Profile of the Domestic and Mixed Breed Cats, aka Moggies

moggie mixed breed cat
Ryan Dearth Photography / Stocksy United

Mixed breed cats, depending on the distance of the breed from which they are descended, may closely resemble the original breed, e.g., a 1/2 Abyssinian, 1/2 DSH (Domestic Shorthair) may closely resemble a "purebred" Aby. However, a fourth generation Abyssinian mix may have lost the resemblance to a purebred Aby, except for, perhaps, its distinctive coat "ticking" and color.

If your cat resembles a known cat breed, you may call him an "Abyssinian mix," however, without registration papers from an Abyssinian, breeder, you may not legally call him an Abyssinian cat.

Raleigh, pictured here, was a stunning example of this rule; a colorful and regal Maine Coon Mix. In my opinion, Raleigh was every bit as beautiful as a purebred Maine Coon, and fully deserved the name we fondly called her: The Empress Raleigh.

Description of the Domestic Cat aka "Moggie"

Domestic cats are rich in history, and there is no one-size-fits-all description of them. Domestic cats can be large, small, fat, or thin, depending on their lineage, diet, and degree of care.

Their colors and color patterns are myriad, with all the colors of the rainbow, including black, white, gray, red (aka "orange), with all the shades between. Color patterns include: tabbycalicotortoiseshell,and tuxedo, to name a few.

Habitat of the Moggie

Moggies are found all over the world, from the island of Cypress, to apartments in Tokyo, to the homes (and the wilds) of Australia, to the streets, alleys, and homes in the U.K., U.S. and Canada.

The sad fact is that by-and-large, the domestic cat is found more often "living rough" in the wild (hence the common term "alley cat"), rather than in responsible homes where they will find the love, care, and nurturing they so richly deserve. Some of these alley cats end up in animal shelters and foster homes of cat rescues, patiently waiting for adoption by a loving human.

Thank goodness for organizations such as Alley Cats Allies, along with local rescue groups and the foster communities who volunteer their homes and time toward caring for pregnant cats and their kittens, then finding them loving homes.