How to Replace a Cartridge on a Moen Faucet

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    Moen bathroom faucet
    Aaron Stickley

    When a Moen cartridge faucet begins to leak or have other problems, the solution is usually to replace the cartridge. This is an easy job, made even easier with the use of the T-handle puller, a proprietary tool made by Moen for use with faucets that use either the 1200 or 1225 replacement cartridges. If the cartridge separates during extraction, as sometimes happens, the puller can extract the rest of the cartridge housing without too much difficulty.

    This same cartridge is used in older Moen...MORE shower valves, kitchen faucets, and lavatory faucets, like the one shown in this project.

    Difficulty Level

    • Easy

    Tools and Materials You Will Need

    • Small knife
    • Channel-type pliers
    • Replacement Moen cartridge
    • T-handle puller
    • Screwdrivers
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    Remove the Handle

    Handle of a Moen bathroom faucet
    Aaron Stickley
    1. Before starting, shut off the water, either under the sink or at the main house shut-off.
    2. Now, pull off the handle cap to reveal the screw. Remove the handle by taking the screw out and then pulling the handle off the faucet.
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    Remove the Faucet Clip

    Removing a Moen faucet clip.
    Aaron Stickley

    Once the handle is removed, remove the small clip that keeps the cartridge in place. You may have to first remove a chrome cover plate that you just pull straight up and off. To remove the clip, put the edge of a knife into the small hole on the clip and move it up and out away from the faucet body.

    Take care to not drop this in the sink or in the wall, as you will need to put the clip back later.

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    Attach the T-Handle Puller

    Using a T-handle Moen Cartridge puller
    Aaron Stickley
    1. After the clip is removed you can now begin to remove the cartridge. With a pair of pliers, pull the stem outward, in the same direction as you use to turn on the water.
    2. Screw an end of the Moen T-handle puller into the stem.
    3. Once this screwed in, position the puller so it fits tightly in the grooves of the stem. Turn the puller from side-to-side to help free it up, and then try pulling it out in one motion. Continue turning side-to-side while pulling the cartridge out.
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    Replace the Moen Cartridge

    A Moen stem on a cartridge puller
    Aaron Stickley
    1. After the cartridge is removed, you can install the new cartridge. Make sure to put some plumber's grease on the O-rings of the new stem if they don’t already have it.
    2. Most new cartridges come with a plastic piece that helps you line up the cartridge so you can get the clip back in. If not, you can use your puller to wiggle it from side-to-side to get the clip in.
    3. Once the clip is in, turn the water back on to make sure it works before re-installing the handle.