Moen’s New Bidet Offerings Will Be the Smartest Tools in Your Bathroom

Moen eBidet with remote control

Courtesy of Moen

It’s a new year, and in the U.S., people are continuing to shift their habits in countless ways—and one major way things are changing has to do with a new focus on hygiene consciousness and maintaining a cleaner, more sanitary lifestyle and home. This is especially obvious when you look at the enormous rise in interest in bidets (as well as cleansing toilets, bidet attachments, and bidet toilet seats) in the U.S.

Searches for bidets and related attachments have risen more than 4,000 percent in the last year as people seek more thorough ways of maintaining good hygiene at home. While bidets have been common in homes in Europe and other parts of the world for decades, their popularity in the U.S. is a rather new development after the events of Spring 2020, and interest seems to be growing.

In line with these trends, Moen—a major faucet brand in the U.S.—has announced a new line of electronic bidet toilet seats and cleansing toilets.

The new line of items, which includes what Moen calls eBidets and eToilets, features a range of options designed to increase comfort and cleanliness at home. From the standard to the truly luxurious, these new products can simply accomplish their intended uses (at the more basic end) or completely transform your bathroom experience with heated seats, built-in night lights, and other high-end features.

“When it comes to Moen’s collection of bathroom products, we wanted to take it to the next level, and eBidets and eToilets are a natural next step for us,” said Lori Marks, group product manager, bath, at Moen, in a press release announcing the collection. “We start and end our day in the bathroom, and these advanced eBidet and eToilet products help enhance individual experiences through increased cleanliness and comfort in the space, while promoting overall wellness.”

The new line of bidet toilet seats have a retrofittable design that simply replaces your current toilet seat, making installation simple and offering a big upgrade with minimal effort. The one non-electronic item in the line, the Non-Electronic Add-On Bidet Toilet Seat, sprays a cleansing jet of water with the simple turn of a knob.

The other three bidet seats are controlled through buttons that allow users to start and stop water and move between front and rear wash options, and the most luxurious item in the line—the 5-Series Premium Electronic Add-On Bidet Toilet Seat—can even be operated by remote control.

Moen eBidets and eToilets remote control

Courtesy of Moen

The 3-Series and 5-Series eBidets have heated seats, plus an integrated night light and a gentle-close (aka quiet-close) control. The 5-Series also has a self-cleaning nozzle that is sterilized through a UV process that automatically activates after each use. Moen’s new bidet toilet seats start at $99 for the non-electronic option and $229 for the electronic options.

Moen eBidets and eToilets bidet toilet seat

Courtesy of Moen

For a more comprehensive experience, Moen’s new eToilets offer even more features, with the cleaning capabilities of a bidet combined with smarter toilet functionality (because, yes, smart toilets do exist). All three models of eToilet have front and rear wash control, drying, flush control, a stop button, and a lid and seat that open and close electronically. These toilets are operated by remote and dial, have a tankless design with a deodorizing system, and even allow users to adjust the temperature and pressure settings for the bidet cleansing functions.

The 5-Series Premium eToilet has even more features, including foot and automatic control functionality for hands-free use, auto-close and flush features, and even a pre-wet feature that helps keep the toilet clean longer. The eToilets start at $1,249.

Moen eBidets and eToilets cleansing toilet

Courtesy of Moen

Depending on your interest in cleaning technologies, a bidet or cleansing toilet may or may not be worth the investment. If you do want to add extra cleansing capabilities to your washroom, you have plenty of options: a bidet attachment if you just want to test it out, a bidet toilet seat if you want something more powerful, or even a cleansing toilet (with or without all the bells and whistles) if you’re interested in completely changing up your space. With Moen’s latest launch, your pool of options is even larger—and more luxurious.