Mohawk Introduces Forever Clean to SmartStrand

All SmartStrand carpet now features Forever Clean protection. Photo courtesy of Mohawk

Since its launch in 2005, Mohawk’s SmartStrand collection has skyrocketed in popularity amongst consumers and retailers alike. After the FTC ruled in 2009 that triexta – the fiber comprising SmartStrand – is worthy of a unique classification of fiber, the buzz surrounding SmartStrand began to increase exponentially.

In December of 2014, Mohawk took SmartStrand up another notch. At that time, the manufacturer announced that all SmartStrand carpets will now feature its new Forever Clean technology, effective immediately.

What Is Forever Clean?

Forever Clean is a fiber protection treatment that uses nanotechnology to protect the fiber against oils. During a presentation of the treatment at Surfaces 2015, Mohawk demonstrators pointed out that similar technology has been used for years in other products – for example, on cell phones to protect against skin oils, and on food packaging to prevent the package from absorbing grease (such as on a fast-food hamburger wrapper). Mohawk wanted to apply the same concept to its carpet, to help repel soiling and staining.


Thus, Mohawk developed its Nanoloc Spill Shield. According to product literature, Nanoloc features “ultra-fine nanoparticles [which] bond together on a molecular level to encapsulate the fiber” and repel soil. In fact, through independent vacuum testing, Forever Clean carpets have been found to release up to three times the amount of dirt than carpets made from other fiber types.


To illustrate how Forever Clean repels spills, Mohawk conducted demonstrations at Surfaces 2015. The demonstrator held two similar-looking white carpet swatches, one which was identified as SmartStrand Forever Clean, and one which was identified as a solution-dyed nylon. Both swatches were then gently placed face down in a container filled with, we were told, red wine. Within a few minutes, the swatch identified as the nylon had sunk to the bottom of the container as it absorbed the heavy liquid. Meanwhile, the swatch identified as SmartStrand Forever Clean continued to float on the surface, indicating that it did not absorb the wine. The demonstrator then removed both swatches and dabbed each with a clean, dry towel – the SmartStrand swatch was almost entirely free of traces of red wine, while the nylon remained sopping and its fibers tinged red.

Permanent Protection

Mohawk assures that the Nanoloc Spill Shield will not wear or chip off. In addition, the core of the SmartStrand Forever Clean fiber features built-in, permanent stain protection that will endure traffic and countless steam cleanings.


One great thing about the Forever Clean nanotechnology is that it is free of any chemicals. Additionally, SmartStrand is promoted as being able to be cleaned with only water, therefore requiring no chemicals be used in its cleaning. SmartStrand Forever Clean, made with DuPont Sorona fiber, is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standards 100 to be free from harmful substances.

Mohawk Has Done It Again

With this latest enhancement of an already outstanding product, Mohawk has taken SmartStrand to an unparalleled level in the carpet industry. Installed in over 7 million homes since 2005 and still going strong, SmartStrand carpet continues to prove itself worthy of distinction.

To learn more about SmartStrand or find a retailer, visit Mohawk's website.