try a graphic wallpaper in this small space. This black-and-white vintage print plays well with the subway tiles, giving the bathroom a "chic East Coast inn" feel. We dig it.

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    Go Big or Go Home

    white wallpaper with large black floral print design
    Murals Wallpaper

    If you're color-averse, have no fear; monochromatic florals sometimes pack the biggest punch. This large flower wallpaper focuses on the intricate drawing and sharp lines and complements the light wood floors. You won't even miss the color—trust us.

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    It's Easy Being Green

    bedroom with colorful floral wallpaper and accents of green
    oboimall.ru via Naushin

    Green is in again in a big way. If tropicals are your thing, try this subtle and classy spin on a rainforest print. We love how this room takes the green theme very seriously; from the rich velvet bedspread to the geometric print pillow, it effortlessly ties in the fresh-cut flower theme from all angles.

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    Beautiful Darkness

    workspace with dark wallpaper with large floral print with bright natural light
    thewonderinus.stfi.re via Jill Little

    You've probably been told that lightening up a room with bright colors and light paint is best for feng shui. But we think this gorgeous room is an impeccable mix of beauty and grit. The dark, classic white and blue flowers offset the rustic, industrial furniture in the best way, and remind us of a home in the fields of Provence.

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    Pretty in Pink

    white bedroom with pink floral wallpaper
    Run to Radiance

    An otherwise boring entryway or hall is a great place to add a little color and a lot of detail. This classic wallpaper is an ode to the vintage floral looks of the past, but with a modern update. We love this look for formal dining rooms or country-chic kitchens that need a delicate pop of color

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    A Work of Art

    Purple couch in front of large floral print wall.

    @roxyoxy_creations / Instagram

    If you would rather spend your days at the Louvre than in your house, this work-of-art wallpaper is exactly what you need. The realistic floral design looks like it belongs in a museum, but it plays well with modern, muted colors in your home. We recommend adding accessories that play well with the muted colors (such as mustard yellow, purple and white) in the design.

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    Crazy for Succulents

    staircase with succulent printed wallpaper

    One of the best things about succulents is they are very, very hard to kill, which makes them a great plant for every room in your house. If you want to take your succulent obsession even further, you'll love this wallpaper. A perfect choice for a staircase, as shown here, or for a downstairs powder room that needs a kick, this very detailed succulent wallpaper screams "look at me" to every guest in your home.

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    Elegant Cherry Blossoms

    teal wallpaper with large muted floral design
    Murals Wallpaper via Alexandra Apostu

    Cherry blossoms only bloom for a few weeks out of the year, but this elegant wallpaper by Alexandra Apostu will keep them alive in your house all year long. This high-class look is a lovely and very adult way to add a little bit of color to your traditional decor.

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    Try Something Whimsical

    teal wallpaper with whimsical floral print

    If you're looking for a way to take a risk with florals, you'll adore this lemur print. The whimsical, amusing play on floral wallpaper is a conversation starter—try it in a kitchen or a sitting room where you can entertain guests who will fawn over the fun design. We love it paired with this rustic and simple kitchen.

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    Bold Brights

    dramatic large floral print wallpaper in colorfully decorated room
    Back to the Wall

    Bold is beautiful, and this bright, eye-catching wallpaper is not for the faint of heart. Balance the dashing oranges and reds with equally bright furniture so that the print doesn't overpower your room, and we're sure you'll have a burst of happy every single time you walk in.

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    A Luscious Rainforest

    Rainforest themed wallpaper in dining room

    Alvin Wayne

    Who doesn't dream of a vacation in the South American rainforest? This luscious wallpaper from Sian Zeng will take you there without leaving your bed. The pops of neon are a gorgeous contrast to the subtle olives and hunter greens. Pair this with pastels or beige for a perfect blend of color and calm.

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    Lush Nature

    Nursery with lush tree design wallpaper

    Forbes + Masters

    Some people would pick a beautiful succulent or a calming eucalyptus plant over roses any day. This lush, rainforest-y wallpaper is a great way to truly bring the outside in. This print's green hues work very well in a Scandinavian-inspired bedroom, but would also add a soothing pop of color in a living room or bathroom.

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    Life is Rosy

    Pink floral wallpaper in bedroom

    House of Harvee

    When you think flowers, you probably think roses. This nursery from Fawn Over Baby puts a new spin on a sweet classic. We love the use of soft pastels and the blend of roses and poppies throughout the print. If you're going for soft and feminine, this is the wallpaper for you.

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    Banana Leaves

    Banana leaf bathroom wallpaper

    Alvin Wayne

    This year's Pantone color is called Greenery, and banana leaf is at the front and center of the lush, trendy hue. This bathroom is heavenly, and we love the contrast of the rich greens against the black clawfoot tub. The best thing about banana leaf is that you can make it work in almost any room in your house.