Modest Needs Foundation and Code of Support Foundation

Helping Veterans and Their Families

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Modest Needs Foundation

Modest Needs Foundation was founded in March 2002 by Dr. Keith P. Taylor as an effort to “pay forward” the kindness his friends and neighbors had shown to him in his own times of need. Via a rudimentary website he created for this purpose, Taylor, then a university professor, pledged to donate 10% of his annual income (roughly $5,000.00/year) to help hardworking but low-income individuals and families (people who generally don’t qualify for conventional charitable assistance) to help them with short-term emergency expenses, such as medical bills or the cost of a car repair that would keep a working family working.

Since that time, thanks to the generosity of tens of thousands of people from across the United States and the creation of a powerful crowd-funding platform to accommodate their kindness (a brand-new concept at the time) Modest Needs has grown into an award-winning, national nonprofit organization that empowers members of the general public to offer a dignified “hand up” to hardworking individuals and families who are at risk of slipping into poverty because they lack the means to cover the cost of a small, short-term emergency expense.

On Memorial Day 2013, Modest Needs launched its Homecoming Heroes Program: its way of saying “Thank you” to U.S. veterans who’ve recently returned home from military service but have yet to begin receiving the benefits to which they are entitled (usually because of delays involved in the processing of their benefit determinations’). With this program, Modest Needs now empowers people from across the United States to express their personal gratitude to these homecoming heroes by helping them transition from military to civilian life.

To date, Modest Needs’ Homecoming Heroes grant program has distributed more than $200,000.00 in direct financial assistance to veterans. 


Code of Support Foundation

Less than 1% of Americans serve in uniform to defend our freedom, while the remaining 99% benefit from their service and sacrifice. During the past 14 years of war, our nation’s warriors have faced multiple deployments into harm’s way.

The burdens they and their families have been asked to bear are enormous. 

Since 2011, Code of Support Foundation (COSF) has been providing essential and critical one-on-one assistance to struggling servicemembers, veterans and their families who have the most complex needs. COSF, whose motto is, “They stood for us, now it’s time for us to stand with them,” is dedicated to leveraging the nation’s full spectrum of resources to ensure all members of our military, veterans and their families receive the support services they need and through their collective sacrifice has earned.

Out of the 22 million veterans in the U.S., an estimated 30% are severely struggling or in crisis and many including family members do not qualify for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) programs. That’s why COSF has developed and put into place three integrated programs:

  • A comprehensive case coordination program
  • A collaborative support network
  • An education and engagement program.

Because of our approach, we often receive critical referrals from some of the most recognized veteran organizations and agencies including Wounded Warrior Project® and Veterans Affairs. COSF serves all generations across the nation, regardless of discharge status.

Within the past two years, they’ve seen tremendous expansion in the demand for their case coordination services and are rapidly increasing their efforts to meet that demand.

COSF also provides civilian Americans (the 99%) with a variety of recommendations, tools, events, and opportunities to learn about, connect with and support military servicemembers, veterans and their families (the 1%). Each and every one of us can help.

Code of Support Foundation is a national 501 (c) 3 organization located in Alexandria, Virginia. To find out more, about COSF programs and how you can become involved, visit


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